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Did you know that in peak season a beehive has up to 50,000 bees living in it?

No wonder that with warmer weather approaching people are already dealing with beehives in their backyards or are preparing for how to deal with them.

Have you been noticing a swarm of bees near your home and spotted the beehive recently?

Keep reading to learn how to make bees go away so that you can enjoy springtime without being afraid of getting stung.

How to Make Bees Go Away

There are different types of bees, and it’s important to know the difference when you’re deciding how to handle getting rid of a beehive. Knowing which bee is invading which will prepare you for how to handle them without getting stung if they’re aggressive. Bees can be dangerous and will sting if they’re provoked so keep this in mind before proceeding on your own.

Honey Bee

These bees are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. They are great for pollination which is why it’s frowned upon to kill them. The nests they make are heavy and filled with thousands of bees. The preferred method of getting rid of honey bees is to relocate them rather than kill them.

Bumble Bee

Bumblebees are also aggressive if they feel threatened. They prefer to build their nests in fluffy materials and sometimes build underground. They also prefer to build in loose materials.

Carpenter Bee

These bees burrow into a surface and leave 3/8th inch holes where they burrow. As their nests multiply they eventually destroy the surface of the wood.

Where Are the Bees Coming From?

First, you want to figure out where the bees are coming from before taking action. When you figure this out, don’t immediately block their access to the hive because it will cause them to start building again or they can feel threatened and become dangerous.

Insecticides or Traps?

Once you know where they’re coming from and where they built their hive, you might be tempted to buy an insecticide and spray the hive. This can escalate into a bad scenario. Make sure to move forward with caution and dress appropriately if you choose this route.

Before spraying or buying an insecticide make sure you research if it’s legal to spray bees in your area by the insecticide of choice. The EPA has banned commonly sold insecticides to be used near bees.

If you decide to trap the bees, remember when they feel threatened they will get aggressive. If you’re allergic, this can mean an emergency trip to the hospital if something goes wrong. Another issue with a trap is that if you don’t capture all of the bees the ones remaining will become an issue that you will still have to deal with.

Call a Professional

Sometimes the best option is to call a professional to handle the removal of bees. Bees don’t tend to go away on their own once they build their hive. How to make bees go away without the help of an expert might be more of a headache.

Bee removal shouldn’t be taken lightly to find an expert that can help you and ensure you don’t get stung contact us today for a free estimate and inspection.

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