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Professional Snake Removal Methods

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About the Animal

Many people are afraid of snakes. Fear is part of our genes, and it helped our ancestors survive these dangerous animals out in the wild. Even today, the fear can keep you safe from venomous snakes.

Of course, not all snakes are venomous. In fact, there are far more nonvenomous snakes. Yet it’s difficult for most people to tell them apart, so it’s safer to be afraid and take precautions.

That’s because snake venom is deadly. It leads to amputations and death. If you aren’t careful, snakes can also hurt your pets.

Trapping Snakes

Traps are one of the best ways of catching and removing a snake. It’s great because it keeps you safe, and it doesn’t require much effort once the traps are set.

There are many effective snake traps on the market, like glue traps. Yet the best ones are also the most humane because they let you remove the snake without having to kill the animal.

Unfortunately, snake traps aren’t ideal in the event of an emergency.

Physically Removing Snakes

Many professionals physically remove a snake. This is the fastest way of removing these reptiles, as it’s direct and to the point. Yet this method is also the most dangerous, as it exposes you to the snake, giving the animal the chance to bite you.

That is why you should never attempt this yourself. This type of removal should be left to experts, like those at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

It requires many years of training to safely handle a snake, and even then many professionals use snake hooks or snake tongs as safety measures.

With this approach, the expert will grab the snake and place them in a sack. They’ll then relocate the snake far away from your home and release it back into the wild.

You should call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers if you ever need a snake removed quickly. We service Southern Florida, so give us a call.

Install Snake Fences

Regular fences are great at keeping out most wildlife, but they often fall short when it comes to snakes. These slim creatures can make their way through the tiny gaps that often appear in ordinary fences.

Snake fences remedy this by being completely snake-proof. They’re designed to be impenetrable for even the smallest of animals, making them a wonderful way of preventing snakes.

To be effective, however, these fences need to go a few inches underground. This prevents snakes from simply burrowing under the fence to get into your yard.

Seal Entries

Your home is full of small gaps that snakes can use to get in. Some are there by design, like the slit between your door and the floor. Others happen because of damage, like holes in your walls.

To prevent snakes from fitting through these, you should inspect your home and seal as many of these as you can find. There are also many contraptions you can find on the market that will help you accomplish this.

Cut Grass

Snakes use tall grass as a hiding spot, which makes them more comfortable when entering your home since they can quickly get back to safety.

If you regularly cut the grass and other plants around your home, you can remove their hiding spots and make it riskier for them to enter your home. This scares many snakes, so they won’t even try to enter your home.

Remove Debris

Debris acts similarly to grass. It’s a suitable place for snakes and other animals to hide in as they slowly make their way into your home. That’s why you should take the time to remove any debris out in your yard.

Debris also invites rodents and other pests into your home. Since these animals are a snake’s natural prey, it draws those reptiles in as a consequence.

Snake Repellents

You’ll find a lot of snake repellents sold on the market. You can buy sprays, mothballs, predator urine, and plenty of others that promise to remove snakes.

Unfortunately, these methods aren’t effective. They’re generally a waste of time and money, and you’ll be better off calling professional snake removers like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers instead.

Just A Call Away

Whether you’ve occasionally spotted snakes in your garden or are dealing with an emergency, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is here to help. We have five years of experience removing wildlife from people’s homes, so we’ll be able to keep you and your family safe from these reptiles. We service many cities in Southern Florida, so give us a call to schedule our services.

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