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Frog Control and Removal can be a tricky and time consuming process. Florida has the highest concentration of amphibians in the United States. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers Are Experts in Frog Removal.

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Frog Control

We’re Just One Phone Call Away!

There are many frog species throughout Florida including:

Bullfrogs-Largest native frog in North America reaching a length of 8 inches. Dark olive-green with dark stripes on the hind legs.

Cuban tree frogs– gray-green in color but have the ability to change to a white or dark brown color depending on their surroundings.

Green tree frog– dark or olive in color with a white stripe that extends down both sides of the body

Squirrel tree frog– Florida’s most common Frog. Varies in color from a greenish brown to a bright green.

Barking tree frog– Florida’s largest native frog varies from a bright green to a dark greenish brown color and sometimes marked with dark spots.

Little grass frog– Smallest frog in North America averaging only about a half an inch long.

Pig frog– Similar to the Bullfrog and are often olive to blackish brown in color.

Leopard frog– Can be heard year round throughout Florida. Light brown to dark green in color with several rows of dark spots along their body. They have long pointed heads and gold iris in their eyes.

Gopher frog– 4 inches or smaller in body length with a large head and eyes. Spotted back with dark round spots and yellow or dark ridges.

We specialize in Frog Removal, Frog Trapping, and complete Frog Control solutions.


There are some areas where it is illegal to handle or kill Frogs so it is always recommended that you consult with your local Fish and Wildlife authorities or your local professional wildlife removal company, such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Some species it is even illegal to release them after you have caught them.

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