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Leaving the attic unattended for too long may be a costly thing to do. It attracts animals and as well, a possible build-up of mold can destroy your ceiling. This is why attic cleaning is an important service to consider for the health of your home. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are the best company to consider for this job. With many years of experience from animal removal to attic cleaning, we are your best bet.

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    The attic. It is that space just beneath your roof. It is part of the culture and most preferred for telling scary stories by most. It is depending on the space available used for storage while some create rooms in it. Most people don’t have very big attics and still, most people leave their attics unused. Then there comes the problem of pests in your house later. Many animals find the attic an excellent place to hide in peoples’ houses. These are such as raccoons, bats, and rats. Some scary insects such as spiders also take residence in the attic.

    Why Should I Clean My Attic?

    There are many benefits attached to cleaning your attic. Attic cleaning is advised mostly because of pest control. It is important because it aids in rodent removal and prevention. A clean attic doesn’t attract rats and other foul pests. Some of the things that attic cleaning removes include debris from damage, bat and rat droppings which are essentially harmful. Bat guano is known to contain the micro-organism causing histoplasmosis. Rodent waste matter can also transmit some diseases. Also to note is that contraction may not be dependent on touch but these diseases could also be airborne.

    This is a severe lung condition. Dead animal carcasses are also cleaned up from attic cleaning. This includes rat, bat and even carcasses brought in by animals such as raccoons. Animal wastes also leave a rather unpleasant smell in your house. For a clean and hospitable house, do a clean-up. This waste can also create serious damage to walls and timber. Animal excrement can also cause mold growth. The residue of animal pheromones may also attract other forms of wildlife to your house which really won’t be helping your case.

    How Much Does Attic Cleaning Cost?

    This is a good question for those who understand the importance of a professional doing this job for them. Basically, this is not a very costly affair but it depends on the prevailing circumstances facing your attic. If you already have a pest infestation problem, that is charged separately as a wildlife control service. Additionally, if you have already had the animals removed from your attic, the cost of cleaning your attic will depend on the damage that has been caused by whichever animal was in your attic. Attic cleaning includes restoration, and if the damage done on your attic was massive, then this is likely going to be a more expensive affair.

    However, in the long run, it will not be as costly as having to deal with a hoard of diseases that could threaten your health. If you need a restoration and a cleaning service, the light side is that some insurance firms cover these claims. For some animals such as raccoons and bats at least. In case they do not for other animal infestations, you can always take solace that a proper attic cleaning will be good for the posterity of your home.

    Which Animals Destroy My Attic?

    When animals come into your attic, you can be guaranteed that they will leave the place unlike they found it. Most animals have no need to clean their nests or habitats and will thus have the accumulation of their own waste. This means that their won waste will attract bacteria and other forms of organisms that will certainly eat way the wood in your attic. Along comes diseases as some of these bacteria are diseases causing. Which animals are most well-know r damaging your home like this, you might ask. Rats.

    These are particularly dangerous because they reproduce very fast and cause disease just as quickly. Bats. These ones are also naught silent ones. Their waste, called guano has a very foul smell. It has also got Histoplasmosis causing bacteria. Histoplasmosis is not a very kind disease. Raccoons. They are rather large creatures that just love it in the attic. They are dangerous because they are very strong and will, therefore, tear through your insulation, break wood and make large holes through your attic. This is why we offer the removal of these animals from your attic as a specialty service.

    Why Should I Hire A Professional?

    There are simple reasons for this. Some people may actually get the work done depending on the kind of attic they have and if they make regular use of it. For those others who really don’t, then the first reasons are, because of health. The possibility f getting yourself sick from trying to do an attic cleaning on your own is very high. You may never know what kind of disease you contract. From lung infections to salmonella diseases. When you have had a rat infestation in your attic you may also be allergic some of the compounds they leave in your attic. Most people are also allergic to dust which is common in most attics.

    Don’t ruin your week by trying to do such a job. Cluster phobia is also another reason you should avoid the attic. Most people don’t like fitting themselves into small spaces. Attic cleaning can, therefore, be a really bothersome job for them. To avoid this, call a professional. Additionally, when you have an animal infestation, professional services will both aid you in animal removal and as well do a good attic cleaning and restoration.

    Attic Restoration

    I have mentioned this above. Well, attic restoration is a different service e offer other than attic cleaning. Here, this service is for those attics that really need a renovation. This means that it is not a simple cleaning job. This service cost is determined by the level of damage that has been caused by the preceding animal infestation that you have had. Attic restoration involves a full inspection by our qualified personnel. Once an inspection is made, a quotation can then be given to you.

    If the damage, done, was a lot, then naturally you will pay more than you would for a simple cleaning service. Other factors that drive the restoration process include the amount of labor that is poured in, the cost of material s that our team will need to do the job. Attic restoration is important mostly for heat loss. You may be turning your thermostat really high and still be feeling cold during your winters. This is usually because your insulation is faulty. This can expose you to other diseases such as pneumonia and as well lead to further deterioration of your attic due to holes that allow water to trickle in.

    DIY Attic Cleaning

    Some people may actually prefer to do attic cleaning for themselves. Here we shall leave some very important pointers for those who would prefer to clean it up for themselves. The first thing to do is to adequately prepare for this exercise. Ensure that you have got a mask that filters the small disease-causing particulates in your attic. Wear gloves to keep you from getting pierced by loose nails and wood chippings. The attic is often a dark place so be sure to carry a sufficient light source. When you’re in the attic, step on the floor joints to avoid falling through. Start by removing all the things that you store up in your attic.

    This frees up your cleaning space. Dust away all surfaces from windows to wood blocks. If your duster gets dirty, you could wash it too. The best thing to do with regard to dust is to vacuum clean. A vacuum is better as it will suck up most of the dust in your attic. Check your insulation for damage. If your insulation is damaged, then you might need someone to come and fix it for you. One of the most important things to watch out in your attic is the prevalence of mold. It can come in many colors.

    From white brown to black. Mold also often occurs in round patches. The reason to watch out for mold is, that it is extremely toxic. If your attic smells dump with discolored wood and even metal, there is little reason to risk getting intoxicated by, old. Call us to do the fixing for you. If mold is involved, a lot more work is needed to be done. To prevent the growth of mold, ensure you find all possible places where it leaks in and seals them. Once done cleaning your attic, you may return your belongings and everything you store up there.

    Professional Attic Cleaning Services

    Most people will find themselves deliberating on the need to call someone to do cleaning services.  Professional services mean a company or group that has specialized in such jobs to their clientele. There are many advantages that come with hiring someone else to do the job for you. A first is the health risk. Many attics remained unwashed or unmaintained for years. Naturally, this is a precursor for many diseases. Most people are also allergic to dust and other toxic substances that may be I your attic. It is then good to give this job to someone who is insured to do this. In case there has been an animal infestation, this is more reason to give this job to us.

    Animal s living in your attic as earlier discussed can cause great damage. This will leave your insulation ruined which causes heat loss. Rats chewing electric wires will also make going to the attic very dangerous because of the risk of electrocution. Animal waste and disposal also require special expertise in managing as they contain many disease-causing micro bacteria. Professional services also leave you with many tips that will help keep your attic clean for many years that come.

    Attic Cleaning Services Near Me

    As mentioned above some of us may try to be adventurous enough to venture into our attics for cleaning purposes. There are many dangers that come along with doing it yourself attic cleaning. If you don’t step on floor joints, you could fall through and hurt yourself very badly also depending on the landing. The attic can be especially hazardous if we include the possibility of open wires in the attic. This is a danger that is hard to mitigate unless you have a circuit breaker. People who have heart conditions may die if electrocuted.

    Most people are as well never equipped enough to do an attic cleaning. This means you should stuff yourself up with masks an gloves and anti-histamine which alleviates the effect of allergies. Attics are commonly the host of spiders that live I homes. You could get bit by a venomous spider and that could put you in great peril. The attic is not usually a place with a clear exit.

    This means that getting someone out of the attic for emergency treatment can be quite a hustle. Most people aren’t experienced enough either to handle a proper attic cleaning procedure. This work needs a consistent focus and attention to detail. You need to watch yourself and at the same time ensure you do a proper job. Most people cannot do this and should simply keep off.

    There are any hazards that could come from doing an attic cleaning job. It is important that you have your information right before embarking on such a rather complicated job. To avoid these dangers and to keep your attic a clean and useful place, call an expert. This is why Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is here for you. With many years of experience in service from wildlife control to attic cleaning and restoration, we are here to do it for you so you can focus on better things.


    If I leave the bats alone will they just go away?

    Not before they do significant damage. Once bats live in your attic they will usually stay. Bats leave guano, bat feces, and urine in the insulation and soffit areas. This guano is very dangerous and can cause serious health problems. If the bats ever leave other bats are attracted to that smell and will make your attic their new home.

    A bat had babies in my attic. Will the baby bats leave when they get big enough?

    When the baby bats, called pups, are born they are not yet capable to fly. Once the pups are big enough to fly they will be able to leave the attic. Most species of bats in Florida will stay with its colony and therefore stay in your attic.

    Why is attic restoration important if they are in my attic?

    Bats will do significant damage in your attic and can be very expensive if they are not removed. The bat feces, or bat guano, will ruin the insulation in the attic and the drywall underneath it. Bats are also very dangerous to have living in the attic. The bat guano can grow a fungus that releases spores into the air causing histoplasmosis in humans. Histoplasmosis can cause serious respiratory diseases and can even lead to chronic lung disease. The number one cause of the rabies virus being transmitted to humans is from bat bite. Bat removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic and protect the safety of your family.

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