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Rat Removal


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Once settled in our dream homes or even that rental apartment that we go back to each even for some dose of peace away from the hectic world that we spend our entire day trying to tame, we anticipate nothing but comfort and safety.  But what happens when this peace, comfort and safety is intruded by some animals? Here am not talking about tigers and buffaloes but about small sized pests that our school system has taught as to refer to as rodents.

At the mention of the word rodent, I’m sure your mind has already rushed back to a situation that you have encountered before with a rodent. To say the truth, rodents are disgusting and frightening in a similar fashion and as thus it’s best that our paths and theirs never get to cross. But then since this is a free world where anyone can move anywhere, the rodents also capitalize on this to cause terror in our homes whenever they trespass and become a nuisance that ought to be dealt with in the shortest time possible before it escalates into something untamable.

We at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provide the best of services when it comes to rodent removal and control in our homes and in this article we aim to enlighten you more about rat droppings in house Miami, FL so that we can all be at par when it comes to information about rodents, something that is quite important since it will sure help to save you a lot of trouble at home when it comes to dealing with rat droppings in house Miami, FL.

How to Tell if You Have Rats or Mice

The first and most important step when it comes to effective rodent control is being able to clearly distinguish which rodent is present in your home. The most common rodents that invade our homes are rats and mice. However, there have also been instances whereby racoons invade homes in search of food or when running away from predators or harsh climatic conditions. Let’s focus on how we can differentiate between rats and mice so that we can know how to deal with each particular rodent when need be that we need to control their invasion into our homes.

When identifying whether a rodent that has infested your home is a rat or mouse, you will need to be keen on the physical features of the rodent which will help you to distinguish which one it is. One common mistake though is that of mistaking a young rat for a fully grown mouse. A young rat’s head is large compared to their bodies and at the same time, the face is stubby and blunt with a wide nose. A young rat has an overall clumsy appearance which is a feature of most young mammals including even us humans. An adult mouse, on the other hand, has a more proportionate and slim body coupled up with a sharp-angled appearance to it. Should this general feature be too hard to recognize, we being experienced in handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL suggest that you look at the following further distinguishing features;

  • Adult mice on average measure around 7 ½ inches in length which is inclusive of the tail whereas rats are much longer and adult rats can measure up to 18 inches in length and their length can be quite a terror to some people.
  • Another distinguishing feature for these two rodents is the tail whereby mice have a thin, slightly hairy tail but the rats have a thicker, hairless and at times scaly tail.
  • The colour of the rodents can also be a distinguishing feature where both rats and mice can be brown or grey in colour but rats can be black at times, this is not possible with the mice.
  • The last distinguishing physical feature one can depend upon to differentiate between a mouse and a rat is the nose. Mice have a triangular-shaped nose while the nose of a rat is blunter and more rounded.

If the above features are to be considered with a lot of keenness then one is sure to do a good job differentiating mice from rats. But for the best results, we suggest that you call the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers that are ranked as the best when it comes to handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL.

How Do I know if I Have Rats in My House?

Even with knowledge about the differences between a rat and a mouse, at times we can find ourselves at a loss as to how to identify whether or not we have rats in our house. This can be quite a problem especially if we don’t spend much time in our homes due to busy schedules or at times because the very rats that have invaded our homes may not be spending that much time in it as they come and go from time to time. Living up to our status as the best rat droppings in house Miami, FL handling company we suggest a few tips on how you can identify whether your home has been infested with rats.

Rats are known to be commensal animals which simply mean that over time they have come to partially rely on humans as their source of food and it’s the main reason as to why they are often found living in our homes both in the urban and even rural areas. Once the weather starts to cool, they will look for some indoor shelter in order to overcome the adverse effects of the winter cold on their existence. Now once they seek this indoor shelter in your home, how do you identify them? Being an experienced company when it comes to handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL we suggest that checking out for the following signs can prove to be quite helpful in identifying whether there are rats in your home;

  1. Scratching Noises; rats, more so the black rats are known to be agile climbers and therefore once in a while you may happen to cats the sound of these creatures climbing the walls in your home.
  2. Rub Marks; rats are known to have grease and dirt on their bodies and they leave smudges on the surfaces that they normally come into contact with.
  3. Rat Droppings; if you happen to have an infestation of brown rats, their droppings will be dark brown in colour and are shaped like a grain of rice.
  4. Rat Holes; it’s important to note whether there are any burrow systems in your home which are a clear indication of the presence of rats which dig them for shelter, nesting and food storage.

Should this prove to be a difficult task for you and also if you are interested in getting the best results in identifying the presence of rats in your home, call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers who are the best rat droppings in house Miami, FL service providers.



Rat Droppings Vs Mice Droppings

As a home owner, you may have noticed the presence of rodent droppings in your home but you aren’t sure whether the droppings belong to a rat or mouse. Priding our self as the best when it comes to handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers gives you the following tips to look out for when identifying whether the droppings you saw are a rat’s or the ones of a mouse.

  1. The number of pellets; the number of pellets that one encounters when they notice rodent droppings can help you identify the type of rodent present in your home. Rats are known to leave behind around 40 to 50 pellets of their droppings per day whereas mice leave a higher number compared to that at about 50 to 75 pellets of their droppings per day.
  2. The size of the droppings; the size of the droppings is a major distinguishing factor about the type of rodent that is present in your home. Rats leave behind dropping that are about ¾ inches long and have a diameter that is approximately 1/8 inches wide. For the mice, however, their droppings are about ¼ inches and have a diameter of about 1/9 inches wide.

Priding ourselves as experts in handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL, we have proven beyond reasonable doubt that we offer professional services when it comes to handling  of rodent droppings and thus helping to guard our clients and their families against infections that may arise as a result of the contamination of food sources by the rodent droppings’.

Mice Droppings

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we aim at educating all our clients about the characteristics of pests that may invade their homes and cause havoc and terror in their lives. This section is dedicated entirely to knowledge about mice droppings, as we believe that we have the most reliable information because we are the best rat droppings in house Miami, FL, service providing company.

Mice droppings range in size from about 3/16 inches to about ¼ inch long and are almost similar to rice grains which have pointed ends and the colour is known to vary from blackish brown to almost grey depending on the diets and age of the mouse. Should a mouse have consumed a pesticide from a bait station then its most likely that its droppings will have the same colour as the pesticide it consumed.

Mice can produce between 50 to 75 pellets of poop per day and normally this is along the path that they use from their nesting points but never in their nests. The droppings do not have any distinct smell that may help you identify it but the urine of mice smells like ammonia and this can be a guiding point when one is looking to identify whether there is the presence of rodents in their home.

It is in the best of interest to have a professional company such as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers that is experienced in handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL helps you handle mouse poop in your home in order to prevent against diseases spread by mice.

Roof Rat Droppings

Having rats in your home can be a scary affair more so if you have kids. But the situation gets even worse if the rats happen to be roof rats which are somehow difficult to control and pose a bigger threat of falling down onto you at any time. But how do you identify these roof rats? One method that has been proven to help is the identification of their droppings.

When looking to identify roof rat droppings we at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers having expansive experience in handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL do advise that you look out for a ½ inch long curved droppings that appear to have pointed ends. At the sight of this type of rodent dropping then you can be sure that your home is infested with roof rats and it is then that you can call in our company to handle the infestation professionally for you.

How to Get Rid of Rats in the House      

Once you are sure that you have rats in your house and have even been able through our advice above there to identify the type of rat present in your home, and then it’s time to get rid of the rodents and one may ask how? Not to worry, we not only are the best company when it comes to handling rat droppings in house Miami, FL but also the removal of the rodents. For a home remedy we do suggest the following methods to help you get rid of rats;

  1. Cover up any openings in the house

Rats unlike mice require lots of water for their survival and thus will come in and go out of your house looking for this precious commodity. Covering up all entry points will help guard against their entry into your home.

  1. Use of baits and traps

An old age method of dealing with rats is the use of poisoned baits and traps. The poisoned baits may take longer to work efficiently but are still efficient. When choosing to use the traps, one needs to know the right places to place them in order for one to achieve the best results.

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