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Bee Removal

Bee Removal Boca Raton

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Bees, though touted by many scientists as being one among the most important living things on earth, can be a nuisance if the appropriate bee removal Boca Raton measures are not put in place. Bees can easily turn a peaceful home into a place that can no longer be used as a habitat by human beings. No one in their right mind would, however, ever allow such to happen to his or her home.

When it is spring, you know automatically that time of the year once again when bees will begin to be spotted here and there. This is because many of the beehives break into two and thus leaving a swarm of bees to set out in the quest of establishing a new colony elsewhere. It is during this migration that the bees might decide to settle into your compound. When this happens, it is important that the right bee removal and control measures be undertaken to avert any possible calamity. You may wonder what kind of calamity am talking of here, well so that you know, some people have an allergic reaction to bee stings and will thus be affected by the stings up to a point of fatality unless the situation is checked by a paramedic in good time.

But in the absence of a professional, what do you do to remedy a bee situation at home especially once the bees have settled in and now have a hive in place already? Once bees have established their colony on your property, the only viable way of dealing with them is by removing the hive and disposing of it elsewhere.  This procedure needs to be done with some skill and thus it is advisable that you call in a local beekeeper to help you handle the bee situation at your home.

Local beekeepers are experienced in bee removal Boca Raton. This is because they keep bees as an economic activity and thus have the know-how from their day to day interaction with the bees.

If you are going to help the local beekeeper in the process, you will first need to visit your health provider to have tests run on you to determine whether you are allergic to bee stings. This should not be ignored as it can be very detrimental to your health. This is regardless of whether you have or you do not have any allergic reactions. Allergies to bee stings can lead to difficulty in breathing which could then result in low blood pressure and an eventual death. Even experienced beekeepers have to ensure that they are not allergic to bees as it may be detrimental to their wellbeing.

Next step in your bee removal Boca Raton endeavor is to look for the right gear to protect you. Bee removal experts usually dress in light-colored clothing since dark colors agitate bees and make them go wild in an instance. Avoid the use of sweet-scented perfumes before performing a bee removal procedure as bees may confuse your scent with that of a flower and may want to come and patch on you, making it hard for you to extract them.

Bee removal Boca Raton gets real when it is time to locate the beehive, this can be a gruesome task if the hive is built in an uncommon place such as a wall crack. This will mean that in your removal procedure, you may have to drill through part if the wall and thus incurring aggravated costs later in repairing the wall later.

Time is a factor that is most important when it comes to bee removal, you cannot attempt to remove bees at their prime time of activity which is daytime. You will thus have to wait until evening when the bees exhibited minimal activity and are worn out before you start your removal procedure. This, however, does not guarantee that the bees will not sting once they notice an intrusion into their environment. You ought to be just as wary as you would any other time of the day.

Spray the bees using an appropriate chemical and using the right procedures provided on the packaging material of the chemical. Be careful not to contaminate food sources with the chemical should the hive be built anywhere near your house. This spraying will have to be done periodically if the best results are to be achieved and all the bees killed. Dispose of the remainder of the hive after washing thoroughly with warm water to kill any remaining pupa. You’re advised to either bury the hive or burn it. Failure to clean up well after this procedure will lead to invasion by another swarm of bees. The honey that may have been left behind by the bees in the hive once they have been gotten rid of should never be consumed. It is important to note that this honey is in most instances contaminated by the chemicals that you have used in removing the bees from the hive that they had made in your home.

During the entire time of this bee removal procedure, all other members of your household need to be kept indoors and ensure that all doors and windows are locked. In case the beehive being removed is located in the chimney or attic, then it is advised that they move to a safe distance away from the house. This is because, at times in their attempts to defend themselves, bees may go on a rampage and attack anyone or anything that they meet along the way and thus causing them serious harm.

Bee removal Boca Raton at all times is however advised to be conducted using the most humane method possible. In case you are not sure of the prevailing laws in your area with concern for the welfare of bees, it is important that you visit your local animal department and enquire from them. This will go a long way in ensuring that you remain out of trouble.


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