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Have you ever tried to remove an animal from your home only to be thwarted by a raccoon or a rodent? While it may seem easy to remove wildlife from your home, it is actually incredibly easy to make a mistake. This is why it is so important to hire a professional who is trained and experienced in wildlife removal.

Animals can be hard to catch and attempting to corral them outside of your home can even be dangerous. When you have a rodent, raccoon, or even a snake in your home, you might be tempted to attempt to get them out yourself. However, doing so could result in you getting bitten or scaring the animal farther into your home.

Being aware of the most common DIY wildlife removal mistakes can educate you on the importance of seeking professional assistance.

What are the Common DIY Wildlife Removal Mistakes?

If you have an animal taking up residency in your home, getting them out is your number one priority. But attempting to do it yourself can result in a variety of issues, including accidentally trapping the animal in your home.

The most common DIY wildlife removal mistakes include:

Rushing to Seal a Hole

If you heard the infamous scratching sounds coming from the inside of your walls, you understand the urgency people feel to find the animal and remove it. Oftentimes, people go on a search looking for the hole in their home that the animal entered through. Once they find that hole, they might be tempted to immediately seal it.

Unfortunately, sealing a hole when the animal is still inside of your home will only make matters worse for yourself and the animal. Eventually, the animal will die somewhere inside your home, leaving you with a fragrant mess. Rushing to seal a hole with an animal in your house is one of the most common DIY wildlife removal mistakes you can make.

Not Using Bite-Proof Gloves

If you heard an animal scratching around in your home, your first instinct will be to go and find it. Once you have found the animal, you might be tempted to pick it up and bring it outside. While removing the animal as quickly as possible might sound like your best option, this could quickly become dangerous.

If you are not trained to handle wild animals or at least wear the proper protection equipment, you could receive a nasty bite while attempting to remove it from your home. Depending on the type of animal, this could result in infection, poisoning, and even contracting dangerous diseases like rabies.

Using Over-the-Counter Pest Control Products

Most of us want to feel like we can do anything we set our minds to. If you have pests like rodents or mice colonizing your home, you might run to the store to grab over-the-counter pest control products. While DIY rodent poisons can reduce the population, they will not eradicate the entire colony.

Professional wildlife removal companies have access to better products and methods of removing animals like mice and rodents. In other words, you should always seek help from a professional like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers instead of relying on products from your local store.

Forgetting to Clean

If you removed the pest on your own and sealed the hole they entered through, you might think the job is done. Unfortunately, pests often leave behind a lot of mess to clean up. For example, if rodents were nesting in your home, there might be urine, feces, and even disease-containing microbes left behind.

This is why you should always consult a professional to remove any type of wildlife from your home. Removing the animal is only one small part of the job.

How Can You Avoid Making Mistakes When Removing Wildlife From Your Home?

The only way to ensure that the job is done correctly is to consult with a wildlife removal expert. Because so many problems can arise when you attempt to DIY it, it’s best to trust an experienced professional instead of running the risk of making a mistake.

At Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we can provide a wide array of services, including:

  • Rat and rodent removal
  • Raccoon removal
  • Bat removal
  • Bee removal
  • Bird removal
  • Iguana removal
  • Snake removal 
  • Coyote removal
  • Armadillo removal
  • Crab removal
  • Duck and geese removal
  • Frog removal
  • And even attic restoration!

Instead of making a common DIY wildlife removal mistake, consider consulting with us to discuss your options. We can help you safely remove any animal from your home in a timely manner!

Contact Us Today for Your Wildlife Removal Needs

Whether you only have one animal or an entire colony building underneath your house, we can provide you with the expertise you need. From rodents and rats to insects and even birds, we can remove any type of wildlife from your home without any hassle.

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is one of the largest, privately owned companies, in Florida, which offers professional wildlife and animal removal. We have been in existence for the last 5 years and we provide exceptional wildlife removal services. 

To learn more about how we can help, contact Nuisance Wildlife Rangers today.

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