Boca Raton is one among the several areas in Florida that have been affected by the iguana invasion and infestation problem that is now threatening to become a calamity if nothing is done soon. Just like any other affected town in Florida, iguanas are not native to Boca Raton and were introduced to the area through the pet trade that...

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    Boca Raton is one among the several areas in Florida that have been affected by the iguana invasion and infestation problem that is now threatening to become a calamity if nothing is done soon. Just like any other affected town in Florida, iguanas are not native to Boca Raton and were introduced to the area through the pet trade that existed between the USA and several South American countries. This exotic reptile has however found a home in this state due to its warm tropical climate that supports the growth of unlimited vegetation that serves as food for them and also is favorable to their cold blooded nature. The increase in the number of iguanas has brought about the need to have professional iguana control Boca Raton services to help combat this situation that is now blowing out of proportion.

    The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one such professional iguana control Boca Raton firm that is committed to helping alleviate the residents of Boca Raton from the menace of the iguanas.

    How to Catch an Iguana in the House

    Iguanas in the house are a freaking thought and sight to endure for sure. Although it is rare that iguanas may want to invade your house at times they do. This is normal through the attics which they get into through clinging from trees that are in close proximity to your house. These iguanas will then move through your attic and land in any of the rooms in search of food to feed on. The iguanas need to be dealt with immediately they are seen because leaving them to roam freely in your home could lead to damages as they may burrow through structures and cause damages to your landscaping. The iguanas also may be a cause of terror to your young ones and in that instance, the reptile may also become agitated and want to strike at that person that it deems to be the cause of the disturbance. This, the iguanas will do so by biting, slapping with the tail or scratching.

    In iguana control Boca Raton, it is advised that you deal with the iguanas immediately you see them in the house by capturing them. As a professional iguana control Boca Raton Company, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice on the use of two main methods which are trapping and use of bare hands if you want to catch an iguana in the house. Traps can be laid in those areas that the iguanas have been spotted frequenting and thus they end up being caught without suspecting it. As for the use of bare hands, one only needs to wear a heavy pair of gloves and hold the iguana by its tail and back of the neck and then place it in a box and remove it from the house.

    Iguana trap

    Trapping has been proven to be one of the most effective iguana control Boca Raton methods. Trapping of an iguana can be achieved easily so long as the right type of trap is being put to use. It is important for the person aiming to trap an iguana to study with a keenness which is the most commonly used paths by the iguanas in order to know where the best place to set up the traps is. As a professional iguana control Boca Raton company, we advise that you look out for the paths that lead to iguana burrows and those that lead to their nesting grounds. Iguanas just like any other reptiles will always stick to the use of routes that are familiar to them and this is of advantage to the trapper who will get a good chance to trap the iguanas. Baiting your trap is another sure way of increasing your success chances as you aim to trap iguanas.

    The law in Florida states that once trapped, the trapper has to take full responsibility of the reptile and thus cannot release it back into the environment due to the rapid population growth that has been a characteristic of these iguanas. The iguana under trap will require being fed at least once a day. You will then have to decide on whether to keep the iguana, give it to someone who does or euthanize it. The anti cruelty laws in Florida State that there is only one legally allowed method of euthanizing iguanas in Florida which is through placing them in deep freezers. If you cannot carry out this euthanizing procedure at home. Call us at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers and we will help you in euthanizing the iguana.

    How to Keep Iguanas Away

    The best way to rid yourself of any iguana problem is to ensure that the iguanas have no chance of getting into your garden or home in the first place. The iguanas if they find it hard to access your garden or home will always want to look for another place where they can go and settle with much ease. It is therefore important to employ iguana control Boca Raton methods that make it hard for the iguanas to access your home or garden and if they do they should within a few moments deem the place to be too hostile an environment for them to stay in. At first, it may seem trivial as to which iguana control Boca Raton methods may be appropriate to enable you to achieve this but we as a professional iguana removal company do assure you that with consistency this is achievable. The following methods can be employed;

    1. Habitat modification

    This works best in those instances where the iguanas have already come into your home and you want to force them to leave. Go around looking for iguana burrows and fill them with stones and soil so that the iguanas will have nowhere to return to. Also, ensure that you destroy their nesting grounds totally.

    1. Exclusion methods

    These methods involve the depriving of the iguanas of any possible food sources. Create barriers that will prevent the iguanas accessing your garden and its vegetation.  This can be done by using wire mesh to seal off gardens do that the iguanas do not get a chance to feed on the plants that are in the garden. Another way of achieving this is by clearing away all leftovers be they pet food or human food as these act as additional food sources for the iguanas.

    Iguana Repellent

    When it comes to iguana control Boca Raton methods, there are many iguana removal firms out there that advocate for the use of iguana repellent in iguana removal procedures. The debate about the suitability and effectiveness of iguana repellent continues to be one that attracts a lot of opinions on a daily basis. The majority of the iguana repellents available in the market are made up of garlic, habanera pepper, and lime juice. For those made at home, they have dish soap as an added ingredient. The iguanas are marketed on the basis that iguanas do not like the smell or taste of these ingredients and thus once they sense that they are present in a certain source of food, they will leave the source and look for another source and thus will leave your garden.  Others argue that their repellent contains an ingredient that activates the flight syndrome in iguanas immediately they taste it and thus they choose to leave the area. The truth of this we cannot confirm.

    As a professional iguana removal company, we advise our clients not to use iguana repellents as they are just effective on a temporal basis. The iguanas still try out the vegetation and upon realizing that it’s only the irritating smell they have and are not poisonous, they go ahead to feed on it. After some time the iguanas actually start associating the smell of the repellent with the availability of food and so the more you spray the more they will be attracted to your garden. Another misgiving about iguana repellents is the fact that the iguana repellent gets washed away immediately it rains and thus the home owner has to periodically spray the plants over and over each time it rains.

    Iguana Removal Services Near Me

    If you are a home owner and happen to be faced with an iguana infestation problem, you will need to be quick to handle the situation or else see your garden get turned into a mess within just a short period.  Many home owners do their own iguana control Boca Raton but for some, they don’t have the know-how of what to do if faced with an iguana invasion problem at their home. Such home owners will require the services of professional iguana control Boca Raton companies to enable them to get rid of the iguana problem at their home or garden. The need to have this all important services has led to the cropping up of many iguana removal companies all around Boca Raton. Some of these companies are nothing more than just unscrupulous business people out to make a kill out of the desperate home owners who are in dire need of the iguana removal services. These companies end up doing a shoddy job at the client’s home and they have to now worry about the additional costs of hiring another iguana removal company that can do a better and more satisfactory job. It is important that for any client that seeks iguana removal services they should take the time to scrutinize the profile of the company. It is good to note that not all animal removal companies have the right capacity to handle iguana removal and thus they may not do a good job if not hired.

    The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana removal company that is located here in Florida and is ranked as the best animal removal company with the best capacity to handle any iguana removal need that our clients may need.

    How to Get Rid of Iguanas from Your Garden

    Iguanas make a home in our gardens because of feed and once they invade the garden, getting rid of them can at times be one of the hardest tasks to undertake but it is not entirely impossible if one puts into use the appropriate iguana control Boca Raton methods. Iguanas can best be gotten rid off from our gardens by making them feel uncomfortable in the environment. This can be achieved through various methods that we shall illustrate to you here;


    1. Spray the iguanas with water;

    Having a hose pipe in your garden can prove to be more useful than you could possibly imagine. Iguanas do not like the sound that is produced when water gushes out of a hose pipe and it scares them away. Ensure that you spray them whenever they appear.

    1. Use of compact discs;

    The light that is reflected by compact discs when they are hanging in our garden confuses the iguanas and makes them feel insecure in the environment that they are in and thus get scared and run away. The compact discs can be tied to plants in your garden or even on trees.

    1. Use of pets;

    The barking sound of dogs works well to scare young iguanas away whenever they enter into our gardens and thus having a dog can help to get rid of iguanas in your garden. Care should be taken though since the larger iguanas can cause harm to your pets.

    1. Use of predators

    Birds such as hawks and crows feed on young iguanas and in this helps to put their population in check. Making your garden to be friendly to predators helps to get rid of iguanas. Have some incentives in your garden that can help you attract the predator birds to feed on the young iguanas.



    The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a proficient iguana control Boca Raton Company that has a four-year experience in dispensing trusted iguana removal services to the residents of Florida. Reach us on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109, (877) 741-7703. Our offices are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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