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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Port St Lucie

By June 25, 2018July 7th, 2018No Comments

Scratching noises in the attic can be quite scary. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is here to give you peace of mind through bat removal Port St Lucie services. Bats are dangerous and pose a great risk to your building as well as your health. Having them removed by a professional is imperative and quite beneficial.

What Is The Smell From The Attic That Has Bats?

When bats settle in your attic, they will have feces and urine. The bat droppings are known as guano and these have a very strong ammonium stench. This is quite dangerous as it facilitates the growth of fungus, and the spores can cause lung diseases. To get rid of this smell, you will need to have the attic cleaned and disinfected. Living with bats is a health hazard that should be averted.

Bat Guano Cleanup and Decontamination

There are so many people who feel that bats are not harmful and as such, they can continue living in the attic. However, much as they may not be known to be aggressive in attacking human beings, the guano is quite dangerous. Once bats have been removed, it is critical to ensure that the attic is cleaned up and decontaminated. Failure to do this will attract more pests and other critters.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the right company for your bat removal St Lucie services. We have what it takes to handle all your bat problems in a short while. Get in touch with us today and you will enjoy professional services.

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