Iguana infestation in West Palm Beach has been a growing concern in the recent years due to the high number of wild iguanas that have descended upon the gardens of many home owners and due to their herbivorous feeding habits, they cause great damage to the vegetation in our gardens.  A lot of complaints have been raised by home owners...

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    Iguana infestation in West Palm Beach has been a growing concern in the recent years due to the high number of wild iguanas that have descended upon the gardens of many home owners and due to their herbivorous feeding habits, they cause great damage to the vegetation in our gardens.  A lot of complaints have been raised by home owners with regards to the iguana invasion in their gardens. This has brought about the need to have a professional iguana control West Palm Beach services to help deal with this situation.  The iguanas are not native to Florida but its warm tropical climate provides the best conditions for these reptiles to thrive in and thus they take full advantage and multiply in numbers.

    The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana control West Palm Beach firm that is based here in Florida which has dedicated services to the removal of iguanas that cause havoc in the homes of people in Florida. In this article, we as a company take you through some of the most effective methods of dealing with iguana problem at home.

    How to Keep Iguanas Away

    The best way to handle the problem of iguanas is to ensure that the reptiles do not find a way of settling in your home or garden. The iguanas will usually come to your home or garden in search of food and water, many of these iguanas had previously been domesticated at home and thus they learn to associate the presence of human beings with the availability of feed for them. They thus will invade our homes and gardens expecting that like their previous owners, we will also want to feed them. Note this carefully, when embarking on iguana control West Palm Beach, never feed the iguanas for whatever reason. The moment you decide on feeding the iguanas they will not think about leaving and the process of getting rid of them will become even more tedious. It is thus important that you starve them of any food sources that they may likely get access to.

    In our iguana control West Palm Beach experience, we have noted that pet food leftovers act as a food source for the iguanas and thus as a start you should ensure that you clear away all pet food leftovers after feeding your pet. The same needs to be done to human food leftovers, counter tops and any leftovers that may be present in our gardens needs to be cleared away as it also serves as additional food sources for the iguanas. Lastly, empty your trash can regularly and ensure that the trash can remains covered at all times. Iguanas find their way into our trash cans and feed on the vegetative material that may be part of our trash, this, if not checked, serves as a means of feed for them and thus helps them thrive in our environment.

    How to Catch a Wild Iguana

    In iguana control West Palm Beach, a wild iguana refers to any iguana that exists in its natural environment without domestication and does not depend on human beings for their survival more so their feed. Such iguanas also comprise of those iguanas that were previously domesticated but their owners let them loose for the failure of keeping up with their feeding demands or in other instances they are iguanas that escaped from the homes of their keepers never to be found again. One need not assume that such iguanas since they had been domesticated previously will automatically be docile. No, many of them become feral due to the hard conditions that they have now been faced with in the wild. This means that if not handled with caution, the iguanas can become very aggressive and scratch, slap with their tail or in extreme instances they can even bite using their numerous set of teeth. Bites from iguanas are known to be very painful and require a lot of stitches, it also goes without saying that a bite from iguana can lead to a bacterial infection.

    So in iguana control West Palm Beach, how does one catch a wild iguana? We here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers will tell you that it is a pretty simple task catching a wild iguana, all you need is a heavy pair gloves and a lockable box for placing the iguana after catching it. Walk behind the iguana slowly and hold it firmly by the tail and back of the neck, you will need to resist all its attempts to break free by holding it tightly. Lift up the iguana and place it in the already waiting open box and you are done. As simple as that.

    Iguana Repellent

    Iguana control West Palm Beach efforts have recently seen the introduction of iguana repellents to help curb the iguana menace that is threatening to turn our once beautiful town to a mere shackle of what it was. These iguana repellents many of them are made using garlic, lime juice, and habanero pepper. For those using homemade iguana repellents, dish soap is normally an added ingredient to the solution making the repellent. What we know as an expert iguana control West Palm Beach Company is that iguanas loathe the smell of these ingredients and thus for the most part they try to avoid the areas and any kind of feed that contains the smell of these ingredients. This, therefore, means that the iguanas may well keep away from feeding in your garden if the vegetation is sprayed with any of these iguana repellents. Some repellent manufacturers argue that their repellents trigger in the iguanas a flight response mechanism that makes them flee away upon ingesting or smelling the repellents.

    However true this may be, we as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have noted that the iguana repellents do not work as efficiently as they are described when being marketed. Iguanas have been classified as nuisance animals and this, therefore, means that they will persist in your environment even if the smell of these repellents is present. The iguanas if they happen to feed on the vegetation that has been sprayed and they notice that it has no adverse effects on them will continue to feed even despite the smell of the repellents. As a matter of fact, they may even come to associate the smell of the repellents with the availability of feed. Using the iguana repellents will also bring about the need to redo the spraying each time it rains as the repellent will surely be washed away.

    How to Get Rid of Iguanas from Your Garden

    Iguanas come to our gardens looking for feed and immediately they notice the availability of the same in plenty they will want to create a home on our gardens and thus will cause havoc in it for as long as their stay persists. These iguanas will cause you to have sleepless nights as they will turn the beauty of your garden into an ugly scene that will displease your eyes. The iguanas apart from just feeding on your vegetation will also make the habit of swimming in your pool and basking on pavements in your beautiful home. This is sure to cause terror to little ones who may fear the iguanas and at times it may be the cause of injury to them should the iguanas become agitated in their presence. The instance of the iguanas swimming in your pool can also lead to the spread of salmonella that live in iguanas and are spread through their fecal matter that they deposit in our pools whenever they get into the water. In order to stop this menace, you as a home owner will need to act quickly and employ the right iguana control West Palm Beach methods to help you rectify the situation. We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, being a professional iguana control West Palm Beach firm, we advocate for the use of the following methods.

    1. Use of traps; set live traps around the areas that you have seen iguanas visit most in your garden and euthanize each iguana that you catch.
    2. Fill the burrows; leave nothing to chance when it comes to their habitat, fill all the burrows that you come across with stones and soil to discourage their stay there.
    3. Starve the iguanas; make sure to deprive the iguanas of any possible food sources and they will exodus from your garden.

    Iguana Trap

    Iguana control West Palm Beach is a process which if coupled up by the use of traps can be a very successful one with very satisfactory results. Iguana traps exist in plenty in the market and as a professional iguana control West Palm Beach firm we have had the opportunity to handle several of these iguana traps and thus we are most qualified to advise you on which traps are best to use. In our four year experience as an iguana removal company, we have come to appreciate the use of the Havarhat traps which rank among the very best in the current market, this is because these traps are easy to use and provide the user with the much-needed safety precautions that guard against injuries to self.

    The traps come with a very good user guide that helps even the most amateur of iguana trappers to set up the traps and capture iguanas with much success. These traps come in form of both the snare traps and live traps. The feedback from users of the traps has been very positive with many agreeing that the traps are but the very best that the market has to offer.

    Iguana Removal Cost

    Iguana removal is a process that can be done easily by any home owner without the need of calling in a professional iguana control West Palm Beach firm. However, when the infestation is serious and the iguanas have created several nesting grounds in our home, it is important that we call in a professional iguana removal company to help us remedy the situation before it gets out of hand. Remember that the burrows built by iguanas if not checked against can lead to serious damage to our landscape and there have been reports of sea walls collapsing as a result of burrowing by iguanas.

    Iguana removal costs have been inflated in the recent past as a result of the cropping up of numerous iguana removal companies across Florida. Many of these companies charge crazy prices for a procedure that need not cost such exorbitant prices. Attractive but false advertisements have been the reason for many home owners falling for these con companies which most of the time end up delivering services that are not as satisfactory as might have been expected by the clients. This happens many a time because of these companies’ lack of capacity to handle the iguana problem well and thus they just do a shoddy job. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are a company that has a skilled team of experts that have the right capacity to handle any iguana problem that you may be having in your home. We also disinfect your home against the possible spread of Salmonella that is present in the fecal matter of the iguanas. At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we also help you to euthanize the iguanas that have been trapped in your home.

    We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a professional iguana control West Palm Beach firm that is committed to delivering reliable iguana removal to each and every one of our clients all throughout West Palm Beach.

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