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black snake removal in Palm Beach County

When you find a snake slithering around your property, in your pool, or even inside your home, it is normal to feel nervous. Snakes are not the first thing you want to find in your personal space. While your first reaction might be to remove them on your own, doing so can be risky.

Even non-venomous snakes can be dangerous to approach, as they can still pack a strong punch. Attempting to remove any snake from your home or property could result in a bite, which means your best option is to call a snake removal service to assist you.

There are many different types of snakes in Palm Beach County. If you see a black snake on your property, it can be hard to identify them. While there are many black snake breeds in South Florida, the most common types are referred to as black racers.

If you notice one of these reptiles on your property, you should always contact a black snake removal service.

What Types of Black Snakes Are Found in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County is home to tons of different breeds of snakes. Many of these snakes are black, which makes them hard to distinguish from others.

There is even a dangerous breed of black snake found in this area known as the cottonmouth, which can cause life-threatening health complications when they bite. Because it can be hard to tell what type of black snake is on your property, you should always contact a professional wildlife removal service.

The different types of black snakes found in Palm Beach County include:

  • Black swamp snakes
  • Brahminy blind snakes
  • Eastern indigo snakes
  • Florida cottonmouth snakes
  • Glossy swamp snakes
  • North American racer (black racer)
  • Ring-necked snakes
  • Saltmarsh snakes

While there are venomous black snakes like the Florida cottonmouth, the most common black snakes to be found in Palm Beach County are black racers. Even though these snakes are harmless to humans, they can be hard to differentiate from other snakes, making it vital that you seek help when removing them from your property.

Are Black Racer Snakes Dangerous?

Black racer snakes have shiny black scales and a white chin. These snakes can grow to be 60 inches long, making them rather big in comparison to other breeds. While black racers look intimidating, they are non-venomous and typically harmless to humans.

With that being said, if you approach a black racer snake on your own, they could become defensive and attempt to bite you. While this bite will not be lethal, it can hurt. Due to this, you should always contact an expert black snake removal service in Palm Beach County.

How Can a Black Snake Removal Company in Palm Beach County Help You?

Black snake removal companies in Palm Beach County will use a humane approach to ridding your property of snakes. Typically, this involves either setting traps to catch snakes, removing them by hand using gloves or using snake tongs to transport them into safe containers.

When you contact a snake removal company like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we will use the following tactics to keep you and your family safe from snakes roaming your property:

  • Inspecting the entire property and home for snakes
  • Setting several humane traps to catch snakes
  • Removing lone snakes using a snake hook, tongs, or gloves
  • Providing you with advice to prevent snake infestations in the future

By deciding to work with a black snake removal company in Palm Beach County, you can rest assured that your family, pets, and property will remain safe from any snakes we find. Additionally, because snakes can be important to the local ecosystem, we will remove them using a humane and ethical approach.

How to Keep Black Snakes Away From Your Home

While snakes can help deter common pests, most people do not want them on their property. By following a few tips and tricks, you can keep snakes from coming onto your property in the first place

If you are hoping to prevent snakes from coming into your home, consider the following tips:

  • Eliminate their food supply by clearing trash and debris
  • Keep pet food inside
  • Block hiding places by keeping sheds closed, removing clutter, keeping compost in secure bins, and filling any holes or gaps in structures
  • Avoid debris and rock piles that snakes can hide in
  • Trim your bushes, and trees, and keep grass short
  • Keep a clean lawn and garden to prevent snakes from nesting
  • Use snake repellent that is safe for children and pets
  • Keep covers on pools, as some snakes enjoy swimming
  • Encourage birds to come onto your property
  • Use snake fencing that can prevent them from coming into your yard
  • Use natural repellants like vinegar and garlic around your property line

If you use these techniques and still have snakes on your property, a black snake removal service in Palm Beach County can help you eliminate them from your home.

Get Connected to a Black Snake Removal Service in Palm Beach County

If you or a loved one is dealing with snakes in your yard, pool, or inside of your house, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are here to help. With years of experience in wildlife removal services, we can ensure that the snakes are removed from your property while preventing them from returning at the same time.

To learn more about our black snake removal services in Palm Beach County, contact us today.

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