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Nuisance Bird Control Methods that Actually Work

By June 20, 2017July 19th, 2017No Comments

Birds are a beautiful sight to watch and the joy that comes with watching birds fly just turns many people’s imaginations into full gear and they can dream the wildest of dreams at that particular moment in time.

The act of feeding birds also is very fulfilling and an addictive pastime activity at the same time. One cannot help but marvel at the beauty of these creatures and the way they carry themselves. Birds have been known to be the major attractions of some of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world such as the equatorial forest in Africa and some other major cities of the world such as Paris and Rome that are known to have a very high bird population.

Although they may be this beautiful and bring a lot of satisfaction in engaging with them, they can be a nuisance if not checked against or if unwelcomed. We know very well that not everyone likes birds and therefore to them, their presence may be unappreciated. It is for this reason that the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers exists to provide you with the most proficient nuisance bird control methods.

Here we give you an insight on some of the nuisance bird control methods that our company, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers and some advice on home remedies that one can employ should they be faced with the problem of their home or place of work being infested by nuisance birds.

How to Get Rid of Nuisance Birds

On an ordinary weekend when one chooses to spend time at home far away from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced economy that demands nothing short of hard work, the worst thing that could happen is for your peace to be disrupted by some birds which just won’t keep quiet no matter how hard you try and on top of that they won’t shy away from dropping their fecal matter all over. Did I mention about their tendency to peck at each and everything that seems edible to them or even about scaring away children and visitors at times? Nuisance birds can really be a headache. But that headache has found a remedy, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, a company that provides that through their nuisance bird control methods help bring back the peace in your home.

The following are nuisance bird control methods suggested by us on how to get of nuisance birds;

  1. Starve the birds

The first and most crucial reason as to why birds would invade your compound is in search of food. There is need to ensure that they do not have any access to food that is available in your house and this will help deter them from wanting to access your home or garden. Make sure to do a good clean up after feeding your pets and no other leftover food should be left to lie around as this will attract the birds. Another caution to be taken is to use netting landscape techniques on trees in order to hinder their access to them.

  1. Drain all stagnant water pools around you

The second thing that would attract birds to your house is water when they feel thirsty. Make sure to drain all stagnant water pools around your area of the board since it is this water that attracts them and apart from just providing them a source of water to drink, they breed mosquitoes that are food to the birds. Once the pools of water are drained, mosquitoes have no breeding ground and the birds due to lack of food are forced to relocate to another destination.

Getting Rid of Nuisance Birds

Getting rid of nuisance birds can be a hectic task should one decide to embark on it at an individual level and thus it is best to hire a professional firm to do it for you. The main advantage of this is that a thorough job will be carried out which will ensure that the birds do not come back and at the same time, should there be any legal restrictions on the handling of certain breeds of birds, they can be handled without much hustle. Hiring professionals will also helps to guard against injuries that may be suffered should one chose to get rid of nuisance birds by themselves.

There are many nuisance bird control methods that are employed when getting rid of nuisance birds and here we shall highlight some of them.

  1. Use of traps; This method of getting rid of nuisance birds has been in use for the longest time since time immemorial when it became evident that even though mother nature may be beautiful, some aspects of it simply become a nuisance and a hindrance to the day to day activities of human beings. As such the use of traps has evolved over time up to the current modern time when more complex and more effective traps are being employed to trap nuisance birds. Professional companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers employ the use of the most effective traps to ensure your problem is solved.
  2. Use of bird scarers; Bird scarers are objects used to deter birds from making their way into a home or compound mostly by instilling fear in them. Bird scarers come in various forms varying from simple homemade tools to more complex devices that are manufactured by companies with the aim of enabling you to get the best value for your money and regain the peace that was there in your home before the invasion by nuisance birds.
  3. Use of chemicals; there are specific chemicals that have been made with the purpose of eradicating these nuisance birds. They can be bought at affordable prices but ought to be used with the most utmost of precision in order to guard against any negative effects on human beings.

Bird Control Products as Nuisance Bird Control Methods

There are a variety of bird control products that can be put to use when one seeks to find the best nuisance bird control methods. Here we shall highlight some of these products that recommended as part of the effective nuisance bird control methods.

  • Bird-Off Gel; This bird control product comes in the form of a gel that can be applied on multiple surfaces that birds tend to perch on or walk on. The gel gives birds a sticky feeling in their legs that they don’t like. The pungent smell of the gel also irritates birds and discourages them from landing in your home.
  • Solar Bird Chase Supersonic; This solar powered device emits pre-recorded distress and predator sounds that can be interpreted by up to 22 species of birds and thus birds upon here the sounds are discouraged from perching in that area in the fear that their own life may be threatened. The device works well when there is some optimal amount of silence which then allows for the sound waves to be transmitted far and wide.
  • Repeller 360; this device is designed to prevent birds from perching and roosting on rooftops and other flat areas. It has wind-powered arms that rotate and sweep away nuisance birds. It is also coupled up with reflective fake predator eyes and each end to intimidate and cause fear in the nuisance birds.
  • Bird Netting; this creates a physical barrier that hinders nuisance birds from accessing a certain sealed off area. It is fabricated from durable UV-protected propylene material and can be used to cover trees, flower bed s and gardens.

The above bird control products are suggested by Nuisance Wildlife Rangers as effective nuisance bird control methods.

Bird Scare Devices

These are devices that are made for the specific purpose of ensuring that nuisance birds are kept off specific areas by making them believe that they are being predated or hunted down. The bird scare devices that have proved to be effective nuisance bird control methods include;

  1. Hawk kites; these bird scare device resembles a hawk which is a well-known predator bird. The kite floats at a certain height over a specified area and seems to be like a hawk that is seeking to pin down a targeted prey. This works well to scare other birds that fear these predatory birds and thus do not make their way to the area.
  2. Scarecrows; These have been in use for a long time and resemble the figure of a human being. Some birds are known to be scared of human beings and thus cannot dare come close to where they are and are thus well controlled by the scarecrows. However, this method does not work well with all birds as some species are known to even perch on the very scarecrows. It is therefore important to know the type of nuisance birds that are invading your home so as to use the best bird scare device.
  3. Dead birds; The use of dead birds as bird scare device is also known to be effective to a certain breed of birds as they are able to sense danger and thus keep off an area that they perceive not to be safe for them.

When choosing a bird scare device, it is good for one to know the type and species of bird they are dealing with in order to employ the most suitable nuisance bird control methods possible.

Ultrasonic Bird Repeller, Does it Work?

An ultrasonic bird repeller is nuisance bird control device that works by emitting high-frequency sounds that are aimed at deterring nuisance birds from accessing a given area.

The ultrasonic repeller devices have been known to be effective in the control of various nuisance pests such as rodents but for birds, they fail to meet the specified objective of keeping birds off the areas they are placed in. They are therefore not good nuisance bird control methods.

The high-frequency sound produced and emitted by the ultrasonic bird repeller devices are not and cannot be heard by birds and are thus ineffective in the control of nuisance birds whenever there is a problem of infestation.

Modifications have been made to the original design of the ultrasonic bird repeller and a newer and better version such as the Repeller 360 has been conceptualized to help the machine work more effectively. The Repeller 360 works well to produce distress and predator sounds that can be heard by 22 species of bird and thus making it rank more favorably among the most reliable nuisance bird control methods.

Nuisance Bird Control Methods through Bird Deterrent

A bird deterrent refers to a nuisance bird control methods that work in a way to instill fear in nuisance birds aside from just intimidating them and thus making them afraid accessing certain areas for fear of being harmed or meeting with their predators. Use of bird deterrents is among the most efficient nuisance bird control methods available today. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used bird deterrent techniques.

  • Use of flash tapes; These bird deterrent devices works by producing a crackling sound and reflecting the sun rays to create an illusion of fast placed flame tongues which fool birds into thinking there exists danger in a certain place and as thus they keep off that area.
  • Use of the Scare Eye Diverter; This tear drop shaped device is an iridescent foil banner that camouflages a predator eye to scare away birds which sense danger due to the presence of a predator
  • Use of the Bird Scare Balloon; this bird deterrent is an inflatable ball which comes with a huge intimidating predator eye pictured on its surface to scare away nuisance birds.
  • Use of hawk decoy; This is another very effective bird control method that employs the use of a life-sized hawk that makes nuisance birds believe that a predator is waiting to attack them and thus they do all they can to avoid that area.

Bird deterrents are a good method of bird control but for them to be fully effective they ought to be combined with other bird control techniques that are available. This enables there to be room for better repelling of the nuisance birds in the case where one method may fail to effectively control the nuisance birds.

At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have all the effective nuisance bird control methods that will actually work.

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