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Rat Removal

Engaging Roof Rat Control Davie FL in Your Home

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Roof rats weigh about four ounces. They are thinner and longer, measuring 13 to 18 inches in length. This measurement includes the tail. They have large ears and little hair. They are black or dark brown in color and nest in trees, debris and in attics in woodpiles. They rank highly among the worst rodents in Florida and are also the most in the area. You therefore need roof rat control Davie FL to get rid of these pests if they are in your home.

Roof Rats in Florida

One of the worst things about having roof rats is that they become sexually mature in less than three months. They then mate and each mature female produces up to 6 litters annually, with each litter having up to 8 offspring. This rapid multiplication should be enough concern to make you get in touch with roof rat control Davie FL. These rats are able to nest in attics and roofs because of their excellent climbing abilities. If you do not get an expert to deal with this, your house could be crawling with dozens of rats in just a few months.

Getting Rid of Roof Rats

The first step in clearing roof rats is to seal off all the access points of your house. Ensure that there are no holes and if there are, fill them. Look through the pipes and vents to makes sure that neither is compromised. These are some of roof rats’ best places to hide and also find a source of water.

The second step is to clear out your vegetation. Trim and keep all the vegetation in the yard looking neat. Clear out all the grass and branch clippings that could have fallen down in the process. These rats use them to build their nests.

After all this, call roof rat control Davie Fl. These experts will know how to remove the rats from your house and compound for longer lasting results.

Attic Roof Rat Control Davie FL

Roof rat exterminators in Davie, Florida are experts at their jobs. They are able to remove roof rats in attics or any other dark space within the house, no matter how small the space is. Some of the reasons why they are so efficient include:

  • They have been trained in rats’ evasion tactics and so know how to go about capturing them without causing harm
  • They have years of experience and so are skilled in rat extermination
  • They are professionals who know how to consider health and safety and thus contain exposure of any diseases that could come from the rats
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