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Professional methods of Opossum Control Lake Worth

By May 2, 2018No Comments

Opossums are classified as nuisance animals which is not really a surprise given the fact that they are very destructive by nature and will not waste time when it comes to making your home a mess. You, therefore, need to have a clue on how you can best deal with them. For residents of Lake Worth, the opossum nuisance has escalated into something that none of them could have ever imagined this has brought about the need to have opossum control Lake Worth services that can be relied upon to remedy this mess. A lot of people, though, do not know what to do if faced with an opossum situation in their home. In this article, we shall have a look at some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to opossum removal.


Opossums are the only marsupials that are native to North America. It may seem surprising to many that there exists such organisms here in the United States given that their closest relatives can only be found in Australia and New Zealand. These marsupials are very well adapted to the climatic conditions in the United States even the winter seasons that are known to phase out a lot of individuals from many of the animal species that our land has been blessed with. Opossums are solitary beings and prefer living alone except mother possums which are known to stay with their joeys while nourishing them from their porches until that point in time when they are self-reliant and can thus be left to venture alone in the world. In winter periods, however, it is not strange to spot possums cramping together in an area in a bid to beat the cold weather and help them survive while raising their next generation. This normally happens in the attics of our homes.


When it comes to opossum control Lake Worth, the do’s are far much less than the don’ts. The reason for this is that opossums are best dealt with if you focus on the root problem, other than trying to remedy the result. So what are you supposed to not do? The first thing that you are not supposed to do is leave any garbage or litter in your garden. Opossums are vicious scavengers that feed on anything and everything. It is therefore imperative that you clear all possible food sources for them in your garden. Garbage and litter serve as the most easily accessible form of food for them. Ensure that your compound is maintained clean at all times. Take time to pick any fruits that might have dropped on the lawn in case you have any fruit trees around. Opossums love the sweet scent of fruits and will want to feed on this if they find it in your garden. Next, ensure that your garbage can is never overflowing with garbage. Opossums will find this an easy food source for them and will rummage through the garbage can from time to time if you do not empty your trash can frequently. In case there are challenges in emptying the trash can due to the collection company, then ensure the trash can is in a secure place that cannot be accessed by the opossums. Lastly, cover the trash can with a cover top that cannot be knocked off with ease.


Opossum control Lake Worth becomes all the more effective if you take time to do a survey around your home. The intent of this is to identify any possible entry points that may have been used by the possums in accessing your home. Opossums will not fail to capitalize on any chance to get into a garden that has the promise of food and water in abundance for them. They will, therefore, try everything possible to make this happen. Opossums will climb fences and jump over them to get in. Never underestimate the climbing prowess of the possums, it is simply amazing and is sure to blow your mind away. This can be remedied by covering all the openings along the fence or the house by use of concrete and metal sheets through which the possums cannot force their way through. When it comes to fencing, you can opt to use wire mesh for fencing. Make the fence at least 3-4 feet high with the top curving outwards to make it harder for possums to jump into the garden should they climb the fence.  Be careful of the spaces between the wire mesh, some can let the possum pass through easily.

As you continue with your opossum control Lake Worth efforts another thing that you may want to classify as a do, is the use of traps in controlling the possum menace. Opossums can easily be controlled by use of the right trap, provided it is set up in the right place and without mention, the right time. Possums are nocturnal beings that are most active at night and thus you will need to be witty enough and know the right time to set up the trap. Them being nocturnal does not mean that you have to stay up the whole night waiting to trap them. What it means is that you need to be more creative in your trapping undertaking. Set up the traps at the entry and exit points of the attics where you have spotted the possum’s colony. Ensure the trap is well baited and leave it throughout the night. Make sure to check it the first thing in the morning to know whether you have trapped any possum or not. If you have not caught one, it may mean that your trapping methods need some improvement or better targeting. This can be improved upon with time. One thing you will need to do is be patient throughout the process since possum trapping can prove to be hectic.


The do’s and don’ts that have been highlighted in this article are to guide you as you go about opossum control Lake Worth endeavor. If followed, they will guarantee you success in your efforts.


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