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Attic Insulation Removal Done Safely

By April 27, 2018March 22nd, 2024No Comments

Attic insulation removal is an essential process that can help you improve your home significantly. When looking for a house to become a home, many people tend to ask if the house has an attic. Some may ask to avoid it but a huge majority look for houses that have a good attic. See, while for some this only adds an extra room to clean, many recognize it for the good it could do them.

Attics have a way of regulating the temperatures in a house. Being so close to the roof, attics tend to hold heat during summer and some level of the cold temperatures during winter. However, if well done and insulated, attics help maintain the temperatures in the house both in winter and summer. This will go a long way in saving you money spent on air conditioning and power to keep it.

Types of Insulation

There is a variety of options when it comes to materials used for insulation. For the most part, marketers choose to stock material that one can install on their own without the need for hiring an expert company.

One of the most common insulation options is blankets and batts. This is because these are readily available and for the most part, easy to install. All one needs to remember is to ensure that the material is well fitted around wires and pipes. Fiberglass batts and material are also equally as common only a bit more popular as they come designed in standard sizes to fit in all the necessary places. The main disadvantage according to experts is the fact that fiberglass is easily compressed which in turn makes it a poor insulation choice. Other options include cotton batts as well as Rockwool batts and blankets. However, recently, the use of loose fill insulation has become common.

Loose fill insulation entails blowing strands of fiber into the walls of the attic through a specialized machine. These strands fit into every inch of the attic including corners and small nooks. In my opinion, this is the best option as it barely loses effect even over time.

Why Remove Attic Insulation

Seeing as how many spend time and money on insulation, it makes no sense that they would then need to remove it. Well, attics are one of the best places for rodents to hide. Bats, mice, and even rats find attics a very comfy place to hide, eat and even breed. As such, it is easy to find your attic overridden by rodents. The insulation makes it easy for them to hide, making it impossible to control them. There are a couple of ways that you can get insulation removed. The choice between the two is dependent on the level of rodent infestation:

Spot Removal

In some cases, when the infestation is not too severe, one can choose to have insulation removed only in the affected areas. In such a case, it is better to call in an expert who will ensure that even as they remove the insulation, the pests do not run and hide in a different spot. Once the spot affected is cleared, the experts can then refill the spots to ensure full insulation in the attic.

Full Insulation Removal

This is effective in cases where the infestation is either severe, or you are not certain exactly where the rodents are hiding. In such a case, the expert comes in to remove all insulation from corner to corner. The type of insulation used will determine how long this will take. Once done, the experts then have to refill your attic with new insulation. For future precaution, try to use material that is not so welcoming for rodents. Blankets and batts are generally a welcome mat for rodents as they provide such cozy places to rest. Fiberglass loose fill insulation could be a better option as it does not provide a ‘bed’ for the rodents to hide in.

When To Remove Attic Insulation

There may be no definite perfect timing for attic insulation removal. What best determines the removal time is the need for it. If you want it out due to infestation, then the sooner it is out the better for you to grab hold of your home again. However, if you are removing it just to change it, it is best to wait for seasons that do not require a lot of temperature control. This way, even if the process takes a while, you are sure that you will not need to spend any more on power than you should due to heating or cooling.

Attic Insulation Removal Cost

The cost of attic insulation removal is highly dependent on the company you employ. It is also dependent on the level of removal needed; that is if it is full or spot removal. The cost may also be determined by the quality of material to be put back in to replace the insulation. This price is meant to be inclusive of the labor cost and cost of the equipment needed. The price may also change from state to state depending on the popularity of the process.

Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away

The moment you take up the issue of removing the insulation of your attic this is a great way to repair any places that have been damaged. While at this, you will be able to also get rid of any nests and critters that may have made a habitation in the attic. When working with a professional, you should be able to seal off any loopholes that give these nuisance creatures entry to your home.

Attic insulation removal will become necessary when it does not serve the purpose and you have to replace it. It is advisable to work with experts who have experience in keeping off bats, rats, raccoons and other rodents that may want to invade your home.

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