Bat Removal Boca Raton

Bat Removal Boca Raton

If you have bats in your home, store or restaurant, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. These animals live and nest in dozens which means that one bat will lead to twelve more and the number will increase from here on. There are different reasons why you need to consider bat removal Boca Raton. The...

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    If you have bats in your home, store or restaurant, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. These animals live and nest in dozens which means that one bat will lead to twelve more and the number will increase from here on. There are different reasons why you need to consider bat removal Boca Raton. The general reason is that they can cause health problems to your family or pets.

    Bat Removal Boca Raton and Animal Control

    The City of Boca Raton animal control deals with domesticated animals. These are pets including dogs and cats. If you find a stray dog, a dead cat by the roadside or if a dog attacks you, this should be reported to animal control services. This is different from bat removal Boca Raton which is a part of nuisance wildlife removal. Nuisance wildlife removal deals with the exclusion and removal of wild animals from your Boca Raton premises. It is a private service that is provided at a fee and not for free like animal control services.

    Bat Extermination

    Do it yourself projects are on the rise. It is common to find people trying to have DIY bat extermination in their Boca Raton homes. This is a dangerous process that should not be considered. Apart from the danger that you are placing yourself in, you are also handling the bats in an inhumane way. The best thing to do with bats is to let them continue nesting in your home or Boca Raton business premises. However, bats will expose you to:

    • Lung diseases through breathing in of fungal spores growing in their Guano
    • Compromising the structure of your roof if they are in colonies which could lead to the structure caving in
    • Bites from rabid bats which will negatively affect your health
    • Disturbing noises at dusk and dawn as they leave the premises and fly back in before daylight

    This is a dangerous situation that cannot allow you to have bats staying in your Boca Raton premises. However, bat extermination is not the only solution. Firstly, you do not need to kill the bats as you can humanely and peacefully exclude them from your home or office. Secondly, if you do succeed at killing the bats, you will have carcasses in your attic, outside your building and in other areas of your building or compound. Frankly speaking, who wants that?

    Bat Removal Boca Raton Products

    Extermination is an inhumane and messy affair. So, if you are in the market for bat removal products such as poisons and repellants, you need to stop right in your tracks. Firstly, repellants rarely work. In fact, there is no certified, tried and tested repellant for bats. You will have wasted your money on an ineffective product.

    The other option is to use poison. Some bat removal Boca Raton services take the approach of spraying the bats with deadly chemicals. Any expert will tell you that this is wrong. The chemicals are obviously not safe for humans. How then would you want your home, store or restaurant sprayed with these harmful chemicals? Additionally, even if the spray actually works, you will have to deal with dead carcasses. The same bat extermination service providers will charge you an extra fee for cleanup.

    One Way Bat Door

    Bat removal products such as the one-way bat door, on the other hand, will definitely work. If you are looking for products to get rid of the bats, you need exclusion devices. Exclusion involves sealing the entries to your home. This way, the bats will not be able to fly into your home. In every infestation, you need to find the primary entry and exit points. These should not be sealed before all the bats have flown out of your attic. To do this, the bat removal Boca Raton service will install wire meshing, nets and other one-way doors that allow the bats to leave but act as a barrier when they try to come back into the home.

    Exclusion is the most effective way of getting rid of bats in your building. Unlike other pests and nuisance wildlife, it is not possible to capture bats. They nest in colonies which will require you to have a good number of traps if you want to catch them all. They also nest in high places such as the attic. Additionally, killing them is inhumane so you would need to release them back into the wild keeping in mind that they will most probably fly back.

    Bat Removal from Attic

    Bat removal from attic is best done by bat removal Boca Raton experts and not on your own. You might have the theoretical knowledge of how to remove them but that does not automatically translate into skill. Bat removal is a special service that is not even provided by every nuisance wildlife services. To start with, it is a seasonal job. Bats have their maternity season beginning in summer. This means that you should not attempt to remove the bats at all as they can turn hostile. During maternity season, bats will protect each other and their young ones and may attack you as a defensive mechanism. Every bat removal expert must have this information at the tip of their fingers.

    In addition to that, bat removal Boca Raton involves climbing on high ladders, into attics and onto various dark and warm crawl spaces in your home in search of the bats. This can be dangerous as you run the risk of falling from the ladder if you are not experienced. In bat removal, you will also be required to find every single potential entry point and seal it up. This is a lot of work if you are working on a large home or a huge building. Bats can fit in holes as small as half an inch so your work is cut out for you. Most nuisance wildlife experts prefer not to handle bats at all due to all these guidelines, rules and regulations.

    Bat Removal Boca Raton Services

    Bat removal Boca Raton services are readily available. However, there are a few qualities that you should always look out for when you are in search of these services. If you cannot get recommendations from family members, friends and neighbors, then it is time to turn to the internet. Look for some quality reviews of bat removal experts in the Boca Raton area.

    Once you have this covered, you will need to set up a consultation with the nuisance wildlife removal expert. If the professional is able to explain exactly how they plan to remove the bats from your home, then you have someone who knows what they are doing. With this explanation, you can tell whether the bats will be removed in a humane way. If the professional suggests killing the bats, you should run the other way, cross them off of your list and find someone who will remove the bats humanely.

    Bat Removal Services near Me

    Now that you know you should not attempt to remove bats on your own, you are probably asking “Where are bat removal services near me?” We provide professional bat removal Boca Raton services in your area. If you would like these services just give us a call and an expert will be at your home to inspect the situation. Once we know how many bats we are dealing with, how big the home or building is and have established that there are no young ones in the attic, we will provide you with an estimate for our bat removal services. We then exclude the bats until all of them are out of your home. Finally, we clean up all the urine and guano left behind by the bats in a bid to make your home or commercial Boca Raton premises sanitary and habitable.

    Bat Removal Boca Raton Cost

    Bat removal Boca Raton is one of the most expensive wildlife removal services you can get. Once you consider larger houses or more bats that form a colony, the price goes higher. You can spend thousands of dollars on bat removal. However, it will be worth it in the end. The damage repair, cleaning and sanitation and exclusion of bats so that they cannot gain entry into your home will be worth the amount spent.


    Bat removal Boca Raton does not have to be gruesome. The bats should not be harmed as they are being removed. For this to happen, you will need to get professional services comprising of experts who know when the bats are mating, in gestation or after they have just given birth. This will help to create a timeline on when these bats can be removed. Additionally, it will prevent a bat attack and biting which might expose you, your family and pets or the expert to rabies. It may cost you a lot of money but it will be worth it in the end.

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