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Raccoon Removal

Mother and Litter Raccoon Removal Boca Raton

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Raccoons, just like other mammals become parents. The female raccoon is particularly tasked with taking care of her offspring. For the most part, raccoons are known as solitary animals. This only changes between February and March which is the mating season. During this time the female raccoon can be found nesting in a den with a male raccoon. Afterwards, she spends her time looking for a safe, warm and comfortable place to nest during her pregnancy. By the time she is giving birth, she has picked out a place beforehand and is ready to take care of her babies. If this place happens to be your attic, you will need to deal with raccoon removal Boca Raton for both the mother and the baby raccoons.

You would need to be careful with this raccoon removal since you do not want to harm the babies or put them in harm’s way by forcefully evicting them at such a tender and delicate stage of life. A raccoon removal Boca Raton expert will know how to handle the situation better.

Wildlife Rescue Boca Raton

Unlike animal care and control, Nuisance Wildlife Rangers does not deal with wildlife rescue Boca Raton. We concentrate on removing nuisance wildlife from your home. Therefore, if you find a stray dog, cat or any other pet run over by the roadside, you should contact the city of Boca Raton animal care and control. What every raccoon removal Boca Raton professional should consider is how to humanely remove the raccoons. This involves knowing their mating habits and seasons, maternity season as well as when the young raccoons are in their first few weeks. This will inform the decision to remove them including when and how to do it.

At the end of the day raccoon removal is necessary because these animals cause a lot of damage. They rip through vents and attic spaces to gain access into the home and contaminate food which could lead to health problems in humans or even pets. The nuisance wildlife must be dealt with.

What Are Raccoons Afraid of?

One of the ways to get rid of raccoons when they do not have their young is to find out what scares them. It is highly believed that confrontation will scare away a raccoon. If you happen to have one in your Boca Raton yard, the best thing to do is turn on the lights, make loud noises and come out brandishing a broom. The raccoon’s mode of defence is to flee. However, this is not guaranteed to last for days to come as the raccoon might come back.

Some people encourage nesting in their Boca Raton yards or homes because they provide these nuisance animals with food to eat. These creatures are so cute and this can easily blind the faint-hearted. However, once these animals locate your source of food, they will not have a reason to leave your compound. As you pay the raccoon removal Boca Raton specialist, you will be regretting the costly decision of succumbing to the raccoon’s cuteness in the first place.

How Do You Get Rid of a Raccoon?

Some people have placed their hope in raccoon removal products such as repellants. The truth is that most of these products are just strong chemicals that have a displeasing odor such as ammonia. While this might work for some pests, it is not sustainable and will not work with raccoons. The nuisance wildlife finds its way around these repellants as long as there is a source of food. However, in special cases, using predator urine in the attic might achieve your purpose of getting rid of the raccoons. This only works if the female raccoon has her young babies in the attic. She will move them in a bid to protect them from the predator. This can save you on a lot of money because you will not need raccoon removal Boca Raton services.

The best products to use in raccoon removal are live cage traps. These are humane and commonly used by raccoon removal Boca Raton experts. All you have to do is bait the raccoon, get it to go into the cage and step on the trigger mechanism. This will trap the animal and you can now relocate it. Boca Raton Florida laws require you to monitor any traps that you have set up daily. If the trap has caught a raccoon, you will need to feed it daily and ensure that it does not hurt itself trying to get out of the cage before you can relocate it.

One effective way of capturing a female raccoon is to use the babies as bait. Once you place these young raccoons at the back of the cage, the mother will definitely get in to check if they are alright or to nurse them. Older raccoons can be difficult to catch. With such tricks, you would be able to trap them much faster.

How Do You Get a Raccoon Out of Your Attic?

Getting a raccoon out of your attic is not a hard thing if you have professional removal services from Boca Raton. The process is always standard. It involves inspection, baiting and trapping. You will also need to ensure that the holes and weak areas in your home are sealed up. This is because these spaces provide access points for the raccoons to get in. although they have strong little hands that can rip through things, they will always choose the path of least resistance. In sealing your holes, cracks and repairing or bolstering the weak points, you deny the raccoons some weak points that they can exploit.

Your raccoon removal Boca Raton professional will also be tasked with cleaning up the attic and home. You want to ensure that your home is clean and free of any pathogens brought in by the nuisance wildlife. Cleanup should be done by professional because they know how to protect themselves from unnecessary exposure. Some services will also handle damage repair at an extra cost. You should find out exactly what the raccoon removal expert is going to do to remove the animals from your home. You can tell this from a conversation detailing the processes involved in their job. This way, you do not end up with someone who is skilled at raccoon removal but does it in an inhumane way.

Raccoon Removal Tips

Some of the best tips when it comes to raccoons work best when the animals are not yet in your home or compound. For any raccoon, their primary pursuit is a warm and safe place to nest plus a source of food. With these two things, they will not have a reason to leave. The preventative measures and tips which also double up as raccoon removal tips include:

  • Seal your garbage cans tightly in a way that the raccoons will not be able to open. This can be made simpler using peddle trash cans
  • Place your trash cans in a stable area where they cannot fall over even if the raccoon pushes hard
  • Do not leave food lying around with your windows open
  • Remove bird feeders from your Boca Raton garden
  • Ensure that you do not have holes or weak points through which raccoons can tear through to get into the attic or other areas of the home

These tips are geared at removing the source of food so the raccoons do not have a reason to come to your Boca Raton home. However, if you already have the animals in your home and these methods are not working, you will need to get raccoon removal Boca Raton services.

Raccoon Removal Boca Raton Services

If you are in pursuit of raccoon removal services in the Boca Raton area, contact Nuisance Wildlife Rangers today. We help to get rid of these animals from your home in the most humane way. Our services yield results within the shortest time possible allowing you to go back to your normal life in no time. Additionally, we will guarantee that the raccoons will not be back in the near future, especially if you adhere to the tips provided after raccoon removal Boca Raton in your home is completed.

Raccoon Removal Boca Raton Cost

Now that you know how raccoons and their young ones are removed from homes, the next bit is to determine raccoon removal cost. The truth is that any nuisance wildlife removal or pest control costs a pretty penny. It involves a lot of dangerous processes including climbing to attics and crawl spaces to look for these animals.

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