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Rat Removal

Rat removal North Fort Myers fl ; Let the pros show you how its done

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Rat removal North Fort Myers fl undertakes a rat elimination program usually involving rat removal and sanitation. These two go hand in hand when it comes to controlling and doing away with any rat problem. The main aim of sanitation is to ensure that any source of food and water that rats are using to stay alive is gotten rid of. This way you will even prevent rats from coming to your home. On the other hand, rat removal methods are various and they actually do vary especially depending on the level of rat infestation.


Some of the sanitation measures that you can put into practice to really cut on rat population will include:-

  • Keeping any kind of food in large containers and covering them with tight-fitting lids. It is better to use a metal container because rats and their sharp teeth can easily tear apart a plastic container. Do not use materials that these animals can gnaw through.
  • Never leave your pet food uncovered. Remember to store it also in a container without leaving it outside overnight.
  • Totally do away with clutter. Things like paper can be used by rats to build their nests so it is better to avoid them.
  • Debris near your house should be cleared so that rats cannot use such as their hiding spot.
  • Do away with grass clippings and work on reducing the size of your bushes that surround your property.

Indoor rat control

The rat removal process comes in immediately after you are done with sanitation measures as noted by rat removal North Fort Myers fl experts. We will take a look at indoor rat control that way you can really understand what it takes to have a removal process undertaken successfully.

  1. Using Traps

For a long time now the use of traps has always been the number one method used by majority homeowners to do away with rats. However, traps come in various types and the product needed when trapping is just the bait and not use of rat poisons. The advantage of using a trap is you will find the rat right there hence you will be assured that your rat removal method is actually working. Again, with trapping you will never worry about having to have bad smell because you will be able to remove the carcass. Some of the traps that have been recommended by rat removal North Fort Myers fl are:-

  • Live catch rat traps: They come in form of small wire cages that have one end door that you will open so that the rat walks into the trap. They then move to a pedal placed with bait and while they are eating this bait, the pedal slams the door closed trapping the rat in a humane manner. Isn’t this a great way of doing away with rats from your property without endangering their lives? It sure is! However, this method should not be applied in cases of severe infestation; it will not be effective.
  • Snap traps: They come made of either plastic, wood or metal but with a strong snap hinge meant to kill rats instantly. Any form of bait must be used so as to lure rats into the trap. The best place to place a snap trap is around areas where you noticed high rat activity. Once you eliminate every other food source and just have the right bait meant to attract rats to the snap trap, you will have gone a step further in doing away with rats in your home. Make sure you tie the bait to the trigger so that the rodent doesn’t end up removing the bait before the trap sets off.
  • Glue Traps: This is normally a flat piece of cardboard. In other times they come in form of a shallow plastic tray covered in adhesive meant to be placed flush against places where rats pass through often. What happens is rats step over the glue trap, get stuck and caught then end up dying. Most of these traps are normally pre-scented so as to ensnare the rats to walk over this trap and that is how they end up getting caught.

2.      Using baits

Yes, rat bait poison can be used indoors for many homeowners have often done so but it is highly discouraged by rat removal North Fort Myers Fl. Reason being after rats consume this poison, they still can move and the poison will take effect some minutes later yet the rodent might have moved to an inaccessible place which will make removing the carcass quite challenging. Now the terrible part is the extremely bad odor that will fill your house and the worst part is you will have to endure the horrible smell because you have no idea where to locate the carcass so as to remove it. This will also lead to a secondary insect infestation. Use baits that kill the rodent right there and then so that you are able to remove the rat carcass with ease.


Honestly, rats can be such pervasive animals no matter how hard it takes to remove them. No one wants these creatures around yet they persistently inhabit human dwellings making it difficult for homeowners to have peace. This is why the right removal and control measures should be undertaken to keep them away for a long time. You can learn a lot from rat removal North Fort Myers fl on the effective trapping techniques and tools considering the huge infestation of rats occurring in many homes. In order to win this war that does not seem to end, you will really have to stay on your toes, stay alert, stay ahead of the game and strike when these rodents least expect. Incorporating services of a professional is paramount because they have the right knowledge, expertise, and innovation meant to do away with rats in a safe humane manner using reliable and efficient rat removal and control methods for long-term solutions.

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