Iguana control Tampa is without a doubt a service that the residents of Tampa cannot go without in this current time of rapid iguana infestation in their homes. Iguanas have become a menace not only here in Tampa but the entire Florida state as a whole. These iguanas are attracted to our state due to its warm tropical climate that...

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    Iguana control Tampa is without a doubt a service that the residents of Tampa cannot go without in this current time of rapid iguana infestation in their homes. Iguanas have become a menace not only here in Tampa but the entire Florida state as a whole. These iguanas are attracted to our state due to its warm tropical climate that works favorably for their exotic skins and cold blooded nature. These reptiles were previously not native to our state but were brought here as a result of the pet trade that existed between the US and South American countries. Previously they were adored very much as pets but their increase in number in the wild has now become the cause of many sleepless nights by home owners who are trying everything that they can to ensure the reptiles don’t invade their gardens and cause damage.

    This presence of iguanas has brought about the need to have a professional iguana control Tampa firm to help eradicate this problematic reptile. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are one such company and in this article, we guide you on iguana removal.

    How to Catch an Iguana in the House

    Iguanas rarely make their way into our homes as they prefer the outdoor environment where their skins are exposed to the sun and where they have unlimited access to vegetation. Instances of iguanas coming into the house are very minimal but if this happens, it is important that you know how to catch the reptile and take it out of the house before it causes damage to any of your property or harms any person or pet. In iguana control Tampa, there are several methods that we as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers suggest which if followed well can help any home owner overcome the challenge of having an iguana invade their house. In the practice of these iguana control Tampa methods, it is worth noting that caution should be taken when dealing with the reptile as it may become very agitated when in an environment that seems hostile to it and thus cause you injuries.

    1. Trapping;

    Trapping is an efficient method of catching an iguana should one happen to get into your home. Traps can be set up easily at the point of entry that the iguana used to access the house. This is because the iguana will want to use that path to go out of the house.

    1. Using bare hands

    The thought of using bare hands may be frightening but when done properly it can work perfectly well. This method will need to be employed immediately the iguana is sighted. Wear heavy gloves and approach the iguana from the back, hold it firmly by the tail and the back of its neck and then place it in a lockable box.



    How to Get Rid of Iguanas in the Garden

    Iguanas come into our garden solely for feed and thus an effective way of controlling these iguanas is to control the availability of feed for them. If they happen to make up that the environment has no available feed for them, the iguanas will always choose to leave in search of food. In other instances where the iguanas have already infested our gardens, we will now need to find a way of forcefully getting them out. The methods to be used however need to be in accordance with the anti-cruelty laws that are in existence here in Florida. Failure to comply with these laws may warrant a jail term. For example, it is illegal to discharge a firearm when intending to handle an iguana situation at your home. As a professional iguana control Tampa firm, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers suggest the following iguana control Tampa methods to enable you to get rid of iguanas in your garden.

    1. Clear away any rubbles

    Should you happen to have any rubble in your garden such as a pile of stones or timber in a certain area that has remained there for a long time then it’s important to note that you may be providing the iguanas with a good breeding ground as they prefer such.

    1. Existence of compost on your garden

    If you have a compost pit in your home it will be paramount that it be cleared away should you happen to have an iguana problem in the garden. This is because the iguanas will always prefer to breed in such areas that also serve as a source of food for them. If you cannot clear the compost pit then make sure to secure the pit with wire meshes all round to prevent the entry of the iguanas into it.

    Iguana Removal near Me

    Not all home owners have the know-how of how to deal with iguana control Tampa and thus for such when faced with an iguana problem at home it can be a very horrifying experience to go through. It is important for such residents to know where they can get the services of an iguana control Tampa firm that can help them overcome the iguana problem that they are faced with. Iguana removal services are there in plenty in Florida but one needs to carefully scrutinize the capacity of each company to handle iguana removal. Many companies out there though they are nuisance animal removal companies, do not have the right capacity to handle complex iguana problems which may require the use of special equipment and skilled experts.

    We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a professional iguana removal company based here in Florida and we do offer comprehensive iguana control services that range from; removal of the iguanas from your home, trapping of the iguanas, repair of any damaged structures, the disinfecting of pools and your home. We also help our clients to euthanize the reptiles when they need the procedure to be undertaken on the iguanas. Our company has been ranked as the best iguana removal company in Florida and the positive 5-star reviews that are posted by our clients are a true testimony of this. We endeavor to live up to the expectation of each and every one of our clients by providing them with the most satisfactory iguana removal services that cannot possibly be matched by those offered by other firms in and around Florida.

    How to Trap an Iguana

    As an expert iguana control Tampa firm, we do affirm to you that trapping an iguana is one of the easiest ever procedures that can be undertaken by even the most amateur of home owners should you be faced with an iguana invasion problem in your home. For iguana control Tampa to be done through trapping, one will need the following; a good trap, a snare trap or live trap although the snare traps are more effective and easier to set up and thus are more preferred than the live traps. One will also need to look for the most appropriate location to place the trap. Wear some form of protective clothing when releasing the trapped iguana from the trap. To go about the trapping process;

    1. Carry the trap to that location which has been identified as the best to set up the trap. The best place to do this is on those paths that have been identified as the most commonly used by the iguanas in their movements.
    2. Set up the trap in such a way that it will be easy for the iguana to walk into it unsuspectingly and thus drive itself into the snare. The trap should be large enough to fit the size of the iguana that a person intends to trap.
    3. Leave the trap and check it at intervals of about 5 hours apart for 24 hours to see if it has caught any iguana. For a correctly set trap, it will not take longer than a day to trap an Iguana provided the weather conditions are favorable for the iguanas’ movement.

    Once trapped, the trapper of the iguana has to take full responsibility for it as it is stipulated by the law in Florida. One cannot release a trapped iguana into the environment and will have to either keep it, give it to someone who wants to or euthanize it through deep freezing which is the only legal and humanely allowed form euthanizing available in Florida.

    Iguana Bait

    We have told you in this article that iguana control Tampa is best achieved through the use of trapping methods. This method has been proven to be the most effective in iguana control Tampa method, not to mention that it also ranks among the most affordable methods to use. This method however when used in iguana control Tampa, it is more effective when coupled up with the use of the correctly chosen bait. Many people may be asking themselves what is the right bait to use when trapping iguanas, as trivial as it may seem, it is a very easy task selecting iguana bait. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that iguanas are by nature herbivorous animals and thus will only feed on plant matter. We ask that our clients ignore all suggestions that iguanas may be carnivorous in nature.

    Having in mind that the iguanas are herbivorous then we can now go about selecting good bait for use in the iguana traps. However, we need to also note that it is not all plants that will attract the iguanas into the trap and this then brings us to the realization that iguanas find it hard to resist the sweet scent of fruits such as mangoes and bananas. Place a freshly cut piece of the fruit to be used in the trap while still in its succulent state. It helps to scatter a few peels of the same fruit around the trap as a way of luring the iguana into the trap so that we can finally trap it.

    Iguana Removal Cost

    We have talked of where and how to access the services of a good iguana control Tampa firm. In this section, we shall dwell on the mind bugging question of iguana removal cost which in most times deters many people from seeking the services of qualified iguana removal companies to help them get rid of iguana problem in their homes. Iguana removal costs have for the most part been exaggerated by many of the existing iguana removal companies as they look for a way of making a killing out of the desperation of home owners who just want nothing more than to be helped to get rid of the iguana problem that they are facing. Attention grasping advertisements that are created by the iguana removal companies lure the clients into believing that they are getting the best services available in the market when in the real sense this is not the case. It is important that clients have some background knowledge about the removal costs and procedures for iguanas in order to avoid the likelihood of falling for the tricks of conmen.

    At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we offer the most trusted iguana removal services at the best rates in the current market.  At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are dedicated to ensuring that you obtain the value for your money when you pay for our iguana removal services, our team of experts is sure to deliver to you the kind of service that is above par and very much satisfactory.

    The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana control company that is committed to helping its clients overcome all the challenges that they face due to having iguanas in their homes and gardens. Give us a call today on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109, (877) 741-7703. Or visit our offices that are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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