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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Buckingham Fl

By June 18, 2018July 11th, 2018No Comments

Have you seen bats fly in and around your home? Do you hear scratchy sounds in your house? Is there a foul stench coming out your house suggesting you live with an animal? Congratulations! You may have yourself a bat infestation. Bat removal Buckingham Fl is an essential service for quite a number of households. Living with bats predisposes you to many health risks. Researchers suggest bats may be original hosts of viruses like Ebola and Nipah. This is where Nuisance Wildlife Rangers comes in. Do not struggle with bats while your friendly neighborhood pest control expert is here to help.

Why Should I Do Bat Removal?

Bats are worse to live with than rodents. New research carried out shows that bats host more zoonotic viruses per species. Zoonotic to mean diseases that can cross on to other species such as humans. Bats are also thought to be the original hosts of the Ebola virus. Some of the other diseases bats can cause include Ebola and Nipah. A bite from these creatures can also cause Rabies, a condition that causes brain inflammation. Bat guano is also a dangerous as it can cause serious lung diseases. Additionally, they can be quite irritating to live with. They make noises and their guano also has a very foul smell.

DIY Bat Control

Many people ask us why they have to pay to get rid of bats from their houses. There are many ways DIY experts could advise to do bat removal. Yes these or most of them are actually effective ways to handle bats. Some will tell you to use ultrasonic machines while others will tell you to use poison. Don’t try the second. For the most part, it is advised to employ the skills of an expert because they are able to effectively apply removal techniques because of experience. They are also well-equipped since companies such as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are dedicated wildlife control experts.

Bat Removal Products

There are many effective bat removal products in the market. The most important thing to know is to know how to use these products. Phenol is a solution that has a noxious smell. It is an effective bat repellent. This is because bats are very sensitive to smell. Aerosol bat repellents. These use pepper to deter bats. Bats generally don’t like pepper so one could use these against bats. Their effectiveness is dependent on consistent use. Glittering objects such as Christmas lights which glitter in unusual patterns scare bats away. The benefit of using glittering material is that they are easily available. Anything that effectively flashes in random patterns works fine.

These techniques may be efficient but they aren’t the absolute best to keep bats away. Couple these with expert advise and you shall have effectively dealt with bats. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is just the best expert to call. Bat removal Buckingham Fl is no job for a rookie. Allow our expertise to do bat removal for you so you don’t have to.

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