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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Naples

By June 22, 2018July 9th, 2018No Comments

When it comes to bat removal, you want nothing but the best service you can get. You don’t want to do it yourself cause haha,  we all know that’s a futile endeavor, don’t we? Luckily, there are teams of experts out there who are dedicated to seeing your bat problem is removed. The best is definitely Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We have both the best human resource available to do bat removal Naples fl for you and as well, the very best equipment and skills for this. We have also had experience in wildlife control. We receive tons of wildlife control issues and are sure we will not disappoint.

Have I Bats In My Attic?

Bats in the attic are one of the serious problems Nuisance Wildlife Rangers receives. The question most people tend to ask is how they know there are bats in their attic. There are many signs such as hearing scratching and squeaking sounds in your attic. Signs of a more serious bat problem include seeing bat guano stuck on the edges of your ceiling and bat urine dripping down your walls. However, the only way to ascertain that you have a bat problem in your attic is to simply have an inspection done. This is, of course, best done by an expert.

Bat Removal From Attic

This is a complicated problem that needs specific expert help. It is done by a process called bat exclusion which should be done by an experienced person. It involves letting the bats go which they do at dawn and dusk. After this, an expert cleans out the guano and fixes any damage done to the attic. The bat exits are then properly sealed because the bats will definitely come back. Once they do, they find that their space is sealed and will then find another habitat. If sealing is not done competently, the bats will manage to get in the attic again. Bat removal from attic involves climbing high places and crawling into tight spaces.

Dangers Of Bat Removal

There are many dangers to bat removal. One could get bit by rabies infested bat and contract the virus which could be fatal. You could also get lung disease from breathing bat guano which could also be fatal.Bat removal experts have to take rabies shots often and use special equipment to protect them from lung disease. There is definitely the risk of falling off high places which isn’t very easy to predict. One could as well be attacked by a colony of bats and be bit and scratched. Bat removal from the attic is also guaranteed service. Our Rangers may have to do the job again if the bat removal is not a successful one.

There are no two ways to deal with bat removal from the attic. Clearly, there are way too many risks involved in this practice. It is thus highly recommended that you just call an expert. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are here to do nothing more than the risky so you don’t  have to. Bat removal Naples fl is just what we are qualified to do. We receive many calls from concerned clients about this problem and we are proud to have a clean record in doing this just the right way to leave you feeling happy that you called the right person for the job.

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