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Animal Removal

Are Bobcats Dangerous? Understanding the Risk

Are Bobcats Dangerous Understanding the Risk

Bobcats are a type of lynx, a medium-sized wild cat species. Male bobcats typically weigh between 18 to 35 pounds, while female bobcats weigh 30 pounds on average. This makes them slightly larger than an average domestic cat. Bobcats might seem cute and fluffy, but they are wild animals. If a bobcat feels threatened, they might become defensive and attack…

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What do Skunk Tracks Look Like?

What do Skunk Tracks Look Like

Skunks are mammals that can be found in almost every state of the U.S. They are widely known for their ability to spray a liquid that has a strong scent from their glands. Skunks use this technique to repel potential predators in the area. While the spray from a skunk is not dangerous to humans, it does not smell pleasant….

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Muscovy Duck Control in Florida

Muscovy Duck Control in Florida

Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) are dark-plumaged with long necks and red or warty facial skin. That being said, they have a distinctive look that makes them easy to identify. They have strong claws and they spend a lot of time perched in tall trees where they make their nests for their young. Muscovy duck populations can be found in areas…

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Where to Find Dead Animal Removal in Palm Beach

dead animal removal in Palm Beach

When you own a property, it is not uncommon to find that wildlife has gotten into your home. Especially during the winter months, wild animals look for warm shelter that can keep them safe from the elements. However, this does not mean you should allow them to remain in your home. While professional animal removal companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers…

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Animal Control vs Wildlife Removal: Who Should I Call?

animal control vs wildlife removal

Encounters with wildlife in and around your property can be both fascinating and challenging at the same time. While sharing the environment with local fauna is part of the natural beauty of living in South Florida, there may come a time when you need assistance dealing with unwelcome guests in your home or on your property. But how do you…

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Endangered Species Protection: Responsible Wildlife Removal

endangered species wildlife removal

Whether you live on the East Coast, in the South, or in the Western region of the United States, you have a unique ecosystem that requires protection. These ecosystems rely on certain animals to thrive and remain healthy. While you might not want these animals to begin taking residence in your home or yard, there are ways to ensure their…

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Raccoon in a House: What to Do If a Raccoon Is in Your Home

raccoon in a house

News stories tend to focus on the horrors of bedbugs and termites, telling us our homes are filled with bugs. But countless homeowners deal with house pests of the furry variety. And while we can treat ants with special sprays and get our homes fumigated to kill termites, the furry pests can be tricky. Raccoons, for example, can have homeowners…

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Attic Insulation Removal Done Safely

Attic insulation removal is an essential process that can help you improve your home significantly. When looking for a house to become a home, many people tend to ask if the house has an attic. Some may ask to avoid it but a huge majority look for houses that have a good attic. See, while for some this only adds…

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