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Rat Removal

Rat Nuisance Control Techniques

By September 2, 2017No Comments

For many home owners here in Florida, the thought of having a rat infestation on their property is one that cannot be taken with a light heart and thus need the application of appropriate rat nuisance control techniques.

Rat in Walls

Rats like their cousins the mice, also dig burrows in walls where they breed, store their food and hide from predators. This works well to help the rats survive in even the most adverse of conditions. In order to get rid of the rats in walls, appropriate rat nuisance control techniques need to be applied. The best way to deal with rats that have dug burrows in walls is to use rat repellents which work by choking the rats. The choking effect will make the rats want to come out of the burrows that they have dug and once they do so, you will need to fill the burrows with stones and cement to prevent their reentry into them.

How to Get Rid of Rats outside the House

Rats in our gardens need to be dealt with promptly using the best rat nuisance control techniques. This is because if left to breed freely, the rats can grow in numbers and be the cause of the great disturbance. In order to get rid of rats outside the house, special attention has to be paid to the sanitation in your garden or yard. You will need to look for any burrows that have been dug by the rats and then fill these up. One can also achieve good results by sealing off all entry points by use of wire mesh.

Rat Nuisance Control Techniques in the House

Rats in the house can lead to a lot of destruction to property. These rodents will nibble at anything; from clothes to furniture to wire cables you name it. The magnitude of the trail of destruction that they leave behind is one that can be very depressing at times and thus it’s important to get rid of the rats by applying the best possible rat nuisance control techniques. Trapping is a very effective tool in getting rid of rats in the house. One will need to buy a good trap, bait it and set it up in a strategic position that will enable you to capture them.

How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

The best and most cost effective rat nuisance control techniques allow you to get rid of the cats without having to exert much effort or use a lot of resources. This will consist of the use of predators such as cats that feed on the rats whenever they are in their presence. Cats are good at hunting down rats and will help you to greatly reduce their population.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers rank as the best rat removal company here in Florida. We have a vast experience of four years providing rodent removal services and advice on how to handle rodent infestation in homes.

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