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Bee Removal

Bee Removal Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale has in recent times seen a certain surge in the number of swarms of bees that are invading homes and settling there. Although this happens during specific seasons of the year, within that short span, a lot can happen that can be regarded fatal. It is, therefore, necessary that residents have access to bee removal Fort Lauderdale services that can help them best handle this situation. In this article, we explore a few areas that have risen up as critical issues when it comes to matters bees and the safety of residents in Fort Lauderdale.

Honeybee removal

Honey bees rank as an endangered species of bees. This is sad considering that they help a lot when it comes to pollination. It is estimated that one in every three plants on earth is as a result of pollination done by bees.

Having this in mind helps us know that we need not exterminate them as we look for a way of removing them from our homes. We know very well how messy it can get with the authorities if you are found killing an endangered species.

The method best suggested for use in removing such bees from your home is relocating them. By now you may be asking how do I relocate bees yet I don’t have any prior knowledge of handling them. It is easy, local beekeepers are always willing to help when it comes to it. This is the safest and most convenient way for bee removal Fort Lauderdale.

Honey bees should, however, never be removed by use of smoking, which is fronted by some people as being a way that helps slow down the activity of bees. This actually serves to charge the bees aside from just harming them, and they will want to attack in self-defense. Local beekeepers due to their experience, know the most convenient time to deal handle bees when they exhibit minimal activity. Their advice should always be taken seriously.

Average Cost of bee removal

Bee removal Fort Lauderdale can be a costly procedure if you are to get the best service around. Many of the bee removal service providers will charge according to the extent of the service they will provide and how excellent it is.

The first step for most bee removal companies is an examination. This procedure is normally charged per hour and depending on the extent of the damage that the bees have done to your home or garden, it will vary significantly and can’t quite be estimated to cost a particular amount. It is during the examination phase that they species of the bees is determined and the best method of dealing with the menace decided upon. Here again, the need to be aware of the existing laws and regulations can’t be insisted enough times.

The second phase would entail the actual removal of the bees from their hive and either relocate them or exterminate them. During this phase, a part of your house may have to be bored through or destroyed in order to gain access to the place where the bees have made a hive.

The third and final part entails the cleanup procedure that is done to ensure no bees make their way back to your house. Here, repairs are also conducted to any part of the structure that may have been damaged.

Professional Bee Removal

The process of bee removal Fort Lauderdale can be a dangerous task if not handled properly. For people who have an allergic reaction to bee stings, it can be fatal for them should they be stung. If you are such a person, it is advisable that you keep away from any place that has a swarm of bees on the loose. But that goes out to everyone out there, that you should keep a safe distance until a professional bee handler is called in to arrest the situation. Such professionals have the necessary skills to handle bees and have the added advantage of having the right gear to help them achieve their objective.

Professional bee handlers can be reached easily through their hotlines but in the absence of one, local beekeepers serve just well in helping one handle any bee situation in their home. The good thing about local beekeepers is that they charge much less as compared to their professional counterparts but without any compromise to the quality of service they provide.

Free Bee Removal

Bee removal procedure may appear to be costly for a  lot of people and it is rightly so.  It is therefore justified that bee removal Fort Lauderdale can be termed expensive and the act of people looking for free bee removal services can be justified. Although there is no real free bee removal service, there are bee removal companies that offer free examination. This procedure like has been explained earlier is necessary to determine the species of bees that are in your home and the best way to deal with them. With this information in mind, you can then choose to source the services of a local beekeeper which are quite cheap when compared to those of professional bee removal companies.

A caution that is given, however, is that you should never attempt to remove bees by yourself even if it may seem that the bee removal fees are too high for you. In case of extreme situations, one can seek help from the local animal department and although they are sure to take quite long before helping you out, eventually they will and you will not have to be faced with the challenge of dealing with bees on your own.

The safety measures discussed above, if followed to the latter, will help to ensure a peaceful coexistence with bees in your area and at the same time ensure that the existence of these insects is not threatened.

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