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Iguana Control Methods that Actually Work?

By August 25, 2017No Comments

Do you know which iguana control methods that you can rely on? Many if not all residents of Florida will attest to the nuisance of wild iguanas having robbed them of the peace that they once enjoyed in their homes. Damaged landscaping in gardens is the clearest evidence of the kind of destruction that has been served by the presence of these exotic reptiles.

How to Catch Wild Iguanas

Wild iguanas are found in plenty here in Florida due to the rich and warm tropical climate that is a characteristic of the state. This climate provides room for iguanas to thrive in. When in the presence of a wild iguana, it is important that you employ safe iguana control methods to catch it. Wear a pair of heavy gloves and approach the reptile from behind. Hold it firmly by the back of its neck and by its tail. You will need to resist its vigorous shaking in order to have control of it. Place it in a well-aerated box as you wait to euthanize it.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

Keeping iguanas away from your home ranks among the best iguana control methods that can ever be employed. This, one will have to attain by making their home a hostile place for iguanas to stay or hard to access. One should use wire mesh at the base of fences around their home or garden and thus iguanas do not find an entry path into it. Should it happen that iguanas get through the fence, one can employ the use of dangling compact discs which will make the iguanas feel uncomfortable and thus they will leave your premises. Spraying the iguanas with water from a hose pipe also works well to evacuate them.

Effective Iguana Control Methods

Use of iguana traps is also among the most effective iguana control methods that one can employ in their home to control iguanas. Identify the most frequently used paths by the iguanas and set up traps along those paths since it has been noted that the iguanas will always use the same paths. Using proper bait like a piece of mango or banana cutting also helps to make the trap all the more efficient in trapping the iguanas. A well-set trap should enable you to catch at least one iguana within a span of around ten hours.

Iguana Removal Services Near Me

Iguana removal in Florida is best done by a professional iguana removal company that employs the most efficient iguana control methods to get rid of the reptiles. Here in Florida, one need not worry about where to acquire such services since our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provides the best iguana removal services in the entire region of Florida. We can be reached any time of the day through our contact lines on (877) 741-7703, (877) 741-7703 or (561) 508-3109.

At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are committed to providing the most reliable iguana removal solutions to our clients, our team of experts employs the most appropriate iguana control methods that have been proven to be efficient in our four-year existence as a company.

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