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Coyote Removal, Fox Removal and Coyote Control is handled throughout Central Florida including Tampa, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas by Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Since urban areas continue to grow, this leads to forests that wild animals live in being reduced and they end up on or in your homes property.

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    Coyote Control

    We’re Just One Phone Call Away!

    Coyotes are carnivores, which means they eat meat and have been known to kill sheep, chickens, and other livestock. Many customers that have seen Coyotes on their property express a concern for their household pets and small children. Coyotes commonly stay away from humans but there is always concern with any wild animal, especially Coyotes, that makes their way onto your property.

    In many situations, when the Coyotes food source is removed (bringing pets and their food inside) then the Coyote will move on. However, in some cases, the Coyote will stay in hopes that their food will return and can be difficult to remove.

    We specialize in Coyote Removal, Coyote Trapping, and complete Coyote Control solutions.


    The most common way to remove a Coyote from your property is through trapping. Trapping a Coyote can be a complicated task and should be handled by a professional wildlife removal company, such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Our Wildlife Experts have special bait that entices the Coyote to enter the trap. Once the animal is caught, it is handled humanely.

    How to Keep Coyotes Away

    Coyotes are just a normal part of life in the United States, which is not to say they’re a pleasant part of it. Coyotes can pose a serious danger to your pets, as well as small children, which is why it’s wise to take precautions against them. Now, coyotes are wild creatures, usually attracted to human properties by food sources, be they living or not. So if you’ve noticed signs of a coyote problem in your area, we suggest taking action right now.

    This is what this article by Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is about! In our years dealing with coyotes, as well as so many other wild predators, we’ve seen a lot. So that now, we can give you a fair idea of what’s efficient and what isn’t.

    Obviously, the tips and methods below will give you an idea of what else you can try, aside from calling a qualified wildlife removal professional team like ours. Naturally, a wildlife removal professional will be able to handle your coyote problem swiftly, but here are some other things to try, if calling a pro isn’t an option.

    • Invest in animal-proof trash containers.

    Honestly, this is just a smart play from whichever angle you look at it, since opened (or easy to topple) trash cans are among the chief attraction points for wild animals. Raccoons, squirrels, rats, and indeed, coyotes, will be attracted to the smell of garbage since they are definitely not picky and apt to eat anything.

    This is why we recommend that you invest in sealable, animal-proof containers to store your trash in. These will not be easy to open or topple over, and when the wild animal sees that it won’t get to your trash, it’s quite likely that it will leave you alone.

    If purchasing animal-proof containers isn’t an option, we urge you to take your trash indoors at night, since that’s when coyotes (and most other types of wildlife) are most active. It’s much harder and dangerous to get to food that’s inside a home so that immediately decreases the risk of a coyote attack.

    • Put up a fence.

    This is another great prevention method that will serve you in deterring other wild animals from approaching, as well, not just coyotes. Honestly, every property owner should seriously consider putting up a fence for its added layer of protection, and peace of mind.

    Now, bear in mind that coyotes are skilled jumpers and climbers, so an average fence isn’t likely to scare them off too well. Luckily, you can purchase specially designed coyote rollers to apply to the exterior of the fence. This will prevent the coyote’s hindlegs from catching on, and make it impossible to climb.

    • Try a motion-activated deterrent.

    … such as a sprinkler, which will spray them with water, if it detects movement. The truth is, coyotes aren’t comfortable with humans and they shouldn’t be. Spraying them with water will startle them, usually enough to keep them away from your property for good.

    Alternatively, you can opt for a deterrent that causes noise, not water, as coyotes are also quite scared of loud noises.

    • Get a guard dog.

    While it’s not generally recommended to pit dogs against coyotes (for fear of an altercation), some traditional guard dog breeds like Mastiffs, Great Pyrenese, Komondors, or Shepherds can protect your property against predators. Because of their large size and watchful disposition, they are ideal for warding off unwanted wildlife, since the wild animal will usually realize that your dog isn’t messing about. Likewise, it won’t get confused for easy prey, thus successfully keeping your yard coyote-free.



    How to Remove Coyotes From Under Sheds

    When dealing with an animal as big as a coyote and potentially dangerous with sharp fangs and killer instinct, you have to be extremely careful. A coyote in your home can be potentially dangerous to pets and kids, and it’s important to quickly get them out as soon as possible. Since coyotes are carnivorous animals, they have renowned fighting and killing skills. They kill and eat other animals to survive. Coyotes are known to kill and eat rodents including rabbits, groundhogs, moles, chickens, birds, frogs, lizards, etc. They can also kill sheep and other livestock.

    If you have observed that a coyote has made its den under the deck or sheds, the best course of action is to contact a wildlife removal service company for an exclusion service. Coyote removal is usually done by trapping and relocation, which is best left for professionals to handle.

    Keeping Coyotes Away From Your Property

    Coyotes are nocturnal animals and move around only under the cover of darkness. Like any other animals, coyotes are attracted to places where there is an abundance of food. So the first step towards ensuring that these animals don’t stay on your property is to ensure that they have nothing to feed on. Since coyotes have a taste for rodents, make sure that you have nothing in your yard to attract or keep rodents around. Here are 3 tips to keeping coyotes away from your property.

    Control Rodents 

    Controlling the population of rodents will keep a lot of animals away from your property, especially those that feed on rodents like snakes, coyotes, etc. And to do that, you have to make sure that your lawn is always trimmed and tidy. If you have a garden, endeavor to keep it tidy, ensure that there are no rotting fruits and vegetables littered around. Keep pet food in rodent-proof containers and place bird feeders in strategic positions to ensure that they are completely out of reach for squirrels, rats, and mice.

    Get Animal-Proof Garbage Cans

    If animals can easily take your trash and rummage it for food, you will never have an animal-free house. It’s that simple. Many animals are nocturnal, and while we go to sleep at night, they come out with their hungry eyes and empty bellies to hunt. If your garbage can is out there for them to rummage, then they will never stop coming. Trash cans with secure lid and lock systems are excellent for preventing animals from gaining access to your trash. Find a good animal-proof garbage can and watch how animals will leave your property alone. If they can’t find it on your property, they won’t return it. Alternatively, you can opt to take your trash indoors every night.

    Do Coyotes Attack Humans?

    Despite being renowned hunters, coyotes do not attack humans. They are timid animals and will only go after the small prey that makes up their menu. Coyotes prefer to stay away from humans, even when they are camping on your property. You would hardly encounter these animals because they only come out to hunt at night. Despite their avoidance of humans. It’s also best not to have them on your property or anywhere around your home, especially if you have small pets such as a lapdog or a small cat.

    Get Professional Help!

    The truth remains that the safest and easiest way to deal with nuisance wildlife is by inviting seasoned professionals like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to handle the problem. We really can’t say this enough! Hiring a professional to get rid of a coyote or a group of coyotes under your shed is always the best course of action. DIY animal removal methods are very risky, besides being exposed to dangerous and erratic animals, if anything goes wrong, you or your family can sustain a serious injury or contract a deadly disease.

    Trapping a Coyote can be a complicated task and should be handled by a professional wildlife removal company, such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. Our Wildlife Experts have special bait that entices the Coyote to enter the trap. Once the animal is caught, it is handled humanely.


    How To Keep Coyotes Away From Your Yard?

    Coyotes can be dangerous animals, and they pose a risk to your pets and children. If you ever spot any of these wild creatures near your home, you should quickly take precautions to keep them away.

    Here are some approaches you could use to protect yourself and your family from coyotes.

    Use Repellents

    One simple approach to keep coyotes away is to use repellents. These are items that disturb the animal’s senses and make them avoid your home.

    These can be olfactory (smell) repellents like wolf urine, ammonia, moth balls, and vinegar. These create strong smells that either irritate the animal, or convince them that a more dangerous animal is nearby. Repellents like these are sometimes enough to convince coyotes to stay away.

    You could also have visual repellents like motion-detecting light systems and sprinklers. These turn on when coyotes get close, so the sudden movement can scare them and get them to leave.

    These options may seem like a great idea, but repellents are not effective in the long-term. Eventually, some coyotes will get used to these repellents and will make their way to your home anyway.

    Remove Food

    Food is the reason that coyotes are so interested in entering your yard. By removing the food, you give them one less reason to enter.

    You can start by securing your garbage cans. Make sure the lid is always fastened, to block the scent from getting out and attracting wild animals. If possible, store your garbage indoors to further reduce the scent that escapes.

    You should also bring all pet food indoors. Not only does the food attract coyotes, but it also puts your pets in danger. Coyotes are wild predators, and your small pets would be their prey. By keeping your pet and their food indoors, you can both protect them and prevent coyotes.

    Avoid feeding wild animals. This includes birdfeeders. Not only does the food attract coyotes, but the presence of other wild animals can draw their attention.

    By following these steps and removing food from your home, coyotes will be less interested in entering your yard.

    Remove Hiding Spots

    Coyotes may be predators, but they like to remain hidden for as long as possible. It gives them a way to stalk their prey while staying safe. If you can find and remove these hiding spots, coyotes will keep their distance.

    You can start by trimming nearby shrubs and plants. Excessive foliage offers a great hiding spot to wild animals like coyotes. By regularly trimming nearby plants, you can make it harder for these wild animals to enter your home unseen.

    Mow tall grass. Just like shrubs, tall grass offers a great hiding spot. That’s why you should regularly mow your lawn to keep wild animals at bay.

    Install A Fence

    The best way to keep coyotes out of your lawn is to install a fence. These animals are incredibly mobile, so you need to be careful with the type of fence you install.

    Make sure the fence is at least 7-foot tall. Coyotes are excellent jumpers and climbers. You need the fence to be this tall to prevent them from easily passing over it.

    Coyotes are also incredibly good diggers, so your fence should extend 1-foot underground. This creates a barrier that these animals can’t dig under.

    The type of fence also matters. Ensure the fence is smooth, so the animals have nothing to grasp and climb with. Something like a chain-link fence, for example, is a bad option because coyotes could easily scale it.

    Finally add attachments to the top to make it even harder to climb. These attachments might be angled outwards, they could be barbed wire, or they could be a roller. This is entirely optional, but can be incredibly effective.

    Call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers

    Coyotes are dangerous animals, so you should call a professional to handle the problem. We here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offer our services to all residents of Southern Florida, so be sure to contact us if you live in the area. Just call (877) 741-7703 and schedule our services today!


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