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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Cape Coral FL

By June 24, 2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provides Bat Removal Cape Coral FL, Bat Control, Humane Bat Exclusions, and complete Bat Guano Cleanup services throughout Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas. Bat Removal should only be handled by a professional wildlife company since there are many health risks associated with the removal of bats. Bats have been known to carry diseases that can lead to respiratory ailments, viral infections, and fungal infections. A reputable wildlife control company will have the proper equipment including HEPA vacuums to safely and effectively solve all types of residential and commercial bat problems of Cape Coral FL.

What Bat Problems Should I Be Worried About?

The most common type of Residential Bat situations of Cape Coral FL Florida is Bats in the attic. These types of Bat problems make up the majority of Bat calls received in South Florida each year. Although many commercial properties also have problems with bat infestations such as bats in church belfries, warehouses, and apartment complexes are very common. We provide services to remove bats from all types Cape Coral FL commercial and residential properties.

Cape Coral FL Bat Exclusion

Florida laws prohibit bats from being harmed. To remove bats from a structure legally a “Bat Exclusion” must be performed. This is the process of removing bats from a structure without place any harm or stress on them. Bats are able to fit through small cracks as small as a dime. In order to bat-proof a home or building this gaps must be sealed. The process of a bat exclusion is to seal up any cracks or gaps that the bats can use to access a structure. All openings will be closed off, except the main entry point they are using. This entry point is then modified to allow the bats to exit but not re-enter the structure. Once all bats have left the building naturally this final entry point will also be sealed. At this point, the guano cleanup process can begin.

Cape Coral FL Bat Guano Removal

Bat guano is a problem that is common when bats have taken up residence in a building, church or attic. It is not safe to have guano within an occupied structure. Bat guano has been linked to Histoplasmosis, a serious respiratory disease that can cause lung scarring and may also be potentially fatal. Special HEPA vacuums and safety equipment should be used when removing bat guano; never use a regular household vacuum when removing bat droppings. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are specially equipped and expertly trained to handle bat guano cleanup and provide services to eliminate bats from roosting within the attic, church or building.

If you are experiencing problems with Bats in the Attic, or Bat Guano in your walls or attic, contact our office today to schedule an inspection. Rest assured we can solve all types of Palm Beach County Bat Problems, Call Us Today at 877-741-7703. Call Nuisance Wildlife Rangers for Bat Removal Cape Coral FL Wildlife Control Services!


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