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How clean attic rat droppings without causing health risks

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Rats poop a lot that is why they always defecate and urinate in the attic. The odor that is left behind is not pleasant at all and that smell plays a role in attracting new rats. The problems increase because the odor also brings with it breeding place for mold not mentioning diseases that pose health risks.

Clean attic rat droppings are not complicated to recognize. Most of the times they will be in large groupings and in the attic you will find them stuck to the insulation. Normally, rat droppings are brown pellets, probably half an inch long. Rat droppings have been said to bring out problems in the human respiratory systems and can be literally terminal. Anywhere you see rat droppings just know that its urine and saliva also exist.

What should be noted is rat droppings clean up should be handled only by professionals because they have the proper gear for clean up plus proper safety equipment’s. They will alleviate any contamination that can lead to sickness. Hence if you want to clean attic rat droppings, contact a specialist to do it for you.

Most likely, the attic will be the place you will find rat feces contamination because rats love the attic for the sole reason that it is covered up and hence enjoy being in a place where they will not be disturbed. Cleaning up the attic is not easy at all that is why it is advisable that you hire the services of a professional who will do a splendid job for you. A professional will not just clean up the attic but also use a disinfectant to spray the whole area to prevent any future problems that may be caused by the rat droppings.

Cleaning up rodent droppings in the attic

It is not an easy task cleaning up after a rat infestation especially an attic infestation. This is because you will find an abnormal pile of urine and poop waste and obviously cleaning it cannot be done one-by-one. Rat waste should never be handled anyhow. It is important that you handle it very cautiously. There are several diseases that usually get transmitted once you touch urine or rat waste. Hantavirus is one of the diseases transmitted through rat droppings and once this virus gets a hold of your body you may end up dead because it affects mostly the lungs.

If you want to clean attic rat droppings, put on gloves, respirator mask and an eye protection because you might end up inhaling Hantavirus particles thus catching the disease. Always know that rat droppings cleanup should never make you risk your life. Places with a high number of droppings should be cleaned via hand-sweeping then scooped into a waste vessel. Do not pick the fecal material and avoid stirring up unnecessarily the waste material.

You need to start by vacuuming up the feces. Do not sweep at all. This prevents the parasites from becoming airborne, for if they do it can be quite risky to you. Go for a shop vacuum than a standard vacuum because with it you can not only run water but also bleach with it so as to clean it out. Avoid other vacuums for they end up absorbing the parasites through their hoses and that is how illnesses get spread over and over for months.

Once you are done with vacuuming, now take a mixture of warm water, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia and scrub thoroughly the area you have vacuumed while wearing gloves. This will help in doing away with any bacteria, urine, and virus but ensure you do not clean the exact place where the waste was to avoid bacteria from spreading. Leave the whole area extremely clean for this will go a long way in ensuring your health is not put at any risk.

Rat Feces in the Attic

Once you realize that you have a rat infestation in your attic it is clear that you will certainly discover rat feces lying all over the place. Rats do not relieve themselves in a specific area that is why you find rats droppings in different places. Now cleaning up the droppings is the biggest task. Obviously, you cannot just let the droppings lay there; you must clean the place up. When you begin to clean attic rat droppings, you should wear the right gear so as to protect yourself from parasites and diseases brought about by rats. It is imperative that you take extra caution when cleaning up rat’s waste because, in as much as the rats may not be present, their waste is quite something. They contain pathogens, which are quite fatal when you breathe in or come into contact with. Wearing a mask and protective gloves all the time cannot be overemphasized.  Always know you would rather remain safe than sorry.

Disposing rat droppings

After cleaning all the rat droppings now it is time to dispose of it. The question is; after you clean attic rat droppings how do you dispose of it in a safe manner to prevent transmission of diseases? It is simple. You can choose to dispose of the droppings in a sealed container then throwing it in the garbage. However, you must ensure that you get an additional bag so that you minimize chances of the bag bursting open and having rat droppings spread all over. In some states, they have a mechanism of disposing of rat feces in a safe manner so as to avoid the droppings from being spread.

The serious health hazards caused by rat droppings cannot be taken lightly. If you do not clean attic rat droppings within the shortest time possible and in the right manner, then you and your entire family are at a risk of contracting serious diseases. Do not forget to wear protective gear anytime you want to get rid of rat droppings from the attic or any other area. After you are done the cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect every item you used when cleaning up.

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