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Rat Removal

Mole Rat Removal Techniques that Actually Work

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Naked mole rats are hairless, tube-like burrowing rodents with wrinkled bodies. Their original home is in Sub Saharan Africa and particularly East Africa. They live in colonies and work in a manner similar to that of bees. There is a mole rat queen who is possibly the only female who can breed. All others are workers. They burrow to create a place to live and bring in food to the colony.

Mole Rat Facts

A mole rat is neither a mole nor a rat. It, however, is a rodent and is more closely related to guinea pigs. Mole rats are also not entirely naked. They have a few hairs and whiskers on their skin. They have pinkish skin that does not feel pain and have their body temperature regulated to match the one of the environment. They are the only mammals with such capacity.

Mole Extermination

Mole rats need to be exterminated. They cause a lot of damage in the garden and therefore need to be dealt with. To get rid of a mole rat easily, you need to use a repellant or a fumigant. These are not always good for the plants and pets that may have access to the same area that the moles do. Using poison is a very bad idea as well. You may not have children or pets but neighbor’s pets, animals and children could be exposed to the poison which is harmful to their health. The surest way to get rid of these rodents from the garden or yard is to use a trap

Mole Traps

A mole rat trap can either be placed above or beneath the ground, depending on your preference and how often the mole comes above the ground. Live bait traps are better than kill traps because they are more humane. They allow you to capture the mole rats alive, transport them far away and release them into the wild. You can get creative with the bait that you use.

How to Get Rid of Moles

When all else fails, get a mole rat removal expert to come and handle the situation. Unlike rats, moles are used to living underground. You may never know if they have moved or the number of mole rats that is in one burrow. Experts are skilled in handling mole rats. They know the tactics that these rodents use to hide. They also know which traps to use in order to capture them in a humane manner. Most importantly, mole removal professionals know how to handle themselves in relation to these rodents to avoid getting exposed to any diseases that the rodents could be carrying. Finally, these experts have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the mole extermination.

Rodents can be a nuisance especially when they keep causing damage to our belongings or gardens. Mole rats are most commonly found outside in the garden as opposed to rats which are often found in houses in places such as the kitchen and the attic. Once you spot these animals, get animal control to come, trap and remove them in a cage.

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