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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Fort Lauderdale

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For professional bat removal Fort Lauderdale, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the best option. Bats are common in the larger Florida State and as such there is a possibility that they may end up in your home. We use humane and Eco-friendly methods to handle bat problems. One of the key strategies that we deploy is bat exclusion, whereby we ensure that the bats leave your home and never to return. We have a deep understanding about bats and this gives us the intelligence to deal with them.

Bats are nocturnal mammals and have wings to fly. There are some people who have assumed that these are just birds. Having bats in your home is dangerous as they expose you to a number of diseases, like rabies. There are companies that advocate for DIY bat extermination, but this is not advisable and may end up in enormous failure, and possible injuries. The bat droppings, which are known as guano have a strong ammonium scent, which is dangerous for our health. Get bat exclusion services from the experts.

Is There a Problem if Let the Bats Live in My Attic?

For the sake of your health and peace of mind, you should have the bats removed as soon as you realize they are in your home. These are critters that cause serious damages to the attic, which may cost you thousands of dollars to repair. In addition the bat droppings and urine will have serious health hazards as they have ammonium. The guano will cause histoplasmosis fungus to thrive and this can cause serious respiratory disorders. If you have noticed signs of bat infestations, call in reliable wildlife removal companies and you will save the situation.

How Do I Handle a Dead Bat In My Attic?

When a bat dies in your attic, the best way to deal with it is hiring professional bat control experts. The dead animal will have an awful odor that will make your home inhabitable. Chances are that before the bat died, it was roosting in your attic and hardly would it be on its own. This means that you may be dealing with a colony of bats and the best remedy is to have them exterminated by critter control technicians. The smell produced by the dead bat can cause respiratory diseases and also may attract other pests and parasites.

Is Bat Removal Necessary?

If you have bats in your home, then removal is essential. Having bats in your home poses a great danger to your health and the safety of your home. Bats are blind and as such, they will cause damage to your structure, even when they do not intend to. When bats scratch or bite you, they may transmit the rabies virus. Histoplasmosis is also another fungus than can grow when there is bat guano and this can cause lung disease and other respiratory diseases. Bat removal is necessary and this is a task that should be left to experienced and reputable companies, like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

Bats In The Chimney

In Fort Lauderdale, bats are common and they will be usually be found in the chimney. If you look in your chimney, you will find bats flying around. The chimney is warm and accommodating for the bats. At the top of the chimney, there is an opening and this will serve as the entry and exit point of the bats. Ordinarily, bats come in a group and as such, when you are keen, you may notice a colony of bats flying in and out of the chimney.

The moment you notice one bat in the living area, there is a possibility that there are others inside the chimney. Do not attempt to catch the bat or kill it, as they are protected by law. The best way to deal with bats is to hire a professional nuisance wildlife removal company to handle the problem.

Bats In The House

The hot summer is one of the reasons why bats seek a shelter inside your house. Shockingly, you may establish that the bats have been roosting in the attic for ages, but since the attic is too hot, they will come down, to look for cooler temperatures. Ordinarily, when inside the house, they will crawl around, in an effort to find a new nest that is not as hot. Bats find a way of following the others and it will be just a matter of time before they invade your home in their numbers.

The best way to avert this is by getting the colony removed as soon as possible. Regular inspections of the house would be ideal, as this is the best way to establish where the bats are in your house. Professional wildlife removal companies have the required skills to be able to handle the bats in your home.

Bats In Vents

Bats love the vents in your home, as they tend to be an ideal place to root. When you notice bat droppings at below the vent, this means that you could be having bats in your vents. Bats will leave a lot of waste and if they have come into your home as a colony, this will pile up in a short while. The urine, on the other hand is absorbed and this will seep through the walls and ceilings, leaving a stain.

Only qualified critter control technicians will be able to trace the bat and exclude them from your vents. Having bats in vents is dangerous as they interfere with the ventilation in your home. This means that the air that you breathe in will be contaminated.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is specialized in wildlife control and as such, we are the best option for all your bat removal Fort Lauderdale needs. Getting quality critter control services is paramount and we are here to ensure you get the best service at an affordable rate. You do not have a reason to allow the bats to continue living in your home.


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