Snake Professionals – Expert advice from the pros

Snake Professionals – Expert advice from the pros

Our homes are supposed to be a haven of peace for us especially after a long day at work or a long week in general. That beautiful garden that you have in front of your home needs to even heighten the feeling of relaxation all the more and thus giving you a chance to replenish your depleted stock of energy....

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    Our homes are supposed to be a haven of peace for us especially after a long day at work or a long week in general. That beautiful garden that you have in front of your home needs to even heighten the feeling of relaxation all the more and thus giving you a chance to replenish your depleted stock of energy. But what happens when your garden cannot provide you with this so elusive peace because of an invasion by an unwelcome guest in the form of a snake. This is most surely to cause you and your loved ones to panic but snake professionals advise against this and recommend the following to be adhered to.

    You will first and foremost need to establish why the snakes have been attracted to your garden, the reason or this mostly is because they are looking for food and your garden seems to give them the promise of a vast abundance of what they are looking for. In this regard, snakes will most surely have spotted some of their prey such as rodents loitering around your garden. But what could bring about these rodents? That should be the next automatic question that you ask yourself. Snake professionals tell us that rodents which act as food to most snakes are attracted to your garden if there is litter which is food for them and if the environment is conducive enough for them to hide in. Debris and other rubles in your garden provide the perfect location for rodents to burrow through the ground with the assurance in mind that they will be well hidden from their predators such as snakes. But you know what? Snakes are quite intelligent and will pick out environments that contain rodents quite easily and will want to settle there.


    Once you have identifies this, the next logical step is to find a way of getting rid of the rodents which will then eventually help you get rid of the snakes on your lawn. Getting rid of rodents can be down by ensuring that there is no litter in your garden or anywhere that it can be easily accessed by these culprits. This will necessitate that you create time to do a cleanup of your garden and remove all of the garbage in it. From leftover human food to even pet food, snake professionals advise that nothing be left behind while you do the cleanup. After all, if these unwanted visitors want to deny you your peace, why would you want to grant them the luxury of living comfortably either? Once the garbage has been taken care of, embark on removing the debris and filling the burrows by use of small stones and other material such as steel wool through which rodents cannot gnaw. At the back of your mind, remember that the eventual plan is that of getting rid of snakes on your lawn and thus you will need to practice caution while at the same time keeping calm through this hectic process.

    Calmness is a quality you will need to cultivate in the presence of snakes since snakes are generally not harmful unless provoked. In the case of a snake attack, it is highly unlikely that you will be attacked by a venomous snake and at most you will only be left with a bite from a snake that is not venomous but which is likely to cause you a fungal or bacterial infection. This, however, does not mean that the lethalness of snakes should be assumed, more so if you are not in a position to tell which species it is exactly.  Snake professionals advice that should you or any members of your household fall victim to attack by a charged snake, first aid is administered immediately while a means to get the individual to a hospital is sought.


    Trapping a snake is another viable way of ensuring beforehand that it does not cause harm to anyone in your household. This, however, is a preserve only for professionals. Engaging in the act of trapping a snake without the right protective gear and equipment could result in serious injuries to you and the snake. Trapping becomes all the more necessary if the snake is found in the house and is agitated, here you will need to act as swiftly as you can to arrest the situation. The first thing to do is to move every person and pet out of the house and call snake removal experts to help you trap the snake before it decided to wreak havoc in your house. Leaving all doors and windows open also helps because, in most instances, a snake will not normally make its way into your house intentionally, it is usually by mistake or if it was after its prey and they the prey made a dash for your house. This, therefore, means that the snake will be looking for a way out of the house without being pushed and given enough time, it will move out on its own without harming anyone or anything. In case the snake fails to move out and there is no access to snake professionals urgently, you can use a stick board to capture the snake.

    This board needs to be placed on a path that the snake has been spotted crawling upon and thus it gets to crawl over the board and sticks to it. The method of retrieving the snake from the board also needs to be evaluated carefully. This is because the snake will most likely be angry at its capture and thus will want to break free which then will result in it being agitated when it fails to break free. This situation makes a snake be very hostile and will want to bite. Protective gear comes in handy here once again and should be worn at all times. A ready place should be on standby in case the snake is to be captured and relocated to another area. You can also choose to exterminate the snake but this will need some consolation with the local animal department to know the legality of that act.


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