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Rat Removal

Rat removal Fort Myers

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It’s no lie that when many of us see rats in our homes what pops into our mind straight away is killing them. We actually don’t think twice about it. We just want to find something that we can use to hit the rat or poison it and see it die instantly. However, according to rat removal Fort Myers, this should not be the case. It should, in fact, be the last thing in our minds.

Why not use other effective measures to do away with rats without endangering the lives of your loved ones by using dangerous products and chemicals.

Why not get a cat

Cats and rats have never been friends. I don’t think they will ever be. Where a cat is it’s very difficult to find the presence of rats. For many years now cat and rat battle has been going on and it doesn’t seem that it will end anytime soon. Rats are really frightened by cats. If you can incorporate cats as part of your family then you have a permanent solution to your rat problem. Cats are natural rat repellants. Even cat litter itself is enough because it is alarming to rats for it gives them the illusion that there may be a cat around.

Make use of traditional traps

Outdated is the term used by many people when they are told about traditional traps. They term them as old-fashioned. What they don’t really know and understand is these traps work just fine. They are still effective till now. What you have to do as advised by rat removal Fort Myers is making use of a good trap and place good bait and then strategically place your trap and you will be amazed by the results. This is a humane option as compared to the use of sprays or chemical poisons that many people think are more effective. The best thing about using a trap is you will not have to worry about dangerous chemicals being exposed to those that you love.

Watch out for food scraps and garbage

Getting rid of rats without using poison is quite easy. All you have to do is do away with anything that can draw the attention of rats. Rats love and are ceaseless about eating and chewing. When you make anything that they can eat available then you will always have rats around you. Ensure you get rid of any leftovers and keep your trashcan closed at all times. If you don’t want these animals multiplying every now and then, keep anything eatable off them.

Seasonings can do away with rats

Many people don’t know this but there are seasonings you can use that can do away with rats fast. Ground pepper is one of the seasonings that can repel rats because they cannot stand their scent. When rats inhale pepper for quite some time it makes their lungs to expand exceptionally. They can actually die due to this.

Peppermint oil is another rat repellent. When peppermint’s strong scent is exposed for long to rats it kills them. What you have to do is entice their sense of smell. Peppermint is considered one of the most powerful ingredients to do away with rats. It’s ironical how as humans we fall in love with the sweet fragrance of peppermint while on the other hand rats absolutely detest the smell. Sprinkle peppermint at the places where you feel rats pass through. Once they inhale that scent a lethal reaction takes place affecting rats’ lungs and this ends at their death.

Rats also don’t like the aroma of onions. When you take some slices of onion and place them on some of the rat hiding spots you could be lucky enough for you could do away with them for good. Rat removal Fort Myers recommends the use of instant mashed potatoes. Does it sound ridiculous? Well, believe it or not, mashed potatoes are considered life-threatening to rats. They literally expand in a rat’s stomach anytime they consume them then the rat develops bloating issues and ends up dying.

Creativity will help a great deal

The bottom line is, it is possible to do away with rats without making use of poisons and dangerous chemicals. However, it will require that you think out of the box and take measures that can get rid of rats without affecting the other family members. You can try one method then see how effective it is before trying another method. Explore a number of options in moderation and use the most effective method. Never put your family in danger as you try to get rid of rats. It is not worth the risk. Your family is more important.

Do away with holes and cracks in your home

If you want to do away with rats effectively rat removal Fort Myers recommends that you do away with any imaginable entry point. This is the key to ensuring that rats do not hover around your house. When you take the step of permanently sealing any given hole or even crack in your house, you can be pretty sure that you will not get visits from rats. You can seal using either caulk or even putty but you can take it a notch higher by using funnels, plates, steel sheets, or any other object that you can think of that is made of steel. The good thing about steel is rats cannot dig their way through unlike other materials that they can easily burrow through.


It is not only bothersome but also very embarrassing having rats all over your house not mentioning the major health hazard you get exposed to. It is therefore important that you rid yourself of any rat infestation by preventing having rats in the first place. However, if they happen to get to your house without your knowledge, ensure that you follow the above measures to get rid of them. Rat removal Fort Myers recommends the use of all the above measures as means of doing away with rats for good.

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