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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Ave Maria FL

By June 24, 2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers professional bat removal Ave Maria, through bat control and exclusion techniques. Bat removal should be carried out by a skilled technician and we have the best team. There are so many health risks that are caused by bats and as such, it is best to let the process be handled by experts. Our humane bat exclusions will ensure that the bats are safely removed from your home. We also clean up the guano so that there will be droppings or urine that is left behind, after the removal process.

I Hear Noises at Night, But Can’t See Bats during the Day, Why?

Bats are nocturnal mammals and as such, they are usually active at night. It is almost impossible to spot a bat during the day as they spend most of the time sleeping. If they have gained entry in your home, you will have bats in the attic, where they have their nests. It is also a common scenario to get bats in the chimney. They will only leave their roost at dusk and find water to drink, before hunting bugs and insects. You can only see bats at dusk and down, but there are signs that can show the infestation of bats.

Attic Bat Removal

The attic is one of the places that bats will nest in your home. Bat removal from attic requires professional assistance. The presence of bat droppings will be the main indicator of the presence of bats in your home. Complete bat removal will entail cleaning the guano and the odor that bats leave behind. Bats will scratch and chirp the attic and as such, it would be prudent to have them removed immediately. The bat droppings will attract other pests and insects and are also known to cause a number of health hazards. This is why you should hire a qualified company for bat removal and control services.

Bat Control Ave Maria

Is there a way to prevent bats from coming into your home? Definitely, there are a number of options that can be pursued. However, most people do not find it necessary to prevent bats, unless they have had an infestation. For complete bat prevention, you will need to have all the entry points. A complete inspection is imperative so as to ensure that all the holes have been sealed. It is important to note that bats can fit into spaces that are 3/8 inches.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has a great team of experts to offer quality bat removal Ave Maria FL. If you have noticed any signs of bat infestation, talk to us today and we will send our technicians to evaluate the situation and offer lasting solutions. We have a great reputation for being able to contain the bat problem effectively. We offer professional services at an affordable rate. You do not have to worry about the infestation of bats anymore as we will carry out a thorough job on your behalf.


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