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Squirrel Pest Control


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When we happen to cross our paths with those of squirrels whenever we are out and about taking that nature walk they really look like cute creature and one can’t help really but just to admire their cuteness more so if they have a well-grown tail. These creatures have been said to be the reason for the existence of many forests around the world as they are forgetful creatures that hide their nuts in dug out holes that they end up forgetting about and thus lead to the sprouting of trees. They are one of the most resourceful creatures that can be found on the face of the earth.

We can only admire these creatures for as long as they stay out of the boundaries of our houses since once they do they normally leave a trail of destruction which may leave us with huge expense repairs that can be a challenge to meet. Apart from just causing damage to our houses and equipment, they also are the cause of various deadly diseases such as rabies and hantavirus, which can have severe effects on human beings.

In the event that one is faced with one or all of these problems that are caused by the existence of squirrels in their house, then it is the right time to call in professional squirrel removal companies Davie, FL such as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help you remedy this nuisance to your peace and tranquility at home. Nuisance ranks as the best among all other squirrel removal companies Davie, FL and this is so because of the exceptional services that we as a company offer to all of our clients who happen to be faced with a pest problem.

Here in this article, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers aims to educate you on the ways of dealing with squirrel infestation in your home, how to identify the existence of squirrels in your home, what to do and how to do it and in severe cases who to contact and how to contact them.

Squirrel Removal from Attic

Squirrels are known to see the attics of our houses as a safe haven for their residence after they have made their heroic invasion into our homes. The attics are most preferred by many of the squirrels is because of their dark conditions that allow them to operate in the most optimal conditions. Most of us will also admit to the fact that we do not check into the attics quite often not unless there is a very urgent issue that needs to be sorted out impromptu.

Immediately they settle in our attics, the squirrels then begin to breed and in no time their numbers multiply and from the strength in numbers they can now cause a lot of nuisance in our homes and most times we end up to be nothing more than just helpless people. Should you find yourself in such a situation, you should not let it worry you as this is the right time to call in Nuisance Wildlife Rangers that ranks as the best among all other squirrel removal companies Davie, FL.  The best squirrel removal companies Davie, FL will suggest to you the following methods of how to remove squirrels from your attic;



  1. Ensure you seal up all entry points except one

Squirrels being creatures that have a small body frame, they can squeeze through almost any opening that exists in your house in their search for food and water and it is therefore important that once you note the presence of squirrels in your home, you should ensure that all entry points especially those around your doors, windows and chimneys are sealed off in the most appropriate way that will prevent the entry of these creatures into your home. One can use wire mesh to cover up the top of their chimney and this can be an effective way of preventing the squirrels from getting into your home. The bottom parts of windows and doors can be covered with metal panels to help guard against the possibility of squirrels chewing their way through into our houses.  But in doing this, it is important to leave one open unsealed as this will be of vital help should the squirrel decide on moving back into its natural environment.

  1. Use of traps

One of the most frequently used and most efficient methods of removing squirrels from your attic is the use of traps to ensnare the creatures after which they can be removed from the attic. This process though reliable can be a very hectic one as it requires that one take some time to study the movement patterns of the squirrels in order to know where to place the traps in order that they work efficiently in trapping the squirrels. However, extra caution should be taken when removing the squirrels from the attic after trapping them as they can and will bite when agitated.

  1. Entice the squirrels to leave the attic

Even though we may have proven methods of removing the squirrels from our homes, sometimes they may fail to leave especially if they have given birth to a litter and this cannot just leave them behind. In this instances, it is best to employ the use of more diplomatic methods of dealing with the squirrels and an effective way of doing this is the act of playing loud music that irritates the squirrels and forces them out if your house in large numbers. Keeping the lights on can also help in removing the squirrels from the attic.

Whenever it may get too hard to remove the squirrels from your attic, then it is good that you call the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help you deal with the problem of squirrels in your attic since should you happen to be a victim of their bites then the possibility of contracting rabies is very high. The droppings of the squirrels after their removal also needs to be taken care of professionally and one should never dare to clean up the mess with bare hands but should always put on protective gloves and use the right disinfectants to decontaminate the house.

Squirrel Removal near Me

When faced with a squirrel infestation problem, it is good to know how to deal with them and if not, it is important that you know where to access the services of professional squirrel removal companies Davie, FL. The services of such companies as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are very vital in helping us deal with squirrel infestations in our homes as they can provide the professional skill that is efficient in removing these nuisance creatures.

Squirrel removal companies Davie, FL help us note the intensity of the infestation in our homes and help us to deal with it in the most appropriate of ways by employing methods of removing these creatures and also put in place measures that ensure these creatures do not make their way back into our house. As an additional point, they also disinfect our homes and help us repair any damaged structures that may be as a result of the infestation of the squirrels. The availability of such important services near you is a saving grace should you ever be faced with a squirrel infestation problem.

Squirrel Exterminator near Me

Should you happen to be a resident of Florida, you need not worry about squirrel infestation in your home as there exist many squirrel removal companies Davie, FL that will help you be able to deal with your squirrel problem in the best way. Among these squirrel removal companies Davie, FL is the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers that ranks as being the best.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a nuisance animal control and removal firm that is based in the heart of Florida in Loxahatchee and which has been in operation for four years running now and during this period the company has earned the reputation of being the best before all other pest control companies in Florida. This has been so because of its exceptional service deliver y to all its clients which has been reviewed as being the most proficient and professional.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers specialize in squirrel extermination by identifying the extent of the squirrel infestation in your home and this is followed up by the removal of the squirrels in the safest of ways to ensure that no harm is caused to you or your property and then finally we decontaminate your house and repair any damage to structure that might have been caused by these squirrels.

We cannot say that we are still in those days when squirrel infestation was only a preserve of the rural areas the presence of these creatures in Florida and more so our homes and places of work prove us wrong. It is therefore important to have the ability to secure the services of a professional squirrel removal firm that can help you get rid of these squirrels. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is just the right answer that you have always longed for when it comes to the intention of securing these all too important services at the most affordable rates in the current market.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can be reached through their telephone numbers on (877) 741-7703, (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109 or one can opt to visit their offices located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470 for the best services when it comes to squirrel extermination.

Squirrel Removal Methods

Squirrel removal companies Davie, FL suggest various methods that can be employed in the process of squirrel removal. Here are some of the most trusted squirrel removal methods from the best squirrel removal companies Davie, FL;

  1. Maintaining high standards of hygiene; cleaning up of leftovers and ensuring that all bushes around the homestead are trimmed serves well to ensure that the population of squirrels is kept in check and they do not cause havoc.
  2. Use of sound and light; The use of sound and light works best for squirrels when these creatures are trapped or have made a home inside your attic in your home. The playing of loud music or listening to the radio at high volume irritates the squirrels and forces them out of your house.
  3. Use of traps; this has for long been the most preferred method of controlling squirrels for most people. Ensure to invest the most appropriate trap that will enable you to trap the squirrel whether it be living I your home or in your yard. A good trap is one that can service both and is affordable.
  4. Calling professional services; the most efficient squirrel control method is that of calling in professional exterminators who ensure the squirrels leave your home and necessary repairs are done to your house in all the damaged places.
  5. Sealing off of entry points; the sealing of entry points that can be used by squirrels to access the home can be an effective way of controlling the movement of these pests. But in doing so, ensure to leave one entry point that will allow room for the squirrel to leave on its own should it want to do so.

Squirrel Removal Tips

Squirrel removal companies Davie, FL suggest on the following squirrel removal tips;

  1. Identify where the squirrels are staying.
  2. Decide whether you can handle the squirrels.
  3. Decide on the best method of dealing with the squirrels.
  4. Get the best protective gear.
  5. Remove the squirrel.

Squirrel Control Products

When one chooses to buy a squirrel control product, squirrel removal companies Davie, FL suggests the following products;

  1. Critter Ridder

This squirrel repellent is made of pepper and its unpleasant smell leads to the squirrels vacating the house.

  1. Havahart Spray Away

The spray device is fitted on sprinklers outside the house and helps to repel squirrels by splashing them with water whenever they detect motion of the squirrels in your gardens.


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