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peacock removalPeacocks, while beautiful on the outside, are terrible neighbors.

For the last few decades, Miami has found this out, up-close and personal.

They squawk at night. They eat crops.

If you come face to face with a peacock, they might not leave when you ask them.

If you have a peacock problem, you know how tricky the situation is.

You don’t need to harm the pretty birds, but you need them off the property.

What steps should you take?

That’s where professional peacock removal comes in.

If you need to ditch a peafowl or two, you need experts on your side. Here’s why.

It’s an Extended Vacation

The population of feral peacocks in Miami has skyrocketed.

The birds are originally from India but have decided to stick around the warm climate of South Florida.

In general, peacocks have disrupted the ecosystem of the areas they have invaded.

Since they aren’t from the region, they don’t face any natural predators.

That compounds the problem. There are more of them that could be in your house at any moment.

The birds feast on a wide range of foods that are common in the Miami area.

Their diet can range from berries and other plant materials to small mammals like rats.

(It’s not worth skipping the peacock removal just to get rid of your rat problem–there are much better ways to do that.)

Why My House?

If peacocks can eat so much of everything, why did they choose your home?

Unluckily, homes are particularly open to the arrival of peacocks.

Keeping your garden in order is always important in a city like Miami, with some of the most fashionable people in the world.

It’s even more vital with a peacock problem.

Peacocks are attracted to the potential food they might find in your garden.

Piles of leaves and unkempt bushes are part of any garden, no matter how often you take out the rake.

Unfortunately, a peacock sees those things like an invitation.

The smaller animals and plants that end up scattered in your yard are open invites for peacocks.

Worse, if somebody in your area has been feeding peacocks, the battle is already lost.

One way or the other, peacocks could end up in your yard.

And that might cause trouble.

Peacock Problems

The big jump in population has led to all kinds of issues. If you are interested in peacock removal, you probably know a few of these problems.

Throughout Florida, these birds make noise at all time of day.

If noise disturbance isn’t enough, they lack other basic manners, too.

They claw at the ground to search for food.

They tend to leave waste on porches and around homes.

Plus, they simply hang around in big numbers.

In neighborhoods where residents feed peacocks, the number of birds hanging around can jump from two to twenty in the blink of an eye.

So, you might end up with a whole bunch of peafowl crowding your yard, or even your neighbor’s yard.

And that, certainly, will be less fun than a barbecue.

Peacocks: a Sticky Bunch

Removing peacocks from your home might seem like an easy job.

You just pick them up, right?

Don’t be so sure. Citizen attempts at peacock removal haven’t ended up being so simple.

Despite their intrusions, peacocks are not very comfortable around people.

In other words, they bite.

Approaching a peacock is for the hearty and quick-fingered.

One success story comes from Longboat Key, where a man was able to trap peacocks in his garage.

He fed the peacocks, so they got used to coming to his yard for dinner.

Then, one day, he led them into his garage. There, he trapped them and called a removal service.

That might work–if you want to feed a whole bunch of peacocks every day, and then lead them away.

If you don’t want to physically engage an exotic bird or trick it, you might end up allowing the peacock to hang around your home.

This is not a good move.

Spending time around a peacock could drive you crazy.

That sounds like an exaggeration. Okay, they’re annoying. But crazy?

No, seriously–a woman in Hawaii said she “just lost it” while listening to the peacocks outside her home, which is why she killed one.

That’s a sad story for peacocks, but also for people.

It’s illegal to kill peacocks without a permit in most places, including where that woman lived.

She faced criminal charges.

So, for the safety of your fingers and general livelihood, it’s best to call an expert peacock removal service.

Professionals Know Peacock Removal Best

At the end of the day, contacting a peacock removal service will make your life easier.

The need for a professional service is unique to these birds.

Unlike other invasive species, peacocks are beautiful.

Burmese pythons, another invasive species in the Miami area, are hated.

You probably don’t want to kill a peacock, but also find them annoying.

The reliable peacock removal service at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can take care of your problem quickly.

And you should want to care for your problem. Peacocks can bring disease and dirt to your home.

There is a wide range of potential methods to get rid of the peacock problem.

These methods include preventing further bird intrusions and also removing them from your property.

Take the Peacock out of Your Life

Peacocks seem like the perfect bird for Miami. Miami is a beautiful, trendy city.

Peacocks are some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Sadly, the colorful fowl have not proven themselves to be worthy residents of the region.

It’s not that peacocks shouldn’t be in Florida.

They just shouldn’t be bugging the homes of any people–including Miami’s residents.

Peacock removal is an important step to feeling in control of your home once again.

With professional help, peacocks will be safely and securely taken from your home to a place far, far away.

Feel free to reach out for more information. Good luck!

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