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Unless you’re Batman, there’s no reason for you to be living with bats.

However, bats invade homes and attics all the time. Generally, they do so with the intent of building a nursing colony, which would be bad news for you.

Direct fear of bats is quite unnecessary, however, as bats very rarely attack humans. And while they can carry rabies, less than six percent of them actually do.

In fact, most bites are caused by our own lack of judgment when picking up sick or injured bats. It’s just their natural self-defense.

However, bats living in our home do pose a threat to our health and happiness.

Keep reading to learn about bat exclusion and how bats in your home can become problematic.

1. Bat Waste

Fortunately for home and business owners, bats aren’t purposefully destructive. Unlike rodents, termites, and other building pests, bats don’t chew on the walls, wires, insulation, or framework.

Most people think they chew their way in like mice and rats. However, bats are opportunists and only enter through openings that already exist.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean bats don’t eventually cause structural damage. 

Bats are generally not found for a while by whatever humans inhabit the building. Over time, bat urine and guano can build up and begin to soak through the ceiling, insulation, and drywall.

If you have guana built up to the point that it’s beginning to come through the ceiling, odds are you have more than one bat and they’ve been there for a while.

2. Disease

As we spoke of before, bats don’t generally attack humans unless provoked, trapped, or handled.

However, bats have been known to carry rabies. One or two people a year are bitten by a rabies-infected bat, the odds are incredibly low. With your family or business at risk, you can’t afford to take any chances.

Additonally, the build up of bat guano can result in the growth of Histoplasmosis – a fungus that presents a health threat to humans. The spores attack our lungs and can be incredibly problematic.

3. Bat Mites

Bats can also bring with them some other uninvited guests. Bat mites are similar to bed bugs and are often mistaken as such.

Even after an exterminator has cleared the home, because of the bats, the bugs come back. This can be incredibly frustrating and cyclical until the root of the problem is solved.

It’s like trying to rid your household of lice. It would almost be easier to move or just start a new family.

Bat Exclusion

Because bats are generally not harmful to humans, there are very few bat exterminators. In fact, bat exclusion is very heavily endorsed in the pest removal world.

Bat exclusion involves creating one-way exits allowing bats to exit but not re-enter. Additionally, all possible entries are sealed to prevent resourceful bats from finding new ways in.

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