Skunk Removal Boca Raton: Skunks under Your Porch

Skunk Removal Boca Raton: Skunks under Your Porch

There are many pests and nuisance wildlife animals in Boca Raton Florida. If you have a skunk problem, then it is high time you called skunk removal Boca Raton experts like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Like every other animal that is unwelcome in your compound or home, skunks pose various dangers to those living in the compound and pets as well....

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    There are many pests and nuisance wildlife animals in Boca Raton Florida. If you have a skunk problem, then it is high time you called skunk removal Boca Raton experts like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Like every other animal that is unwelcome in your compound or home, skunks pose various dangers to those living in the compound and pets as well. It is therefore important to get rid of these animals in a humane way to protect yourself and in line with the laws of nuisance wildlife removal in Boca Raton Florida.

    Why You Need Skunk Removal Boca Raton

    Skunks seem adorable if you consider their black and white color scheme. You might think that they are as adorable as pandas but they really aren’t. Some of the reasons why you need to get skunk removal Boca Raton as soon as possible are:

    • Skunks spray you and your pets. This odor is unbearable. In addition to that, it can cause temporary blindness and irritation which will need medical attention
    • They dig burrows near your foundation and this can ultimately compromise on the strength of your structure
    • The digging causes damage which is costly to repair
    • They leave dirt from food and fruits all over the yard

    The worst thing about skunks is that they spray people and pets. Otherwise, the best thing would be to leave them in your Boca Raton compound since they eat other pests and keep away some animals. However, your family and pets’ safety is more important.

    Skunk Control Moth Balls

    One of the ways to control skunks is to have moth balls as repellants. These have a strong odor and therefore discourage the skunks from being in your compound or porch. These animals are very sensitive to smells and tastes. Using moth balls is not foolproof but it helps to some extent. Other than skunk removal Boca Raton, these moth balls will also help to discourage mice, rats and other pests and nuisance wildlife from making your compound a home.

    Other sonic repellents also work as well. skunks are jittery animals and therefore sound and movement scares them away. If you have high pitch sonic repellants or sprinklers, then you can control or at least repel some skunks from your Boca Raton home. These are some of the humane methods of chasing away skunks or preventing them from coming to your home in the first place.

    Skunk Removal near Me

    If you are one of the people who have skunks in your backyard, you are probably wondering, “Where do I get skunk removal near me?” Before you get to skunk removal Boca Raton, there are a couple of preventative measures that you can put in place to scare or drive away these animals. These include:

    • Putting tight lids on your trash cans
    • Removing any garbage lying around your compound
    • Clean up any fruit or leaves lying around in your yard
    • Erect a fence and ensure that it goes about one to two feet below the ground

    These measures might save you on a lot of money for professional skunk removal Boca Raton services. If they work, you do not have to get an expert. However, if they do not, you still have to get these services but at least you will see that spending the extra money is unavoidable. If you do not yet have these animals in your Boca Raton compound, you get to deter them from coming in the first place.

    Animal Control Skunk Removal

    When it comes to dealing with the skunks that are living under your porch, the approach has to be holistic. If you use one method then it might not be as effective. However, if you use an integrated approach, you can be sure that the skunk removal Boca Raton will be successful and that there will be deterrents for the skunks to come into your Boca Raton compound in future.

    Whenever you are getting a professional to do the work, you must ensure that they are the best. Some experts are not really skilled and will end up employing means that do not get rid of these pests. In addition, they may end up placing you, your family and your pets in danger of getting sprayed. Each professional knows the best time to remove skunks is before spring. These animals breed during this season and have the pups under their care until fall. The mother skunks are very protective over their pups and are more likely to spray you as well as resist any removal attempts.

    Skunk Removal Services

    Now that you know you need professional skunk removal Boca Raton services, the next step is to find out what the process involves. Your professional should be able to answer all these questions and explain in depth the methods that they will use to remove the nuisance wildlife. This explanation helps you to gauge whether or not their methods of removal are actually humane. If they are, then you can proceed to use their services.

    Typical skunk removal Boca Raton services involve:

    • Inspection

    The first thing that every nuisance wildlife expert should do is to inspect your home. regardless of the animal in question, the expert needs to know where the animals are nesting, how they access the area and the extent of the damage the pests may have caused. The same applies for skunks digging and living under your porch. After establishing that there are skunks, you need to know their primary point of entry. This will help to inform your decision on where to put the trap.

    • Sealing

    The next step is to seal all other points of entry to restrict the skunks’ movement. At this point, you need to leave the primary point of entry and exit open. This way, the animals have only one space to leave or enter through.

    • Baiting and Setting the Trap

    You will now need to bait and set your trap. Bread with peanut butter and oily meats are the best bait. You can also use fruits. The bait must be set in a way that encourages the skunk to pursue it and still forces the skunk to step on the trap trigger.

    As for the trap, it needs to be on a flat surface for stability. It should also be a few feet from the area of high traffic. The best traps to use are live cage traps because they are the most humane. They preserve the skunk and do not lead to any injuries. One point to note is that, according to Boca Raton Florida laws, you need to check on the traps periodically to see if any skunks have been trapped. If animals are left in cages for a long time, they get agitated and they might harm themselves trying to get out. Additionally, the skunks’ health could be affected if there isn’t enough food or water.

    • Installing Deterrents

    The nest step for the professional skunk removal Boca Raton expert is to install deterrents. These will keep skunks out in future. First, you need to be sure that every animal is captured before you place the barrier. To do this, place some leaves around the area and leave them out for a day. If they are undisturbed after a day or two, then you do not have any skunks in your porch. You can proceed to install a steel wire mesh around the area. for effectiveness, ensure that the steel wire mesh is dug into the ground. Skunks are digging nuisance wildlife and will still gain access if you do not dig the barriers into the ground.

    Skunk Removal Odor

    Now that you have successfully trapped your skunk, you will need to  release it after relocation. To avoid getting sprayed as you plan to move the trap, you will need a cloth. Hold it in front of you all the way to the toes and calmly walk towards the trap. Once you are near it, throw the towel onto the cage. Skunks will not spray if they cannot see the target. However, in the case that you still get sprayed during skunk removal Boca Raton, the solution is to rub a solution mixed with one quart vinegar and a quarter cup of baking soda. You can also add 3% hydrogen peroxide into the mixture. This can be used for furniture as well as on spray victims.

    Skunk Removal Cost

    The good thing about skunk removal Boca Raton from your porch, unlike other nuisance wildlife removal, is that it is relatively cheap. This, however, may not cater for damage repairs. You should also keep in mind that the cost could go up higher if you have a larger home or more than  one skunk in your Boca Raton yard.

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