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Bird Removal

Bird Netting

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Bird Netting

Bird Netting is one of the most effective means of Bird Control available on the market today. It has many benefits over other bird control methods. Bird Netting offers a totally humane control method because it provides a harmless, impenetrable barrier against all pest birds. Bird Netting also generally offers a low to no visibility solution to pest bird problems. This is important for aesthetics of a historic building or high-end condo.

Bird Netting consists of six strands of polyethylene that are wrapped rope-like into one strong, rot-resistant, U.V. protected twine. It has a breaking strength of 52 lbs. per twisted strand. This allows the net to be stretched across large areas to prevent pest birds from accessing the area. The individual squares of the netting are 3/4″ allowing it to be effective for all birds from small Sparrows to large Vultures. The netting is flame-resistant and it can be ordered to be flame-proof. The U.V treatment and color pigmentation are embosses in the composition. This makes the net more resistant to the effects of the sun. It is available in black, stone (beige), and white. The black netting comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty while the other colors come with a 3 year warranty. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, LLC also provides an additional warranty for each job.

Installation Process

Each specific job requires careful planning and hardware must be installed to support the net before it is hung. Different kinds of hardware are available for many different installation applications such as masonry, steel, wood, and stucco. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, LLC will determine what hardware and color of netting will provide the best solution for each pest bird problem. Stainless Steel hardware is available for our customers located by the coast.

In summary, Bird Netting is a permanent and humane option for pest bird control. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, LLC has extensive experience installing netting without disrupting the beauty of the property. Call us today for a free estimate!

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