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Nothing is worse than lying awake at night, listening to the claws of rodents scrambling around in your walls.

Rodents are persistent creatures who do damage to your home, health, and peace of mind. If you’ve been dealing with them for awhile, you know exactly how awful they can be.

Maybe you’ve even tried DIY solutions to your problem. But they keep coming back.

rodent removalThere’s a reason for that. If you want effective rodent removal, you really need to hire a professional to make sure that the job is done right.

Whether it’s a seasonal issue or a matter of location, having a rodent-free home is very important to your health and wellbeing.

These are just a few reasons why.

Rodents can get you sick.

Rats are more than just a nuisance. They’re a health risk.

Studies have been done to show the risks of rodent infestation in a home. Just a few of the diseases that they can cause include:

  • Haunta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
  • Leptospirosis
  • Salmonellosis

Rodent removal is very important in protecting yourself and your family from these diseases.

But if you try to do it yourself, you risk exposing yourself to the diseases carried by these rodents. In attempting to protect yourself, you might actually be putting yourself at more risk.

That’s why it’s important to hire a professional. They have the equipment necessary to keep themselves safe from disease. They’ll also help clean your home.

If you want your home to be as safe as it can be, you need to hire a professional rodent removal service. That’s the only way to ensure that your home isn’t secretly full of disease.

Hiring a service is better for the environment.

If you try a DIY approach, you’ll probably wind up resorting to pesticides at some point.

Unfortunately, pesticides have both environmental and health risks, even when you’re careful. And there’s a small margin of error, so it’s easy to make a mistake.

If you use too little pesticide, it’s useless in rodent removal. But if you use too much, it can hurt you or the environment.

If you hire a professional, though, they likely won’t have to use a pesticide at all. They have other, more environmentally-and-health friendly ways of getting your rodent problem under control.

And because they are professionals, they will know how to properly use pesticides in the unlikely case that they are needed.

You don’t want to harm the environment or the health of anyone in your home. Calling for a professional service is the best way to make sure that you don’t do either of these things.

You save time.

When you’re trying to deal with rodent removal by yourself, it can quickly take over your life.

You need to take time out of your day to check traps, to lay them out, or to dispose of any bodies. It can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention uncomfortable.

When you hire a professional service, though, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can focus on whatever it is you’d rather be doing — and there are probably a lot of things you’d rather be doing!

In addition to this, a professional service will probably be able to deal with the issue a lot quicker than you would.

Professionals know exactly what to do and can start immediately, while you would have to do research and have some trial and error involved.

Save time by hiring a professional, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Professionals deal with the root of the problem.

Most DIY rodent removal is a little like using duct tape to fix something that’s broken: it works for a bit, but it isn’t a permanent solution.

That’s because, while you’re getting rid of the rodents that you have, you aren’t really addressing the thing that caused them to come into your house in the first place.

This is not the case when you hire a professional. They can look for the root of the problem.

This will make sure that the problem is really solved, and not just temporarily taken care of.

Professionals will find where the rodents are and take precautions to make sure any nests are properly destroyed completely and disposed of safely and cleanly.

Even if you think you’ve gotten them all, there will always be more. You can’t handle an infestation on your own. Hire a professional instead, and solve your rodent problem for good.

Preventative measures stop another infestation from happening.

A professional service goes beyond getting rid of the problem. They also stop the next one before it occurs.

If your house is prone to rodent infestation, it can feel hopeless. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them for good, they come back.

A professional rodent removal service can figure out why this is and will take steps to stop it from happening.

They can help to educate you so that you see the early warning signs, and that you can nip the problem in the bud if it ever arises again.

But because they’re treating the root of the problem (like we said before), they can probably help to make sure that another rodent infestation doesn’t happen at all.

To get the most effective rodent removal service, you need to hire a professional. Only they know how to properly get rid of a rodent problem once and for all.

Need rodent removal?

Now that you understand the importance of rodent removal, you probably are ready to hire your own. But where do you start?

If you’re in our area, we’d love to help you.

We are known as the “rat control experts.” We’re one of the largest privately owned Wildlife & Animal Removal Companies in the state of Florida. We’ve been protecting homes and businesses from rodents all over Florida for four years now.

If you want to see what we can do for you, contact us! We’ll help your building be rat free again in no time.

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