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Do you have nuisance wildlife animals that have invaded your property? If so, you need nuisance wildlife control, which should be provided by experts. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one of the largest, privately owned companies, in Florida, which offers professional wildlife and animal removal. We have been in existence for the last 5 years and we provide exceptional wildlife removal services. It is high time to get rid of all unwanted animals from your property. We offer our services to all the residents of Southern Florida and our prices are quite competitive. Get in touch with us today to learn more and get a free estimate for our services.

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    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a full-time wildlife and animal removal company that extends its services to both commercial and residential clients. We have a great team of animal trappers that will work tirelessly to ensure that your home is free of any nuisance critters. We do not use any harmful products and we will focus on the humane methods to exterminate the animals. Our trappers are experienced and will explain every stage of the wildlife removal process. We are committed to ensuring that your home is safe and fully proofed from the invasion of animals.

    What is nuisance wildlife?

    Nuisance wildlife is defined as animals that gain entry into your property and cause a whole lot of damage. This can be reptiles, rodents and any other type of critter. Most of these animals do not only cause structural damage but will also pose a health hazard to you. For instance, mosquitos are known to transmit a number of viral diseases. This applies to rodents like bats, raccoons, and rats, which are known to be notorious carriers of rabies, among other diseases.

    If you have nuisance wildlife, you will need control measures to keep them out. In most cases, this is a task that is best left to experts who will use humane methods to eliminate the critters from your home. In addition, after the removal process, the specialists will be able to seal all the entry points to your property so as to keep these animals away.

    What is wildlife exclusion?

    When you have intrusive creatures in your home, you have an option of hiring a pest control company or a wildlife removal expert. The difference between the two is in the process that they use and the techniques that are applied. Wildlife exclusion is a process that entails humane removal of the animals and pests in your home. In most cases, the animals will be relocated to their natural habitat and will be prevented from coming back into your home.

    Should you opt for a pest control company, most of them use toxic substances and lethal traps to remove these animals. This is quite dangerous as you may end up with tons of dead animals in your home and this is another serious problem. Killing the nuisance animals is not a solution and as such, the best way is to use wildlife removal experts who will use exclusion techniques.

    Can I poison critters in my house?

    Anytime there are critters in your home, you get to a point of desperation and can do anything to contain the situation. In most department stores there are a number of chemicals, which are sold and meant to kill pests. Sadly, most of these do not work as promised, not to mention that they are quite dangerous. You may end up poisoning your pets or even children, in your effort to exterminate nuisance critters.

    In most cases, when you have rats, raccoons, and other rodents, chances are they will take the poisoned bait and die in their nest. Since the reaction is not immediate, you will only realize that you have a dead animal in your attic or walls, as a result of the stench that will emanate from their hiding places. It is not advisable to poison the pests in your home, instead find expert wildlife removal experts and they will handle the situation in the best and safest way.

    Can I trap and relocate raccoons by myself?

    In most states, including Florida, it is illegal to trap raccoons. This is a task that is left to permitted companies who will know the right way to trap the animals and then release them in the wild. For most property owners, this is a task that is beyond them and even those who attempt to do it, make a huge mistake as they use traps that end up killing the raccoons. This is not advisable and it is ideal to hire a professional raccoon removal company to handle the situation in the right manner.

    Such companies have traps that appear like cages, where the raccoons can go in and not come out. The other danger of trying to handle the raccoons by yourself is that they can expose you to serious health risks. These are aggressive animals and when you try to handle them, they may scratch or bite you, which may result in a rabies infection. Professional animal trappers know what to do and will easily trap and relocate raccoons.

    How can I get rid of nuisance animals?

    This is a common question that most homeowners ask. Nuisance wildlife animals will get into your home in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, these uninvited guests cause a lot of disturbances and also will start wreaking havoc. If you have been getting some noises in the attic or walls, chances are you have nuisance critters. The best way to get rid of them permanently is through the help of nuisance wildlife removal specialists. These are experienced professionals, who will use the right techniques to handle the animals in your home.

    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have the skills and expertise to deal with nuisance animals effectively. We will assess the situation and come up with the right action plan so as to capture the animals and relocate them to their natural habitats. Much as there may be other methods that are pushed in your face, it is only through a qualified specialist that you can get rid of nuisance animals for good.

    Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a company that controls and removes animals according to the regulations and laws that are provided in Florida. We strive to offer the best services to our clients and as such, we have always advanced our animal control techniques. Above all, we always aim to use humane methods that do not expose your family to any risks. We have become the best and most reliable company in resolving the conflict between animals and humans. We will also secure your home in such a manner that these animals can no longer regain entry into your home. Our solutions are affordable and cost-effective and as such, you can trust us to completely eradicate the menace caused by nuisance wildlife.

    Squirrel Removal

    When you have squirrels in your home, they can cause serious problems. They chew on your wires and this can cause electrical faults and fires. Squirrels are common rodents in your home and they will end up in your home in search of food and shelter. You can bank on our skilled animal trappers to be able to eradicate the squirrels from your home, without hurting them.

    Bat Removal

    Bats are a serious nuisance, especially due to the fact that they are nocturnal. They will roost in the attic all day long and only leave at dusk, in search of food and water. As they stay in your home, they will start to defecate and urinate in your attic and other parts of your home. The bat guano is known to cause a number of respiratory disorders. Talk to us to get professional bat removal and control services. We will also bat-proof your home to make sure that they do not come back to your home, in the future.

    Raccoon Removal

    If you have raccoons in your home, then you should be prepared for a serious mess. These are scavengers that will raid your home and cause significant damages. Besides the damage to the property, these are the prime carriers of rabies, which can be fatal, if not treated in time. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can help you eliminate this problem through some advanced techniques and leave your home to be safe and habitable.

    Rat Removal

    The moment you notice some rat droppings in parts of your home, then you can almost be sure that you have a serious infestation. Rats will find hiding places in your home, where they will make their nests and start breeding. Failure to address the problem in good time will only aggravate the problem. With our rat control skills, we will be able to trap and remove all the rats, without using and toxic chemicals. We will then take the rats miles away from your home and release them. By the time we leave your home, we will repair the damages and seal all the possible entry points so as to keep them away, for good.

    Dead Animal Removal

    A good number of property owners have been convinced to buy some chemicals and lethal traps so as to get rid of nuisance animals. However, this does not end up well, as most of these pests will die in their nests. When these animals die, they will start to rot and this can create serious health issues, besides the stench. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will trace and remove all the dead animals in your home. We have the proper mechanisms to dispose of the dead animals so as to prevent any diseases from affecting you and your loved ones. Once we have removed the dead animals, we will disinfect and decontaminate the areas that are affected.

    Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

    While most people find it cool to live near nature, there is a downside to this issue. When you live in close proximity to the natural habitats, there is a very high chance of getting intrusion from nuisance wildlife animals. Raccoons, rats, bats, squirrels, snakes, bees and other wild animals will easily access your property and this comes with a wide range of hazards. Such creatures will cause health risks and also structural damage to your property. For proper and effective removal of the animals, you will need a qualified wildlife control operator. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers meet these criteria and will effectively remove the animals in humane ways. The good news is that we can offer same-day service.

    Wildlife Removal Services Near Me

    If you are looking for wildlife removal services in Southern Florida, look no further; Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will be able to execute this task. We offer exceptional animal control services and we employ strategies that will be tailored to suit your needs. In most cases, use non-invasive methods like exclusion and modification of habitat to persuade the animals to leave your home. In other instances, we are forced to trap or capture the animals and relocate them to their natural habitat. Irrespective of the method that we choose to use, you can rest assured that will address the wildlife concerns, right away.

    Humane Animal Removal

    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have a reputation for using humane animal removal techniques. We will consider the best approach that is beneficial to the animals and the humans. We use solutions that are meant to leave an insignificant impact on your property and nature. Our professional wildlife control methods provide long-lasting results. We are practical and we will do all that it takes to remove and relocate all nuisance pests.

    You do not have a reason to allow the nuisance wildlife animals to invade your home and settle in. The moment you notice any unusual activity in your home, you should call us so that we can inspect the property for possible infestation. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the best company when it comes to nuisance wildlife control. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.

    Why you should get rid of wild animals in your attic ASAP

    Animals constantly move from place to place, as they search for a new shelter and source of food. This often leads them to your home, which provides the animals with everything they need. The attic is often their favorite spot because they can access it directly from the outside, through the roof, or gaps in your walls.Over time, the one or two wild animals that got into your home start causing problems. They’ll make your life harder than it needs to be, and the results can be dangerous.

    Animals Multiply Rapidly

    One reason you should quickly remove wild animals from your attic is that these creatures can quickly get out of hand. The presence of food, water, and warmth gives wild animals everything they need to sustain themselves, so they’re eager to reproduce in order to make the most of the abundant resources. This coupled with the little to no disturbance they feel in the attic means those one or two original intruders will quickly turn into a dozen. This is especially common with raccoons and rodents. The former starts looking for homes to specifically raise their young. The latter naturally reproduce quickly. If these animals aren’t removed immediately, they’ll be able to cause even more problems, and it’ll be much more difficult to remove them down the line.

    Animals Spread Diseases

    Another major problem with animals in your attic is that they spread diseases. These pests have traveled through all sorts of areas out in the wild, so they’re teeming with harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These animals carry everything from salmonella and leptospirosis to rabies and histoplasmosis. Touching or being near them can get you infected, which can lead to anything from a minor ache to death. This puts you and your family in unnecessary danger and adds needless stress to your lives. That’s why you should remove animals from your attic as soon as possible. This will stop the animals from infecting anyone, so you’ll be safe. It also halts germs from spreading to your entire house and infecting everything.

    Animals Damage Your Home

    Animals are armed with sharp teeth and claws, and they’re known to use these on many items in your home. This leads to the needless destruction of your things, which is both costly and dangerous. Here are some of the most common ways an animal can damage your home from the attic:

    Ruined Insulation

    Insulation is the material that keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s an essential part of any home, as it helps maintain a good temperature. Unfortunately, animals in your attic love the stuff. Some creatures use it to soak up their waste — infecting and ruining the material. Others decide to use its thermal properties for their own nests, so they’ll rip and tear it into small pieces to build their nests with. If this isn’t stopped quickly, it’ll force you to leave your heater or air conditioner on for longer, which can drive up your bills.

    Torn Ducts

    Some animals, like raccoons, are drawn to your ducts. Their curiosity gets the better of them, so they’ll tear holes in it and wander around to see where it goes. These holes ruin the ducts, as it lets air get out, defeating the purpose of the ducts. Animals can also leave their waste inside the duct, which infects the air passing through it, putting your entire household at risk. That’s why it’s important to quickly remove wild animals from your attic.

    Ripped Wires

    Many animals like to chew on wires. This is especially common amongst rodents, as the wire’s material helps them maintain their teeth. Unfortunately, this leads to ripped wires. This can ruin the machinery it connects to. It can also lead to live wires, which are a serious health hazard. Live wires can electrocute anyone who steps on them, which can be lethal. These exposed wires are also a fire hazard, and they can send your entire home up in flames. By quickly removing wild animals, you can avoid these dangers.

    Destroyed Pipes

    Rodents like to chew on a bunch of other items as well, including the water pipes in your attic. Over time, these small critters can punch a hole into your pipes, causing them to burst or leak. This spills water all over the place, which can cause a lot of damage to your home’s structure. To avoid the dangers and cost of water damage, you should remove these animals quickly.

    Just a Call Away

    To avoid all the problems wild animals have in the attic cause, you should call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We have five years of experience in the field, and we’ve solved many problems with wild animals. By contacting us today, we can remove these pests ASAP and make your home safe. We offer our services throughout Southern Florida, so give us a call.

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