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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Clewiston FL

By June 20, 2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

Bat removal Clewiston FL is the wish of many homeowners who have had to encounter unpleasant insomnia episodes as a result of the noises made by bats in their residence at night. Such complaints have led to the formation of the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help bring relief to homeowners. We ask all homeowners to call us today should they be faced with a bat problem in their home.

Where Can I Get Bat Removal Services?

Homeowners need not worry about where to get bat eradication Clewiston FL services anymore. This is because the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has dedicated itself to be the ultimate solution to the bat problem facing homeowners here in Clewiston FL and Florida at large. We have our offices here in Florida that can be accessed anytime on the day, we also have a standby response team that is always ready to respond to any emergency that you may be having at your home with regards to bats.

DIY Bat Control 

Bat control can be made possible by a homeowner without necessarily having to call in professional removal companies. In order to get rid of a bat problem at home, one needs to take into consideration the lawfulness of the method to be used to get rid of the bats. Some species of bats are protected by the Florida State Animal Department and thus extra caution needs to be considered, lest one gets on the wrong side of the law. It is important to be conversant with the anti-cruelty laws before doing any bat removal procedure.

Attic Bat Removal

Attics are the first place one needs to look into if they suspect that they have a bat problem at home. This is because bats prefer dark places and so the attics provide just the best conditions for them to thrive in. In order to deal with bats in the attic, one can employ several methods that can be very effective. One of the methods that can be used is bat repellents, these are sure to smoke out the bats from their hideouts and make them leave for good if used properly. Another way of getting rid of bats in attics is securing the attics against the entry of bats.

There are several bat control products that can make the process all the more effective and easy to complete. One such product is bat traps which come in various sizes and help a homeowner to reduce the population of the rodents significantly. The traps can be placed in those areas that the bats are prone to make a habitat in such as the attics and chimneys.

The traps should be checked regularly and if any bat has been trapped it should be released into a different environment.  At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are a company that seeks nothing more than to alleviate our clients and residents of Florida of all possible bat rodent problems through our bat removal Clewiston FL expertise.


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