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Bee Removal

Fort Myers Bee Control

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Bees are one of the most important living things that we can find on our planet earth. This is because if their active role in pollination, which helps in the perpetuating of plant life which then supports other forms of life. But even with all this importance, bees can be a nuisance should they happen to break loose from their hive and thus the need to have Fort Myers bee control services to help us keep such a scenario under check. In this article, we look at some crucial details that one needs to have at the back of their mind as they deal with the bees.


Bee Hive Removal

There are many methods that can be suggested as to how you can get rid of bees in your home, but one thing that you will note about all these methods is that all of them will end up with the removal of the beehive. Well, I know you may be thinking to yourself that this is one impossible task, but I tell you it isn’t. All the available Fort Myers bee control service providers advice that for you to remove a beehive, the first thing to do is establish where it is located in the house. This may prove to be a very gruesome task, especially considering that different species if bees build their hives in different locations. Honey bees will normally have their hives on a tree stump or any hollow opening on your wall or in your attic or even your chimney. Bumblebees will have their hives built underground, this may require you to dig up an area of your compound in order to gain access to the hive. Carpenter bees, on the other hand, will drill through your wall or through the stem of a tree to build their hive.

After locating the hive, the next step would be to find the right protective gear to wear while removing the hive. The final step of all these will be the actual removal of the hive by following the procedures that are provided for by professional bee removal experts.


Bee Exterminator

Before hiring a bee exterminator, one crucial thing that you ought to do is go through the laws that exist in your area with concern to the handling of bees. The reason for this is because some species of bees such as honeybees are protected by law due to their active role in pollination. It is, therefore, necessary that they are handled with caution and at all times, an alternative method of relocating them be chosen over the option of exterminating them.

In the case that the bee species are not protected or endangered, extermination can then be opted for. In this regard, the Fort Myers bee control service provider will know best which chemical to put to use to ensure that the job is well done and the chemicals do not harm those that it is used in the presence of. The process of spraying has to be done periodically because most times in the first instance, the pupa deep inside the hive and the queen bee do not get affected by the chemicals and thus they survive and continue growing the swarm. Once this whole procedure is done and the job is satisfactory, the hive is then removed and handled as poisonous due to the use of chemicals on it.


 Free Bee Removal

You may have heard from friends and colleagues alike that there exist free bee removal services. Well, you ought to know that this is a scam. For you to get Fort Myers bee control services, you must part with a fee that will usually vary according to the extent of the bee problem you are faced with. Bee removal services are normally charged according to the type of package that one purchases. The contents of the packages are divided into phases with the first one being an examination. This entails a thorough survey of your home to establish how far gone is the bee problem you are faced with. The bee removal experts will then prepare a report that will entail the method to be used in removing the bees. This is after proper consideration of the laws that exist in the area. Bee removal companies are normally up to date with any legislation that may affect their operation and as thus you do not need to worry about the possibility of you facing sanctions after hiring their services. The report will also be inclusive of the foreseeable costs to be encountered should the procedure be followed up through to the final stage. There are a few companies that offer free bee examination services. This is what most people confuse as being free bee removal service, you need to remember to ask your service provider whether this procedure will cost you since it is not all companies that do it for free.


Home Bee Control

Preventing bees from invading your home can be an almost impossible endeavor. This is because bees in most instances will settle in a place only for a season. Except for an area that has tropical weather and thus is warm throughout the year, bees will die off in winter and you can have peace of mind once again. According to information on bees that is shared by Fort Myers bee control service providers, in spring, most of the beehives split into two and thus a swarm of bees will have to relocate to another area in search of an area to settle and build another colony there. This is that time of the year that you will notice a swarm of bees passing by. What you need to do in such a situation is to ensure that you do not bother the bees and that you keep all the young ones or anyone with an allergic reaction to bee stings indoors. Bees won’t under normal circumstances attack not unless they are disturbed and that’s when they will get into defense mode in which they become very hostile.


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