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Rat Removal

How to Get Rid of Rats in Walls

By July 2, 2018March 27th, 2024No Comments

how to get rid of ratsIf you live in Florida, it will not be a surprise to hear some scratching noises inside the walls. This is a possible indication of having rats in your home. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are committed to ensuring that your home is safe and you will learn how to get rid of rats in walls. We offer the right solutions for all the residents that live in Florida since we fully understand the behavior of rats.

Rats will find a way to get into your home and will nest in any part of the structure. In most cases, there will be rats in your ceiling, in the basement, roof and the attic as well as the walls. It can be quite annoying when you have to endure the noise of the rats running along the walls and you may be feeling helpless. With our professional rat removal skills, we will be able to eradicate these creatures and seal off all the entry points in your home.

Will Rats Chew the Ceiling?

Rats will live in your ceiling for a long time and it may take quite some time before you can take note. The fact that they are very small makes it easier for them to fit through tiny spaces. Rats have hard teeth and as such, they will chew through ceiling material without any difficulty. The teeth will continually grow and gnawing is one of the ways to keep the teeth short. This is the main reason why you will find holes in your wood, walls, plastic and the ceiling. In short, rats will chew through your ceiling without any challenge in an attempt to keep their teeth short.

Can Rats Chew Through Concrete?

The type of concrete that you have is what will determine is rats can chew through. When you have walls that have weak concrete, the rats will easily chew through, effortlessly. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that your concrete is solid and this will be a good way to keep the rats away. Getting rid of rats is a great way to prevent further damage that is caused by these rodents. When you have concrete walls, you may not hear the noises, right away, but you may notice some smudge marks or holes in the wall, which indicate the presence of rats.

How Did They Get Inside My Wall? 

Rats are part of nuisance creatures that love homes. As a matter of fact, most of them are born in the attic or in your walls. However, before getting into the walls, they will definitely come from the outside. There are so many different entry points that the creatures can use and as when they land in the attic or ceiling, they can easily find their way into your walls. This is usually in a bid to detect and find food for themselves. They may also use the floor or the ground level to access your home and will run up the walls to search out for new areas.

Rats Stuck in Walls

Rat control is a tedious and challenging task when you have rats stuck in the walls. Trying to eradicate the rat by yourself may cause more damage to the walls and also exposes you to great health risks. With a professional company, they will cut a hole through the walls so as to gain access to the nest of the rats. The rats can be removed through the attic or the basement of your home.

Wildlife removal companies work efficiently to ensure that the rats are removed while alive. You do not want to end up with dead rats in the walls as this makes the work more difficult. If it is a couple of rats and you want to grab them, be sure to wear gloves as they tend to bite when they are threatened.

Dead Rats in Walls

For one reason or another, a foul stench may be emanating from your drywall. This may indicate the presence of dead rats. If you have used poison, the rats may have retreated and died in the walls and as such, you will need to find dead rat removal experts. You should never allow a dead rat to rot in your house, as this will attract other pests to invade your home. Through the use of electronic borescope, rat exterminators will be able to detect where the corpse of the rat is.

Professionals will have the right mechanisms to remove the dead rats, without damaging your wall or exposing you to health hazards. Once the dead rats are removed, the area is decontaminated and cleaned and then the wall is resealed and any other area that the rats may have come in through.

Rat Removal Near Me

If there have been noises in your walls and some running up and down, then you have rats. Rats will come into your house in search of food and they should be eradicated as soon as you detect them. Most pest control companies will use poison, which is not an effective solution. Poison does not kill rats instantly and as such, they will have time to retreat to the walls, where they will die and create a mess. Only hire experts in rat removal in Florida and you will have the task executed in the best way and you no longer have to worry about the rat infestation.

Nuisance Wildlife Ranger has what it takes to get rid of rats in walls. We use advanced methods, which do not expose you to any danger and also we do not kill the rats. Our main aim is to relocate the rats from your house into the wild. We will carry out repairs and restoration of the areas that have been damaged by the rats. We offer clean up services and at the end of the process, we will rat-proof your home. We are the best when it comes to handling your rat problem.


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