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Mosquito Removal

Mosquito Control West Palm Beach

By June 10, 2018July 17th, 2018No Comments

West Palm Beach is at times plagues with some of the worst mosquito infestations. That’s where mosquito control comes into to your rescue. Mosquito control refers to the methods of regulating mosquito populations for areas. It is very essential that you get your home checked for mosquitoes. They cause disease and are generally irritating creatures to live with. Mosquito control West Palm Beach is, however, not a job for just anyone. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have got you covered in this. We boast some of the best teams and techniques for this job. Invest in our expertise to keep your family and home healthy.

Why Are Insecticides Ineffective in Mosquito Control?

Insecticides are actually a good mosquito control method. They kill mosquitoes almost instantly. They are laced with chemicals which for the most part destroy mosquito’s nerves thus killing them. They are usually harmless to humans though some people are allergic to some of their chemicals. Even so, insecticides become ineffective depending on the consistency of use. The more you use the insecticide the more effective it becomes as a mosquito deterrent. This is because they wear out as easily as they are applied. This is because of natural causes such as wind and sunlight. Insecticides are increasingly becoming ineffective because of mosquitoes building up resistance to their effect which is very worrying.

Mosquito Lifecycle

Mosquitoes have some of the shortest lifespans of all species. The adult male mosquito dies after fertilization of the eggs. This is usually after five days or so. The female mosquito lives for just a few months. This is also dependent on the right conditions. Under cold and windy conditions, mosquitoes don’t do well. Mosquitoes’ life cycle is divided into four stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Mosquito breeding is very dependent on water. The larvae feed on organic matter in the water and have breathing tubes to siphon oxygen. This makes mosquito control largely dependent on the management of water and in particular stagnant water in your compound.

Natural Mosquito Control

Natural mosquito control refers to those methods one might use to deter mosquitoes that are dependent on using naturally available factors. The Gambusia is a small fish that lives in stagnant water and will eat mosquito larvae. They are efficient as they are small and don’t overbreed. Dragonflies are also excellent mosquito repellents. Their nymphs feed on mosquito larvae and their adults feed on adult mosquitoes. Citronella plant has oils that are mosquito repellent. The trick with using this plant is to plant in along high traffic areas where it gets stepped on by people and animals to release these chemicals. It is effective only for killing mosquito larvae. Most natural mosquito control methods depend on geography. They won’t work for some people.

In the case that natural mosquito control doesn’t work for you, do not despair. Mosquito control West Palm Beach has never been easier. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has got all the right fixes for you. By calling our experts, you do not have to stress about these flying bloodsuckers anymore. We are equipped with the latest technology and best experts. This gives you just the right match to fight against your mosquito problem.



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