Iguanas have for long been kept in homes as pets because many pet home owners love them due to their beautiful and attractive exotic skin. The iguanas that we see in the US today are however not native to our country and came around as a result of the pet trade that existed between the US and South American countries...

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    Iguanas have for long been kept in homes as pets because many pet home owners love them due to their beautiful and attractive exotic skin. The iguanas that we see in the US today are however not native to our country and came around as a result of the pet trade that existed between the US and South American countries where the iguana is a native species. The increase in the number of wild iguanas due to the warm tropical climate of the Florida state has become a bugging concern to many home owners. Numerous complaints about iguanas feeding on vegetation in gardens and destroying the landscape have been recorded by the authority. This goes without mention of injuries to human beings through bites.

    The rise in the number of these wild iguanas is the reason behind the existence of our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers which specializes in iguana control Orlando.

    Iguana Bait

    Iguana control Orlando is best achieved through the use of trapping methods to keep a check on the population of the reptiles and their existence in a particular garden or home. Many home owners embark on the use of traps to capture these iguanas but then again many of them register unsatisfactory results due to the use of the wrong baits. For a good iguana bait to achieve the best results, which is the capturing of the animal, it is important and almost entirely inevitable that one will need to use the most convenient bait in the trap. Now the big question here is this, which is the right bait to use when capturing iguanas by use of trapping methods?

    A quick look at the facts about the nature of iguanas reveals that these reptiles are herbivores by nature and thus entirely feed on vegetation. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advise that our clients ignore all suggestions that iguanas may be carnivorous. Now that we know the iguanas are herbivorous, we need in our iguana control Orlando efforts to focus on the use of plant based bait in the iguana traps. This is sure to help us achieve the best results since the iguana will be attracted to something that it deems to be safe for it to consume. But then again another issue that arises from this is the fact that despite the bait being plant based and vegetative in nature, the iguanas might be fed to their full at that particular moment and may not be attracted to the bait thus making our trap fail. This now brings about another zoological finding that reveals that iguanas are best attracted to fruits. The sweet scent and bright color of fruits is one thing that the iguanas cannot resist and thus they easily fall into the trap that has been set for them. The use of bananas and mangoes has been proven effective in achieving this.

    Iguana Removal near Me

    When faced with an iguana invasion problem or in extreme cases iguana infestation problem, the first thought is how do we remove the iguanas from our property before they cause damage to our property or injuries to human beings. A lot of people opt for home remedies in iguana control Orlando but the success rate many a time is below par and thus the need to have a professional iguana control Orlando firm to enable the home owner to achieve the best results.  But even with these in mind and as the intention, a lot of people still do not know where and how they can access iguana removal services near them should they happen to be in need of this very important service. Thus you find that due to this lack of knowledge, many home owners unknowingly fall for catchy advertisements whose sole purpose is to make money out of desperate home owners while providing service that is of low quality.

    Residents of Orlando are a lucky lot as they have us the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers as a resident iguana removal company. Our skilled team of experts has the right capacity to handle even the most complex of iguana infestation problems that you may be faced with. The service that we provide cannot be matched up by any other company in the market. The reason why you should hire us to help rid you off of iguanas is that we have been in the field for four years and thus have the right experience to help you deal with the iguana problem in your home. Reach out to us today for a quote.

    How to Catch an Iguana in the House

    The thought of having an iguana invade your house is a thought that not many home owners would not like to harbor considering the level of disturbance that the creature might cause without mentioning the probable damage that may accompany it. It is, therefore, necessary that immediately an iguana invades your home it be removed promptly. The removal of iguanas in the house is a process that needs to be done with a lot of caution as the animal though known to be docile can still get aggressive when cornered and thus try to bite and scratch. The bites and scratches from iguanas usually result in people getting stitches to repair or in other cases be infected with bacterial diseases. The most appropriate iguana control Orlando method to help you catch an iguana in the house is to lure it into a trap and then cage it and remove it from the house. Iguana traps can be found in plenty and very easily around Orlando and Florida from various trap stores. The traps can be placed at the places where the iguana has been sighted and then be given some time for the iguana to walk into them in an attempt to get to the bait.

    Another iguana control Orlando method that can be used to get hold of iguanas in the house is the use of bare hand trapping for these creatures. This can be easily done so long as the right safety precautions have been taken into consideration. For the person intending to catch the iguana, ensure that you wear heavy gloves and maintain a safe distance from the iguana. Walk stealthily towards the reptile from the back and hold it firmly by the tail and the back of its neck. Once this has been done place the iguana in a standby cage or box and then take it out of the house.

    Iguana Removal Cost

    We have talked about where to get iguana removal services from, it is important in this regard that we also talk about how much the procedure of iguana removal from your home might cost you as a home owner. There are many nuisance animal removal companies out there that are on a quest to make a kill out of the desperation of home owners due to an invasion of their homes by iguanas. These companies charge unsuspecting clients exorbitant prices and then fail to deliver the quality of service that might be expected by the client. Any home owner seeking to obtain the services of an iguana control Orlando Company needs to first and foremost go through the profile of the company in question and scrutinize their capacity to handle the iguana problem they are faced with.

    Expensive does not always translate to high-quality services and as such, you may find companies that are animal removal companies but have no prior experience in iguana removal and thus they may do a shoddy piece of work which again will leave you distraught. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a professional iguana control Orlando Company that has the right capacity and expertise to handle any iguana removal problem that may be faced by our clients. Call the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers and get value for your money when it comes to iguana removal.

    How to Keep Iguanas Away

    The most effective way to rid yourself of any possible iguana problem is to ensure that the iguanas do not make a way into your garden or home in the first place, this is achievable through several preventive measures that are we as a professional iguana control Orlando firm have tried, tested and proved to be effective. Iguanas need to be made to feel uncomfortable or insecure about settling in a certain environment if their infestation is to be appropriately avoided and controlled. Iguana control Orlando is a task that needs the home owner to actively take it up if he or she is to achieve results that can be deemed to be desirable.

    Iguanas have a huge feeding demand which also is the cause of the great havoc that these reptiles cause in our homes and gardens if their population and activities go unchecked. There are several methods that have been suggested by the available iguana removal companies with a presence in Florida. At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, however, we advise that any home owner who wants to keep iguanas away focuses on the root cause of the iguanas invading their garden or home which is feeding. Thus we suggest the following methods that have been proven to be effective in iguana control Orlando.

    1. Habitat Modification

    This involves the tampering with of the environment in such a way that the iguanas feel uncomfortable settling in a certain place for fear that they will be at risk of being eliminated. This can be achieved by filling of burrows and use of predators.

    1. Exclusion techniques

    Exclusion, on the other hand, involves the depriving of iguanas of any possible feed and thus forcing them to relocate to another place in search of feed. This can be achieved by planting iguana repellent plants such as milkweed and citrus.

    How to Get Rid of Iguanas in the Garden

    The iguanas will be attracted to your garden for one sole reason which is to look for feed. Many of the iguanas that invade our gardens are those that had previously been domesticated but their owners released them due to the pressure of keeping up with their feeding demands. The iguanas might also have escaped from the property of their owners and thus go into other people’s homes to look for feed which previously had been provided for them. Such iguanas usually relate the presence of human beings with the availability of feed and thus they will come to your garden expecting the same. These iguanas can be dealt with easily. In our iguana control Orlando experience, we have realized that it is easy to get rid of iguanas from your garden if you observe the following methods;

    1. Clear pet food away; the presence of pet food in our gardens helps to provide feed for the iguanas and thus it attracts them and makes them stay on our gardens expecting more feed to come their way.
    2. Use of compact discs; compact discs when hanged from trees reflect a bright light that makes iguanas feel threatened in the environment that they are in thus will want to relocate to another.
    3. Clear leftovers; leftovers on our gardens are always a no if your aim is to get rid of iguanas, these leftovers act as additional food sources to the iguanas and thus making them stay.
    4. Make your garden predator friendly; predators such as hawks and crows feed on young iguanas and thus creating an environment that attracts these predators will enable you to get rid of your iguana problem.

    Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, our aim is to provide you with the best iguana removal services in the whole of Orlando and Florida at large. Our staff is highly trained to help you manage the iguana infestation problem that you are experiencing the best way possible.

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