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Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Control is a very common service that is provided throughout Central Florida including Tampa, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas. Squirrels are used to being around humans and a majority or their food sources are from scraps of food that can be found on your property. We specialize in Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Trapping, and complete Squirrel Control solutions.

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    Damage that Squirrels do

    to your home or building


    While a squirrel looks more innocent than other rodents, it can still be as troublesome as rats or mice. Thanks to their great climbing ability and sharp teeth, a squirrel can do more than its fair share of damage, as you’ll find out below.

    Dug Up Garden

    A squirrel problem will almost certainly start from the outside, and your garden will usually be these pests’ first victim. Fruits and vegetables might start disappearing and turning into squirrel food. You’ll start seeing some flowers being munched up or dug out. The garden you worked so hard to create will also slowly resemble a minefield, as squirrels dig up holes here and there to stash some food for the winter.

    Ripped Walls

    Once established in your garden, squirrels will start making their way inside your home. While they’re small and can fit through a one-inch hole, they’re known to create their own openings by chewing and gnawing at your walls. That means that your beautiful house will be reduced to Swiss cheese.

    Chewed Furniture

    While that may seem pretty bad on its own, a squirrel’s real work doesn’t begin until they get inside your home. Squirrels are infamous for their love of wood. Any wooden furniture they come across is likely to be used as a tooth sharpener, and slowly ground up into sawdust.

    Gnawed Wires

    Your furniture isn’t the only thing they like to chew on, however, as one of their favorite chew toys is the wiring in your home. The rubber insulation that surrounds most wires serves to sharpen and strengthen their teeth. Unfortunately, this can cause plenty of its own problems as various electronic devices in your home might give out and fail. The health and safety of your family could also be threatened, as the chewed rubber would leave the wire exposed and could result in electrocution. If that doesn’t happen, it could still overheat because of the lack of rubber insulation and start a fire.

    Broken Pipes

    Yet the squirrels chewing habit doesn’t end there. Not even your PVC pipes are safe, as squirrels start gnawing at them. This causes your pipes to crack or burst. If left unchecked, you’ll soon find a chewed pipe doing plenty of damage as it starts flooding your home.

    Missing Items and Dangerous Nests

    Even if they don’t damage your wiring or pipes, they’re known to start stealing some of your things to help build their nests. They’re particularly fond of soft material. Anything from blankets and towels to mattresses could be ripped and used to construct their little homes. Your favorite book might also be torn up as they use the cover or pages as nest insulation.

    That’s not all, as a squirrel will usually build its nest in your chimney or in your home’s vents. Try to enjoy your fireplace or turn on the heat, and those soft and cozy materials in the nest will start to burn, bringing your whole home down with them.

    Some Friendly Advice

    Squirrels may appear innocent enough, but they’re just as devious as rats. They’ll rip up your garden, chew through your walls, treat your wooden furniture like chew toys, cause plenty of damage by chewing on wires and pipes, and steal your stuff to build nests that could burn everything you own.

    That’s why you should always get rid of a squirrel the moment it’s spotted before it gets the chance to wreak havoc. If you live in Florida, be sure to call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help fix any and all squirrel related issues before it’s too late.

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