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There are a number of reasons that could make you want to have your insulation removed. It could be damaged by water, which is common for wool insulations in attics. If not replaced it could cause damage from mold. Contamination from animals such as raccoons, bats, and rats can also have you remove your insulation material. You may also need to remove your insulation in order to replace it with one that is more fortified and can fulfill many features all at once such as thermal control and waterproof. There are many reasons. Attic insulation can, thus, become very important in a home. For this, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers some of the best insulation removal services.

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    Insulation refers to all manner objects that can be effectively used to for a number of purposes. Mostly thermal purposes. This means it is used to regulate the heat in your house. For those of us who are afraid of winters and love to keep their houses warm, we can appreciate the role of a good insulation in our houses. Insulations can also be a bit costly to remove and to fix.

    Why Should I Do Insulation Removal?

    Your insulation material may not be very efficient and in other words, have a very low R-value. An R-value is a number assigned to insulation material. The higher the number, the more effective the material is as an insulation. You may be having high expenditures in power because there is never enough heating. In the long run, it is more effective to remove your insulation and possibly find a new one. Additionally, your insulation may be damaged so badly it becomes obsolete. There is then little reason to have one around when it is of such little use.

    Having an animal infestation is another good reason to have it removed. Animals such as raccoons and bats will damage your insulation by leaving their waste in it. This can be both dangerous and disgusting. Waste and wet also reduces the effectiveness of your insulation. A broken roof that lets water in on your insulation also reduces the effectiveness of this insulation and this makes it a good idea to have it replaced.

    How Long Does Insulation Last?

    Insulation is something that can last a lifetime. This means you may only need to remove and reinstall after a very long time. Eighty to a hundred years to be specific. However, it is not guaranteed as other factors can come in to destroy your home’s temperature protection. This includes animals’ activities in our walls and attics and environmental such as water leaking in after a major storm that perhaps blew your roof off. Regardless of what caused it, you may perhaps have been experiencing that your energy bills have heightened with regard to heat retention and loss.

    These are the signs to look out for to know you perhaps do need to have your insulation removed. There are some people who buy houses which were old and overestimate the longevity of their insulations. If you buy a seventy-year-old house your insulation’s effectiveness may very well just be depleted at that point. There are also variations based on the material that one chooses to insulate with. Wrap tape and house-wrap can last about eighty years while cellulose, loose fill, foam board and rock wool may very well last a hundred years. Regardless t is important to do a checkup often and decide whether it is about time to do an insulation removal.

    What Factors Affect Insulation Lifespan?

    There are a few factors that affect the durability of your insulation. These days we use very modern insulations that have quite a long lifespan. However, all insulation is subject to corrosion from weather and humidity. Roof leaks are a first factor that totally damages our insulation. Water is one of the worst things that happens to insulations. It causes mold to grow and this may spread to the whole insulation.

    This can turn out rather dangerously since I the insulation is not removed or the roof fixed, it allows the mold to grow all over your insulation. Mold can be toxic when breathed in or if you come into contact with it. Animal encroachment in our living space also affects the longevity of our insulation. Animals are known to invade our attics and hide living in your walls. This is another factor that really affects insulation. Proper and frequent inspections of our houses are essential to increase the lifespan of our insulation.

    Should I Add New Insulation Over Old One?

    This is a good question that most people ask to reduce the cost of having to do a removal. The truth is, it really depends on the state of your old insulation. If it is wet then that is a definite no. This could cause you even more trouble. Wetness causes mold and mildew and eventual rotting of your ceiling and rafters. This is possibly one of the worst things that could happen to you.

    Having to demolish and rebuild your entire ceiling including the new insulation that you buy because that could as well get contaminated with the mold and mildew. If your existing one is dry and safe then you may consider just adding on the new one. It is, of course, important that you have someone who is a professional do it for you. This is because they’ll be able to find dump areas where you can’t really fit the new one into.

    Reasons To Consider Insulation Removal

    Sometimes we may start fires in our houses that can be relatively uncontrollable. Other times fires just spontaneously start and while putting them out in both scenarios, the smoke from the fire is absorbed into the insulation material. The consequence of this is that your house gets a scent of smoke in it. There are other scents that could get absorbed into the insulation material which are unpleasant and will mean the insulation material will need to be removed.

    When animals live in your attic or when there is extensive repair work being done in your roof, your insulation will be trampled upon. This means that what was once a thick and robust insulation material is reduced to a thin sheet that cannot be effectively used for insulation. Water contamination is another insulation destroyer. In case you smell a dampness in your living space, then it is likely your insulation is soaked and needs replacement. In the case that either of these happens then against the cost of high energy bills, a removal becomes very necessary.

    Professional Insulation Removal Services

    We get infestations from animals such as raccoons, bats, squirrels and many rodents that damage the health of our homes. This is why for some of us, insulation removal becomes so necessary. Our insulation is damaged by the urine and other factors that leave it obsolete. To allow your new insulation to stand the test of time, you should hire a professional company to do the removal for you. Nuisance Wildlife uses state of the art equipment that prevents any damage to your home. Our experts also seal any leaking roofs ensuring that you never have to worry about mold or mildew and general rot of your ceiling.

    Our experts will also do a thorough inspection of your house to ensure that no animal entry points exist. If there are any, we will promptly seal all the gaps so no creatures find their way into your attic or any other parts of your home that need insulation. Rodents can be the hardest to take care of due to their size. This is all the more reason to hire experienced hands. Our additional services during removal include securing any electrical wires that have been chewed on and closing any entry points into your house. Having your electrical wires in order is important as it can help prevent fires.

    DIY Insulation Removal

    There are so many DIY experts these days who tell you this and that and this else. The truth is while DIY methods do work, it is advisable to reduce them to some of the things that bear much less risk than an activity such as insulation removal. This can be categorized as a risky activity because of all the mechanical risks and health risks involved. Most often the insulation that needs removal is in the attic. This means climbing up. For people who aren’t fit enough or haven’t had much practice in high places or have a fear of heights, just don’t.

    There is a real risk in falling through your ceiling. Hiring an expert may be cheaper than going to hospital and still paying for the work to get done. The attic may have had rodents chewing away at electrical wires. This could put you at risk of electrocution since these wires are always never well sealed. Most people are never well prepared for work like this. You need gloves and masks and special equipment to suck out the dust and old insulation which you are attempting to remove. It is also very likely that you are allergic to most or some things in your attic. Avoid going there if you are not ready for this.

    Nuisance Animal Control

    Animals are one of the major reasons for insulation damage. Many animals in present times will prefer to settle in our homes mostly for security purposes. The raccoon, the bat, squirrel and all manner of rodents are excellent at destroying our attics and generally our houses. You may wonder what to do considering the high probability that these animals will settle in your home. They do this because human activity has mostly been responsible for destroying their habitats. You will find many animals are now prevalent in cities.

    Rats are commensal animals which means they identify with humans and not the wild. They are unfortunately not social either and will hide in walls or attics in our houses. What this translates to is a lot of breeding and with this, damage to your house, including the insulation in your walls or in the attic. Animals control is a good choice for the health of your attic and insulation. To avoid having to have a complete removal done, employing a professional to do a routine inspection of your home is important.

    Insulation Removal Cost

    Insulation removal is not an everyday affair and for this reason you might find that it is also not a low price affair. There are a few factors that go into insulation removal cost. The presence of harmful materials such as asbestos which is cancer causing is a big one. Some people want their insulation removed for containing this substance so they may use a safer one. This usually costs more. It is important that the technicians you hire also have proper equipment and gear. This drives the cost up.

    The number of hours of labor also matters and as well choosing a company. Low priced companies usually deliver poor quality service. High priced companies on the other hand may not be economical. Considering that this is not an everyday affair, it falls then that you should simply find a reasonable priced company such as Nuisance Wildlife. This ensures that you get a good job done and at the same time have an economical price for the same.

    Insulation removal involves quite a bit of work. Fortunately it is not a weekly or every once in a while affair. This means it is a costly thing. There may also be a hoard of other services that you require along with this service. That said, you should ensure that you choose the right person to do a job like this for you. The consequence is lamenting for possibly the rest of your life for a bad job done. This is why Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are here. We are your best consultant for this job and other animal removal and repair jobs for your home. Call us now and get excellent service.


    If I leave the bats alone will they just go away?

    Not before they do significant damage. Once bats live in your attic they will usually stay. Bats leave guano, bat feces, and urine in the insulation and soffit areas. This guano is very dangerous and can cause serious health problems. If the bats ever leave other bats are attracted to that smell and will make your attic their new home.

    A bat had babies in my attic. Will the baby bats leave when they get big enough?

    When the baby bats, called pups, are born they are not yet capable to fly. Once the pups are big enough to fly they will be able to leave the attic. Most species of bats in Florida will stay with its colony and therefore stay in your attic.

    Why is attic restoration important if they are in my attic?

    Bats will do significant damage in your attic and can be very expensive if they are not removed. The bat feces, or bat guano, will ruin the insulation in the attic and the drywall underneath it. Bats are also very dangerous to have living in the attic. The bat guano can grow a fungus that releases spores into the air causing histoplasmosis in humans. Histoplasmosis can cause serious respiratory diseases and can even lead to chronic lung disease. The number one cause of the rabies virus being transmitted to humans is from bat bite. Bat removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic and protect the safety of your family.

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