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Geese / Duck Removal

Ducks and Egyptian Geese are protected by federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and should only be handled by Wildlife Removal Companies, such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers that understand the federal laws that protect certain birds. These birds are native to Africa and started making their way over to North America in the 1970’s. Egyptian Geese and Ducks are the most common exotic animal that can be found in Florida.


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    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are certified wildlife specialists trained in the art of geese removal. You need a geese removal expert to safely, and effectively remove the geese from your home and decontaminate and sanitize the area to prevent further infestations. We close up all entry and exits that the geese took to enter your home, this is called exclusion repair. Give us a call for a free inspection and free estimate. You are just one phone call away from getting rid of your geese problem today. We also handle all types of ducks, birds, egyptian ducks, and much more.

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    Duck Extermination

    How To Keep Geese Away From Your Yard

    Regardless of how much you adore birds, if they’re trashing your grass and leaving a mess of droppings all over the place, you surely would want them out. Birds can be a problem and one of the most prevalent offenders, geese, can be tough to dissuade because they tend to linger in one spot for extended periods of time. Geese will leave messy droppings all over the yard, waddle around with their long beaks and honk incessantly in search of food. Dealing with unwanted animals is always a challenge, and geese are no different. To get geese off your yard, here are four effective tips from experts at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

    Don’t Feed the Geese

    Geese, like other wild creatures, continue to hunt for food wherever they can. If you have a bird feeder in your yard, geese will begin to gather on your lawn in order to grab a bite. One of the things that attracts geese to your yard is food. Aside from geese, it can attract any other bird or animal. Remove any bird feeders from your yard and refrain from feeding the birds directly. They’ll be on their way to another location where they can find something to eat.

    Get a mean-looking dog

    If you find that geese are always coming around your yard, it could be because they are too comfortable. You can change this by introducing a dog to scare them away from your yard. The presence of a large dog will almost certainly drive the geese away. It is not necessary for a dog to be vicious, but it must be big enough to appear intimidating. If you unknowingly make your yard too comfortable for these birds, they will never leave. So you have to be intentional about driving them away.

    Don’t mow the lawn for a while

    Another thing that can bring geese is the yard. The geese would gladly come over if the lawn was well-kept and provided them with an excellent view from all directions. Because geese prefer open green places, it’s critical to make your grass unappealing to them. They prefer not to stay in a yard or field with thick shrubs or tall grasses. The geese would assume there are predators lurking behind tall plants, especially grasses. As a result, they may not waste much time in your yard or even enter it.

    Scare them with water

    Remember that these birds will only stick around your yard if you do not deliberately make them uncomfortable. You can use a garden hose to release harsh streams of water to drive them away. This will make them leave because they will quickly discover that your yard is not the perfect place to be. Geese are naturally drawn to ponds and tiny bodies of water, and if you have one in your yard, you’ll probably see a flock of them there all day. However, if they enter your yard, make sure you always drive them away, they will get the message.

    How To Remove Egyptian Geese Humanely?

    Egyptian geese might be very beautiful birds, but they are not fun to have on your property. Like other fowl, Egyptian geese leave their droppings on everything, which causes a variety of problems. They can also be loud and cause disruption in the environment. Egyptian geese are protected by federal law, so they must be dealt with in a way that does not violate the law. Continue reading to learn how to remove Egyptian geese humanely.


      Some FAQ's

      Egyptian geese are very common in behavior to the Canadian goose and they behave in a similar way, as far as being nuisance animals goes. Much like other nuisance species, geese prefer to find an area that provides them with food and safety. Geese eat many different things, such as flowers, roots of plants, and various aquatic plants. If an area has water and plants, geese will likely congregate there. Another requirement is safety. Since geese can fly, this is less of an issue, but they still like to be in areas where they can see for a long ways in all directions around them.

      Egyptian geese can be harmful to a property in a couple of ways. One of the main ways in which these geese can cause problems is through their droppings. Geese, like other bird species, carry many diseases that are potentially deadly in their droppings. These can be spread to humans and their pets, often unbeknownst to them. If a human gets a viral or bacterial infection from the droppings, it could leave them very ill, potentially leading to death in some cases. In addition to the illness, these droppings also cause damage to property. If geese begin leaving their droppings on metal structures, it can cause corrosion and weaken the metal to the point that it breaks. One issue with Egyptian geese that is not related to their droppings is that they are also very loud at times, which can disturb many people’s peace and quiet.

      Preventing Egyptian geese from coming onto your property can be tricky business. The best way to keep Egyptian geese away is to set up visual deterrents, as Egyptian geese are a protected species, so direct techniques could potentially violate the law. One of the common ways to scare waterfowl away from an area is to set up different decoys of animals that could harm them around the area. For example, many people find that an alligator decoy works well. Others believe that using a dead goose decoy could also be a solution used to scare away Egyptian geese.

      If you’re dealing with a full-blown frog infestation, the best thing you can do is reach out to a qualified wildlife removal professional. They will bring the necessary expertise to the table and guarantee success in removing the nuisance frogs. What’s more, an expert is able to advise you on future prevention methods.

      If you’re interested in deterring the frog population but haven’t got an active infestation going on at the moment, here are some things you can do:

      • Put up a fence. This is a great step to take if you don’t have one already, since a fence will be effective against more than just frogs. A wooden fence or even a fine mesh fence may do the job.
      • Add fake predators. While the real predators may be just as undesirable, adding a few fake rodents, birds, or even snakes may scare the frogs away.
      • Turn off the light. Remember frogs are attracted to a host of insects, including flies and mosquitoes who, in turn, are attracted to your outdoor lights. Turning off the light won’t attract insects, which in turn won’t attract frogs.

      The removal of Egyptian geese should only be performed by a licensed and professional wildlife removal company. This is due to the fact that the Egyptian goose is protected by federal law. Anytime federal law is involved with certain nuisance wildlife, you are better off contacting a wildlife removal company, as the laws can be tricky if you are not licensed. Attempting a DIY goose removal is tricky, so even if it was not against the law, it still might not work very well.

      A wildlife removal expert will be able to physically remove the geese from your property so that they can be released elsewhere, as the federal law will allow. Once a pest control expert has removed the geese, they will be able to help you with ways to prevent any future goose infestations from occurring. If there are services that can be performed by the professional, you could ask about having them do it for you. This is a great way to ensure that your prevention methods will work, since these companies have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of Egyptian goose problems.

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