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There may be no issue that is more disturbing to homeowners. Beyond the incredible health hazards and the potential for catastrophic damage to our home and property, the idea of having rats infesting your space is enough to make your skin crawl.

A rat nuisance needs to be identified and remedied as fast as possible. Protecting your home and family means understanding how to know when you have a problem with rodents.

Letting the signs go for too long can be disastrous. Rats can chew on wires and cause a fire in your home.

Your Health Is At Risk

The Florida Department of Health warns the public about the incredible dangers of rats.

They explain that rats can:

  • Chew through wood, soft metals, plastic, electrical wires, brick, and even cinder block.
  • Squeeze into tiny spaces. They can nest anywhere it is dark and warm.
  • Produce a litter of new rats every 3 to 4 weeks.

They are also a major public health issue because they spread disease.

Don’t wait a moment longer to figure out if you have rats. We will help you diagnose the issue.

We’ve put together 5 signs you have a rat nuisance.

Let’s find those rats. Here it goes:

1. Droppings First Sign of Rat Nuisance

Signs of a major rat problem include rat hair and droppings around your home.

Besides being stomach-churning, rats getting into your food supply is a health risk. You also may find droppings in your food.

Rat droppings, or scat, will reveal you have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. But beware of handling rat feces.

Rat feces has been linked to a number of deadly viruses. Handle with care.

Rats make nests inside your home as well. While these are often difficult to find, they will show you have an issue.

2. Unexplained and Awful Smell

When you smell an acrid, horrible smell in your home the rats may have already infested your living space.

One family ignored the early signs and found out too late they had a major rat issue. Beyond the damage to property and the awful smell, they lost their pet as a result of the dangerous rats.

Another way to keep a look out for rats is identifying burrows around your home. Rats may be tunneling their way into your space.

3. Burrows

Rats can dig their way into your home. Rat burrows are holes that may be found outside of your home that rodents use to gain entry to your space.

Once opened, rat burrows can allow the rodents to move back and forth. They can bring other pests, disease, and a variety of issues to the structure of your foundation and home.

Experts warn against using chemical applications to plug rat burrows. Not only does this often result in dead rats trapped in your home, it also presents other public health and safety concerns.

But if you see holes around the outside of your home, you may very well have rats. Of course, they can gain entry a number of ways.

4. Noise

If you’re hearing scratching sounds intermittently from deep inside the recesses of your home you may have a rat problem. As rats love to chew and scamper, you may hear them before you see signs of their destruction.

But if you aren’t hearing signs of rats, keep a look out too. There may be chew marks and other signs of the creatures throughout your home and yard.

5. Chew Marks

Rats have teeth that can get through many things. Plus, their teeth continue to grow so they chew to keep teeth sharp and deadly.

Chewing doesn’t have to mean a place where they are gaining access to your home. In fact, rats can enter your home through your plumbing.

Watch this video and see how easy it can be for rats to gain access to your home through your bathroom and plumbing.

But once they get in, the rats will chew. You need to watch for this damage and get rid of the rats fast.

If you have any question, it’s time to call in an expert.

Get Expert Help

The bad news: if you have a rat nuisance in your home you can be at serious risk of disease and damage to your home and property.

The good news: there are effective ways to handle a rat nuisance immediately. When any nuisance animal enters your home experts can identify the problem and handle it.

You need expert help. The wrong methods can make the situation worse.

Ineffective Rat Removal Methods

Using poison or snap traps often appears to be the best solution for homeowners. Unfortunately, this is not as effective as many believe.

In fact, using these methods often ends up causing more problems.

The chemicals used on rats don’t work immediately. The rats then make their way back to their nests and often die in the hidden recesses of your home.

You’ll need to hire an animal removal company to locate and remove the dead rats. The smell and disease danger of this method should be avoided if at all possible.

And the cost of a removal company adds more stress to an already awful situation.

Permanent Removal of Rat Nuisance

Permanent removal means hiring a professional rodent control expert. These specialists know how to track down and remove nuisance animals fast and effectively.

They will also handle the rodents with extra care so as to prevent any cases of spreading the diseases to the occupants of your home.

We can help.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers

Our customers love Nuisance Wildlife Rangers because we’re experts when it comes to removing nuisance animals from homes. We protect people and property from damage, disease, and out of control pest removal costs.

We offer comprehensive service and can diagnose and remedy any issue in wildlife nuisance control. Don’t wait.

Click here now and find out more about how the comprehensive services of Nuisance Wildlife Rangers effectively address every wildlife nuisance issue and save you time and money.

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