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Florida is home to a great deal of wildlife.

While many of these animals are beautiful and exotic, they can also be harmful to you and your family.

Known as nuisance wildlife, animals such as iguanas, armadillos, and snakes can all be unwanted pests in and around your home.

We’ll run you through the times you should contact Broward County wildlife removal teams.

Contact Broward County Wildlife Removal When Pests Enter Your Home

Your home is a place you should feel comfortable.

And when an unwanted nuisance enters your home, all comfort leaves.

Many animals are searching for food or a place to raise their families. Often times your home is the spot they choose to create their nests.

Aside from the annoyance that is associated with nuisance animals, these can also be harmful to your family.

Many pests, like raccoons, could potentially carry dangerous diseases like rabies. Other animals, such as bees, can harm you and your family if they take over your home.

If you come into direct contact with a possibly infected animal you are at risk for these diseases and attacks.

Call Professionals If Animals are Harming Your Home

Much of the wildlife found in Florida can not only be harmful to you and your family, they can certainly make a nuisance of themselves with your home and yard.

Some of the animals that may cause havoc in and around your home include:

  • Raccoons – These seemingly harmless critters are very intelligent. There is really nowhere they won’t go to find food and shelter. They are capable of tearing up things like trash cans to find food. They are also capable of digging holes in yards and the foundation of your home. Even more alarming, raccoons are known to find space in attics to create a nest to raise their babies.
  • Moles – Moles are one of the biggest nuisance animals. They can tear through a yard and create damage very quickly. These animals are looking for their food which mostly lives in the dirt of your lawn.
  • Iguanas – You may not think that this fun to look at creature could possibly do damage to your home, but you would be mistaken. Iguanas are very prevalent in the state of Florida, and they are known to be large pests. The most common ways they tamper with your home is by crawling and digging expansive holes under your home that they use to house their nests.
  • Bees – These hardworking insects are known to take over a home if they find a good spot for their hive. Bees can infest the walls of your home, garages, or trees. And sometimes their hives can be relatively large and destructive. Removal of these busy critters can be harmful if done by a nonprofessional.

These unwanted pests can take a toll on your patience and your home. And sometimes, the problem can be more than you can handle yourself.

When the Problem is Beyond Your Control

Some pests can be removed by the homeowner. However, these removals generally don’t last long because the root of the problem has not been solved.

When dealing with smaller animals such as rats, mice, or bees, we as homeowners believe we can handle the issue without the help of professionals.

The use of sprays, traps, and poisons aren’t always effective.

Some of the most common ways people try to prevent unwanted pests include:

  • Sealing windows, chimneys, and other open entries that may prevent wildlife from entering your home.
  • Using artificial animals to scare off the unwanted pests.
  • Securing trash cans and garbage bags with ropes or chains.
  • Spraying scents that are known to prevent specific wildlife critters from entering your property or home.
  • Applying deterrents to lawns and pool areas that have vegetation that may be enticing to wildlife.
  • Setting traps to remove animals and rodents.

If you’ve noticed that these methods aren’t working, you may need to contact a Broward county wildlife removal professional.

Professionals Will Safely Remove Nuisance Animals

As a homeowner, you may want to try and solve the problem yourself.

However, this is not always safe for you or the animal.

Chances are the animal has entered your home or yard because it is searching for food. This may not be their natural habitat or nest.

Releasing them back into the wild can only create more problems.

You may be releasing them into unknown territory. This will result in them fighting with other animals in the search for food.

If you try to remove the animal yourself either via cages or traps, you may put yourself at risk for disease or attack.

Many of these animals will not harm you unless they feel threatened. However, you could potentially frighten the animal by caging or trapping them, leading them to react negatively.

Another thing to consider is the type of animal you may be removing. Some of these animals or pests are considered endangered. They may also require specialized removal tactics.

Professional Broward County wildlife removal experts will be able to safely remove the animal from your home and place them into their familiar domain.

This will also prevent you from coming into direct contact with any potentially dangerous animals.


The great thing about living in Florida is the abundance of beautiful wildlife that roams the state.

However, the expansive amount of wildlife also comes with issues.

Much of the wildlife in the state of Florida can also become a huge nuisance to homeowners.

Often homeowners try to remove the problem themselves. The tactics used by most people are not always effective long term.

That’s where Broward county wildlife removal teams come in.

These are trained professionals who will be able to safely and effectively not only remove the nuisance wildlife but the reason the animals are there.

If you are experiencing nuisance wildlife in or around your property, don’t try to remove the problem animal yourself.

Reach out to a professional who will be able to assist you.

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